Ch. 34: Cruelly Destroy Flowers Without Mercy

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Ch34 – Cruelly Destroy Flowers Without Mercy

Song Shi An said she can do whatever she pleases, but Su Tang didn’t dare act rashly. When all’s said and done, an esteemed elderly lady still lives in Fu Rui courtyard.

Although lao taitai previously said “(With) you here (now), you establish the rules” but watch and keep guard, before sorting out Xi Yuan you still should ask what the elderly person (really) meant.  It jolted her.

Su Tang coiled a simple hair bun and changed to navy blue clothing …. This garment paraded great composure and steadiness, and furthermore gave an appropriate imposing manner, most fitting for intimidating people.

But when going out the door, Su Tang saw the sun outside and suddenly recalled that she still needed to go through all the formalities this afternoon. The manor at present was busy and she had no way to go out.  After thinking for a bit, she soon had Xi Que sitting in a carriage holding silver to go look for Xiao Mo, let him have full authority.

After clearly giving everything over, she watched Xi Que depart. Su Tang soon afterwards proceeded to Fu Rui courtyard.

“Is grandmother here?” Su Tang asked.

Jin Xiu responded, “Lao furen is unwell and already sleeping.  Shao furen will have to come again another day.”

Su Tang’s frame of mind was slightly moved as she smiled and gazed toward the familiar and affable Jin Xiu. It truly wasn’t a fitting time for this elderly lady to be unwell.

Jin Xiu sized up Su Tang’s expression, and saw that she was neither happy nor angry, unable to make anything out.  In the light of lao taitai’s instructions, she again soon afterwards spoke.

“Lao furen said she estimated that once again it will be some time before she’s well again.  Yet this manor has shao furen to organize things from top to bottom.”

Su Tang smiled (as) in her heart she knew the score. Lao taitai, you really are above average, passively looking on as the manor falls into turmoil, and you aren’t the least concerned. Self-reliant about (your) family position and still have misgivings about the identities of the people in Xi Yuan courtyard? In a few words, this disregards me, makes me serve as the hatchet man, awesome!

However, uh, at any rate for the sake of herself and others, she also wants Ru Yi dealt with, and also doesn’t mind using the both the grandparent and grandchild.

Su Tang went out the door, taking people straight to Xi Yuan.

After Ru Yi returned to Liu Yuan courtyard, her eyelids began to twitch. She commanded people to go get bird nest from the kitchen (though) was given the response, “No”.  This made her even more uneasy.

She sat on a chair biting her lip, mind scheming at lightning speed. Detecting faint traces of pain on her cheeks, she yet again released unmatched hostility towards Su Tang ….Ru Yi had gotten to this age and (up to now) no one dared to treat her this way. Must tell the emperor and let him get justice for me!

Early on, Song Shi An’s solemn face frightened Ji Xiang so she wasn’t as optimistic as Ru Yi. At this moment she was extremely worried, and agitatedly said, “The general dearly loves little Xuan Zi, what should we do now. Little Xuan Zi fell into the lake and is still unconscious….”

“Right. Sister Ru Yi, you furthermore revealed Xuan Zi’s background. If the general finds out, what should we do?” Ru Shi also spoke, chiming in. Moreover she had both a resentful outlook and grumbling facial expression. Her complaint was about being implicated in the fall into the lake, and also the humiliation and indignation of having been dropped into the lake.  She was stuck in a dilemma while everyone shrouded the entire thing.  Even more exasperating was that, contrary to expectations, the general didn’t even look at her. It was to the extent that she shouted “save me” for a long time and didn’t see him stretch out a hand to her.  He saved only xiao furen and then left, really infuriating and exasperating.

Ru Shi caught sight of Ru Hua idlily drinking tea at her leisure. The more Ru Shi thought about the incident at the lake, the harder it was to bear. Ru Hua didn’t consider her own life at all and was only concerned about getting Su Tang out. The fire flourished even more and she opportunely grabbed a tea lid smashing Ru Hua’s head.  “You little slut, turning against us who support you, while playing up to the powerful!”

Violently pounded on, Ru Hua cried out in pain and then covered her forehead.  She stared sharp-eyed at Ru Shi, but didn’t speak even one sentence as her mouth was tucked in a straight line.

Ru Shi was somewhat apprehensive again towards Ru Hua’s ice-cold gaze and fury. She yet thought about cursing more to appear energetic and make it look more impressive, but Ru Yi with a loud voice stopped it.

“Why are you quarreling! Why panic!” Ru Yi looked at Ru Hua, totally revulsed.

Ru Yi then again looked at the other two people saying, “Xuan Zi himself fell into the lake. It was he himself who was not careful so how can they blame us? Besides, that was the truth about his background. I merely spoke frankly. Let it pass. No one said it couldn’t be revealed. Can they blame me? And all of you, I told this to Xuan Zi to incite that Su Tang. Didn’t you repeatedly approve, now how can I be scolded?”

