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New Novel Alert!

Hi all!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to make an announcement here! I have missed you all dearly. I have good news- the site will be hosting a new novel!

The series is “I Can Still Accompany You ‘Til Dawn” by 桐花飞舞.


This will be translated by my good friend mystic_alix who wanted to say a little something:

Hi Everyone! 

Nice to meet all of you (bows). My online name is mystic_alix, so you can call me mystic or alix (haha – how original). This is my first time translating. I do want to note that I machine translated the novel and took liberties through the editing process while still maintaining the integrity of what the author was trying to send across. I can’t wait for us to go through this journey together! 

By the way, releases will be on Mondays. #MysticMonday

The first release will be on 22 Jun 2020 at 3:00 AM EST. Take a look an the novel page, the first chapter, and/or leave mystic_alix some love!

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