Ch. 1: You Have No Value

TL and Editor: mystic_alix

TL Note/Announcement

“Madam, here is the cake,” the worker said, handing the cake to Qiao Yu.

She took a taxi home and thought of her husband Gu Feihan. They had been married for two years and this was her first time to make a cake for him. Although it wasn’t the best, she put her best in it and hoped he would like it. 

“Young Madam,” the housekeeper greeted Qiao Yu.

“Is Gu Feihan home?”

“Master…he…at home..”

Qiao Yu noticed that Butler Zhizhiwu’s face looked odd and immediately pushed the door in. The moment she entered the house, she noticed something was where–there was a lady’s coat, shirt, and stockings scattered all over the floor. And it spread from the door to the living room sofa. 

Next to the last piece of clothing was a glamorous woman, who only had her bralette and panties, sitting on her husband’s legs. She was beginning to unbutton his top one-by-one. If she hadn’t seen them, they would have been in bed already. 

The cake Qiao Yu held fell to pieces on the floor. 

“Feihan, you…”

Qiao Yu’s face was pale and almost transparent, but Gu Feihan didn’t care. Instead, the glamorous woman leaned on Gu Feihan and said, “Uhm, who is this? So rude, coming in so boldly.”

Qiao Yu looked at the woman’s face and widened her face in surprise. This was the woman who had been in the gossip columns. Her name was Luo Xuan–she was a film and TV actress under Gu Feihan–and she became popular a few days ago due to a costume drama. 

Recently, some trash magazines had photographed the female star and Gu Feihan walking close together. It was rumored that they had been dating. Qiao Yu initially thought that these were groundless accusations, but…

“You shameless…”

Qiao Yu began to step forward to teach her a lesson, but Gu Feihan grabbed her wrist before she could. She winced her face from the pain, but he didn’t pay it any mind as he dragged her into his study and picked up a document from his desk and placed it in front of her.

“Since you saw it, there’s no need to explain. I don’t need to say anymore. Sign.”

Qiao Yu looked down to read the paper and the bolded words “Divorce Agreement” struck her eyes and she felt tears beginning to form. 

“Why,” she asked, her voice coarse, “weren’t we okay? Why all of a sudden…”

“Because you no longer have any value,” Gu Feihan sneered, “Qiao is going bankrupt. You’re useless to me.”

Qiao Yu picked up the newspaper Gu Feihan handed over and the front page headline was on Qiao stock plummeting. She tightened her grasp on the divorce agreement, her heart stung as if a knife was stabbed right through, “So…when you married me, you just married me out of convenience? For the Qiao family power?”

He sneered even more and leaned closer, pressing her against the dask, and a wicked smile wrapped around her neck like a viper, “What other reason would there be?”

Qiao Yu’s face grew paler and she clenched her teeth.

Gu Feihan turned to go, but Qiao Yu suddenly rushed over and hugged him tightly from behind, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe that you have no feelings for me, Feihan, you still have me in your heart…”

“My feelings for you were wiped out two years ago when you and your father worked together to plot against me.”

He detached her arms indifferently and stepped out of the room, “Sign the papers and I will consider giving you an alimony. If you wait for court, you will get nothing.”

[T/N]: What did you all think of the first chapter? Will Gu Feihan redeem himself? I wish I could tell you all, but I’m reading the story as I translate. So, we’re going to go on this journey together.

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6 thoughts on “Ch. 1: You Have No Value

  1. The novel is quite short. Since he is the ml, let’s see how he will grovel for her forgiveness based on the summary from nu. And thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I thought I’d do a short web novel first for my first translations. But, we shall find out together because I’m translating as I read. I really hope the author makes it the ML redeemable.


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