Seeing that the two people didn’t utter a sound, Ru Yi again spoke, “You really are making a fuss about nothing. We were bestowed by the emperor, and the emperor will support us. Not to mention that we haven’t done anything wrong. And even if we did something wrong, lao furen and the general wouldn’t dare….”

She spoke this point and abruptly stopped, because she noticed Su Tang advancing in the doorway, step by step with an unfriendly expression.  And behind her as well were a whole group of young maids and elderly women servants.

The maids at the doorway saw (them) and wanted to block (the group) but were pushed to the side by a big strong woman servant.

Upon seeing the situation, the four beauties from Xi Yuan all stood up. The eyes of three of the beauties were alarmed, looking everywhere in bewilderment.  Ru Hua merely fixed her eyes on Su Tang, and detected from her sharp eyes and determined look that a heavy rain was about to arrive. She looked at the other three, her heart involuntarily somewhat troubled.

Su Tang swept her eyes around the room, looking at the arrangement. She couldn’t refrain from secretly sighing as (this place) was actually more luxurious than her own He Xi court, truly in defiance of the natural order! Again surveying the young maids and older women servants who had rushed over upon receiving the news (of their groups’ arrival), well ok, 30 servants came in bits and drabs which were a whole lot more compared to her own servants!  Thinking about the woeful balance in the pathetic account books, Su Tang somewhat gnashed her teeth…. these few women were venomous as snakes and scorpions, and bankrupting the silver. It was better off listening to the sound of water breaking!

Su Tang’s somber face gazed at the four. After that she very lightly smiled and said, “This courtyard is pretty good.  I really like it.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to come here and stay every now and then.”

Hearing this, Ru Yi’s facial expression changed. “What do you mean!”

Su Tang smiled like a spring breeze but her gaze was chilly as a severe winter.  “What does it mean? Uh, I merely expect younger sister that you’ll move (out of here).”

Ru Yi naturally wasn’t giving up on this precious lair, but didn’t dare say it. She merely asked, “Move where?”

Smiling Su Tang said, “Not far, the quiet room in front is a good place.”

The quiet room, last time Xuan Zi faced the wall to reflect on his mistakes. The main hall of the small house was tiny and ugly. It slanted at one corner and was off the beaten track. Moreover it was cold in winter and hot in summer, truly not an ideal residence.

How could she not know. These few months Ru Yi had gotten very familiar with the general’s manor. Her complexion completely changed upon hearing what was said. “I won’t go there.”

“Why not?” Su Tang asked. The smile on her face clearly made it known that she heard something fascinating.

“That place is not fit for people to live in! I absolutely will not go!”

“Oh? Not fit for people to live in!” Su Tang raised her eyebrows. She softly smiled, “That isn’t suitable for you?”

“You!” Ru Yi’s body was shaking uncontrollably in her anger. After that, she brandished her arms and sat down. “I’m not moving!”

With this she scornfully looked at Su Tang….I’m not moving, You can’t make me!

Originally due to the affair in the afternoon, she behaved as if she didn’t care in front of the other three, but her heart was still somewhat apprehensive. Seeing Su Tang’s overbearing manner entering the door a moment ago, Ru Yi was even more fearful. Though after waiting a while, she merely saw Su Tang’s gentle breeze and light rain appearance and that she didn’t mention that matter. So soon afterwards Ru Yi even more firmly believed that Su Tang would not act the way she had thought. Su Tang wished to make trouble and had nothing but petty criticism.  She merely wanted to be in control and absolutely didn’t dare act capriciously in disregard of the rules!

It was very obvious that Ru Yi thoroughly did not understand the woman in front of her with the friendly smile.

Su Tang took in Ru Yi’s distain to look at the entire picture, then coldly smiled. “Younger sister is afraid of trouble. That’s fine. Older sister is slightly inconvenienced to help younger sister handle things!” Speaking toward the group of maids and older women servants who came with, “Still not tidying things for young lady Ru Yi!”

Seeing Ru Yi’s incredulous expression in her eye,

Su Tang again ordered, “Remember to only clear out the things that belong to young lady Ru Yi.”

What was from the palace, only clear out what!

Seeing the young maid and elderly women servants charge into the room, the countenance of the group of Xi Yuan people changed.

Flustered, Ru Yi stood up. Her stern voice said, “I belong to the emperor. Let’s see who dares to encroach!

One remark made the group see the light. The young maids and elder servant women heard these words and one after another their stride abruptly stopped. Sure enough, they didn’t dare move again and helplessly looked at each other, or concentrated their gaze on Su Tang, expressions somewhat unnatural…. although they were He Xi court people, they also didn’t dare offend the Xi Yuan people. In the final analysis, Ru Yi and the four were from the imperial palace and had rank. All along even lao furen and the general showed respect from a distance. How dare the servants be unrestrained? If there was a serious disturbance and the emperor was bothered, then how would they have good fruit to eat….

Su Tang saw the expressions of these people who came along (with her) and slightly shook her head…looks like my own prestige is really wretched.

The Xi Yan young maids and older women servants saw that (the others) gave an impression of weakness, and couldn’t help but straighten their waists and assume a blocking posture.  Even more, Ru Yi’s face hung a smiling expression, proud of herself.

Ji Xiang and Ru Hua watched this drama, and little by little their hearts also relaxed.  Looks like this new furen has little ability.

Only Ru Hua’s brows were still knitted. Her premonition was that this person, Su Tang, was not this simple.

Of course Su Tang isn’t simple. Seeing only her smiling eyes, Su Tang advanced several steps to arrive in front of Ru Yi. After that, Su Tang grabbed Ru Yi’s lapels and ferociously said, “Say that again!”

You all do not dare offend people, then the old woman is forced to do it myself! After finishing cleaning them up, then I’ll tidy you up again!

Su Tang had both a tall stature and ample might. Again, petite Ru Yi was seized and consequently saw Su Tang very close up, only feeling the pressure of Mount Tai bearing down on her. Thinking of the sharp strong slap that afternoon, her face again began to burn hot with pain. She resisted with great difficulty and panic-stricken said, “What are you doing! I am the emperor’s person, you can’t do this to me!”

After that, only the ring of a loud clear “slap” sound was heard. Su Tang’s one palm repeatedly aggravated Ru Yi’s powdered chiseled jade face.

“This slap is for your shamelessness!” Su Tang loudly declared. “The emperor bestowed you. You are the general’s person. You actually have the gall to say again and again that you are the emperor’s person. How can you make the general endure this! You make the general’s household have absolutely no face! Is it possible that you want to sow discord between the emperor and his official, wish to cause unrest in our great Song country!”

“I…” Having this great hat put on her, the reprimanded Ru Yi was rendered speechless and turned pale with fright.

After quite a while, her spirits came back. She retorted saying, “You already know that I was bestowed by the emperor. How dare you be this presumptuous!”

Su Tang leaned close, her eyes narrowed, “I’m presumptuous?”

Ru Yi watched her slightly lift up the right hand and recoiled back in a great rush.

The sound of Su Tang’s cold laugh, on the contrary she asked, “Then lady Ru Yi, I trouble you to tell me, how am I presumptuous?  Is it that I don’t have any regard for my superiors, such as you? Or I’m ignorant and don’t know your enormity in heaven and earth? Or perhaps I have (absolutely) no self-awareness like you?”

Seeing Ru Yi straight forwardly snorted in anger, Su Tang continued talking. “Yes, you were bestowed by the emperor, but so what! Don’t tell me that you think by relying on this that you can commit outrages at the general’s manor! Behind the master’s back you slander (him), concoct things to sow disagreements, and what’s more, send the residence into conflict endangering human life.  Harumph, on the basis of this point, this old lady can firmly sort you out!”

“The emperor won’t allow you to be this way towards me! You are disrespecting the emperor!” Ru Yi roared.

Su Tang shook her head and heaved a sigh. “Ru Yi, oh Ru Yi, still think that you are really wonderful. If the emperor truly regarded you as important, then why did he give you to the general!”

These words said, Ru Yi’s face complexion paled.

Su Tang continued speaking. “Behave yourself, don’t take yourself too seriously! You’re this arrogant and presumptuous but think you’re infallible, thinking that the emperor will bolster you, and that others don’t dare do anything to you! But have you considered, if the emperor truly doted on you and I sorted you out, what would he do for you. What would he do to me who is the official wife of the general? Don’t forget, this marriage was conferred by the emperor!”

Ru Yi already didn’t have a leg to stand on. Yes, this marriage conferred by the emperor. At the outset over and over again she made a fierce din. She wanted the emperor to order the general to marry her, but the result was that the emperor didn’t comply.  He said that the 8 characters were unharmonious and disapproved. Not too long afterwards, the emperor conferred a Su Tang of Ping city! In the final analysis, in the emperor’s heart, her substance fell short of the general’s. Why did the emperor make trouble for her by finding the general a wife!

“Also, you were conferred by the emperor. However as far as I know, the emperor merely said “Bestowed four beauties” but didn’t confer any status! In that case, what are your plans, just rely on the general being happy. But now, the general gave me this matter to handle. Then check if I’m happy or not happy!” Do whatever I please, and so on.  It’s these phrases!

Su Tang gently laughed and watched Ru Yi. “If I’m happy then you can be ladies, concubines. If I’m not happy then without exception you can be maid servants and ordered around!”

Ru Yi thought about the work done by those low status maids and just felt more and more frightened. She was speechless, her cold, lips uncontrollably quivered.

Su Tang was very satisfied. After sitting down, she leisurely continued to talk.  “Previously lao taitai and the general took into consideration the emperors’ dignity and treated you with the corresponding respect. You were treated well, but more and more you took yourself too seriously! I married into the general’s manor.  Although I merely wanted to harmoniously live with everyone and not bicker with you, you time and time again made trouble for me! But you truly stubbornly refuse to acknowledge what you’re doing and mend your ways! Isn’t this seeking death!”

Upon hearing this, Ru Yi raised her head. “What are you going to do?!”

“I’m not going to do anything. I merely have my eye on this courtyard and want you to move. That’s all.” Su Tang turned things around and went back to the original problem.

At this time, Ru Yi couldn’t afford to be aggressive again. Su Tang was still a gentle breeze, light rain.  But this woman would speak, flip her countenance, just flip her countenance, speak about striking and then would just strike!

The back of Ru Yi was drenched. Her heart gave birth to despair, however she wasn’t resigned. “I want to see the general! I want to see lao taitai! I want to see the emperor!”

Su Tang’s heart was fed up upon seeing Ru Yi’s appearance. “I don’t know whether you can see the emperor, however you cannot see the general and lao taitai.  I’ve already considered that. The general is very busy. Lao taitai is unwell and her door is shut. Therefore, if there’s a matter (then) you can directly speak with me!”

“No!” Ru Yi already collapsed. Su Tang’s every single word turned into a knife, one mark after another stabbed Ru Yi in the heart, shattering all her vain hopes. She realized the situation was hopeless but remained unwilling to give up and made a futile attempt, a final struggle. “I won’t move to the quiet room.  I won’t go! Send me back to the emperor!”

Saying this she kneeled down facing Su Tang. “Furen, I beg you to send me back to the palace!”

Moving to the quiet room was equivalent to going to the imperial palace’s cold palace. And given the general’s attitude towards her, she knew that there’d be no opportunity in this lifetime for him to patronize her again. It would be better to return to the imperial palace, return to the emperor’s side! The emperor was young and naive, and by nature desired to only have a good time. She just wanted to be sweet-talked.  She certainly could be well off again!

Su Tang looked at her imploring manner, but deeply sighed.  “Ru Yi, oh Ru Yi. It doesn’t matter. Silliness, foolishness has made you into this. It’s truly laughable! The emperor giving an imperial concubine to a minister is called an award.

What emperor have you seen has gotten back something that was conferred, to say nothing of a  situation where a person was given!  Even if the general hasn’t touched you, and you are returned intact, pristine, but who would know! Could it be that you’d like the emperor be a laughingstock for all to see? Although I know the emperor is young, nevertheless, he is extremely unlikely to be muddle headed! Don’t say that I won’t send you back. Even if I do send you back, the palace won’t admit you! Wake up!

Ru Yi was paralyzed on the spot, tears slowly reached her cheeks. At this moment, her heart was dead ashes.

Right, she wanted to go back, but couldn’t even if the emperor agreed. The dowager empress wouldn’t agree! At the outset the dowager empress didn’t like her and therefore made the emperor bestow her to the general.  She cried and implored, but that was to no avail!

Su Tang watched the tears stream down Ru Yi’s despairing face. In a flash Su Tang’s heart softened but very quickly her heart was cold again….Ru Yi only had herself to blame, couldn’t live!

Su Tang originally believed Ru Yi was smart, who would have expected that she was this stupid. Really disappointing!

“Go tidy things up!” Su Tang’s line of vision moved away, speaking to the group of maids and elderly women servants.

Those people, as well, had heard Su Tang’s good thrashing (of Ru Yi).  They already understood the seriousness. The somewhat intelligent ones knew, no doubt, that their hesitation a moment ago displeased shao furen’s heart. Therefore, without raising any objections this time, they just charged forward.  On the other hand, those Xi Yuan people also knew that the situation was hopeless, and just stood there.

Su Tang with cold detachment watched all this and then turned her head towards weeping Ru Yi who wasn’t making a sound. “Go to the quiet room and think carefully. You are 17 years-old. The future road is still long….do your best!”

Watching Ru Yi dragged away by the servants, Su Tang having somewhat of a headache, rubbed her forehead. The ringleader was disposed of, and there are still two accomplices. These even flex to make the most of a situation and tip people off!

And at this moment, the packed room was entirely silent. 10 people were standing, all with drooping heads, not daring to make the least bit of noise.

Su Tang’s (eyes) swept them one by one. Finally she secretly cursed in her heart….aargh, every time her period came her stomach ached to the point that she hoovered between life and death!

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