Ch. 33: Furious Su Tang Vigorously Waves Her Hand

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Ch33 – Furious Su Tang Vigorously Waves Her Hand

Upon hearing, Su Tang on the side became panic-stricken. She wanted to stop Ru Yi but it was too late.

While she exited from the rockery dashing forth soft-spoken Ru Yi gently told Xuan Zi saying, “Don’t you know, you actually are not the general’s son. Your birth father is called Han Ying. He’s your daddy’s good friend. After your new mother gives the general his own son, then they won’t like you, and won’t want you! Therefore, you can’t let your new mother give birth to a son. You have to drive her away.  This way the general will continuously love….”

Ru Yi spoke easily and smoothly. Suddenly she detected a shadow in front of her eyes. Lifting her head, she soon caught sight of Su Tang standing in front, her face livid. After that she merely heard a loud clear “slap” sound, felt a burst of severe pain, and moreover dizziness.  After steadying her body, troubled, Ru Yi’s right hand covered her swelling tingling cheeks, her face completely incredulous, her watering pair of eyes opened wide.

“You hit me?” She muttered. “You actually hit me!”

In back of her, watching Su Tang, the other three beauties and the entire group of maid servants were all wide eyed and stunned as well.

Su Tang merely felt a burning pain in her right hand as she used 100% of her strength a moment ago. This Ru Yi is too hateful! If she wants to incite people against each other then that’s one thing, but to actually tell Xuan Zi about his background. To go as far as uncaringly wound a child for the sake of her own selfish interests, truly despicable!

Su Tang’s fury hadn’t died down when she unexpectedly heard Ru Yi innocently pose a question, truly angered a person to the point of trembling.  Su Tang merely heard Ru Yi grimly laugh saying, “Hitting you would dirty my hand even more!”

At this moment, Su Tang detected (her) clothes being pulled on. Lowering her head, she plainly saw Xuan Zi’s two thoroughly red eyes and sunken mouth.  He appeared to be taking a huge effort to endure and not cry.

“Is what she said the truth?” Xuan Zi asked, tears couldn’t help but fall down.

Su Tang’s heart was now completely pulled out. After a ferocious glance at Ru Yi, she said to Xuan Zi, “Don’t listen to her, you are your father’s son! His own son! You also are my own son!”

Xuan Zi’s mouth was still sunken, but tears flowed over his little face.

Ru Yi seeing the situation, hastily said, “Don’t listen to her. I’m not lying to you. Look at how fiercely she hit me, afterwards she’ll also be that fierce in hitting you!”

“Ru Yi!” Su Tang roared. “You are f…ing tired of living, aren’t you!”

Ru Yi wasn’t scared. She had the appearance of a dying fish struggling. Her bright red eyes stared at Su Tang saying, “Harumph, I vow that not even one sentence I said is false!  Can you!”

Su Tang choked.

Xuan Zi saw all this and understood. In an instant, tears ran down his entire face, a despairing sorrowful look. His whole body from head to toe trembled but all along his lips were closed, unyielding.  He was unwilling to sob out loud and merely step by step backed away.

Su Tang now anxious, stepped forward to grab him.  Xuan Zi quickly retreated several steps avoiding her.

Seeing the state of affairs, Ru Yi was proud of herself, the corners of her mouth tucked in a smile. She wanted to stretch out her hand to stop Xuan Zi but he evaded her, viewing her as vicious. Moreover, there was yet loathing all over his face. Ru Yi worried.  This matter didn’t go according to what she had thought. She wanted to rope in Xuan Zi. (But) what’s happening now? She hurriedly advanced in pursuit, but saw Xuan Zi retreat even quicker.

And yet in the gleaming sunlight, the beautiful boundless rippling waters of Long Ze lake was in back of Xuan Zi.

Su Tang saw that him was unaware and still moved back step by step towards the lake.  She turned pale with fright.  “Xuan Zi, don’t step back!”

Xuan Zi was surprised and just instinctively looked back. After that, his feet slipped on the bluestone. His entire body tumbled into the lake.

Hearing a “splash” sound, water sprayed wards. Each person who was present there changed color.

“Xuan Zi!” Su Tang and Ru Hua simultaneously together called out and at the same time threw themselves into the lakeside.

“Young master!”  Upon seeing this, Fu Rong and Shao Yao cried out together in alarm.

After that there were two “splash” sounds. (The group) merely saw Su Tang and Ru Hua again do the same thing without coordinating with each other.  They concurrently jumped into the water to rescue Xuan Zi.


“Xiao furen!”

“Young lady!”

“Ru Hua!”

Everyone on the bank was in turmoil.

Little Xuan Zi being a child had little strength. When he fell in, he only frantically struggled a bit and then quickly fainted, becoming motionless.  After that he continued to sink downward. The lake wasn’t large, but it was deep. Little by little, Xuan Zi’s face even disappeared. Su Tang moved her legs up and down, flopping in the water.  Arriving at his side, she surrounded him with her arms to claim him from the lake. On his other side, Ru Hua also helped support him.  Shao Yao and Xi Que busily, hastily, pulled Xuan Zi up.  Upon seeing that Xuan Zi was unconscious and had a deathly pale face, Shao Yao unable to change anything, unfastened her own upper outer garment and threw it on him.

But the two adults couldn’t pull up the child. Ru Yi was bewildered and terrified. She stood there completely transfixed with fear, with Su Tang over yonder. Yet how much strength would three to four 14-15 year-old maids have.

Xi Que was vexed and started to straightforwardly curse Ru Yi and her group.  “You’re all dead people, still not coming to help!”

This woke everybody up to reality, and they hastily stepped forward. But with everyone lending a hand, they (still) weren’t able to pull him up. On the contrary, the disorder increased a lot more to the extent that Ru Hua being pushed against even dropped back into the lake. As a result, things again fell into chaos.

Upon seeing this, Shao Yao hurriedly said to a simple-minded maid among them, “Aren’t you going to get help!”

The lake was deep, the water cold, and the sides both damp and slippery.  The disorder just a moment ago consumed not a small amount of energy. Also, Su Tang’s swimming ability was ordinary and as a result of being thrown into disorder again, she soon afterwards was somewhat unable to stand it.  Even more, there was an unexpected stab of pain, and immediately afterwards something came gushing out. Su Tang’s face was completely white, her menstruation period had come!

Her four limbs weakened, and her body began to sink down. She unexpectedly realized that her frame was being supported.  Looking to the side, Ru Hua was supporting her by the armpits. Strong and steady for a while, Ru Hua on that side also wildly besieged all the people to pull them up….

In the rush and confusion, a shadow dashed over. It wasn’t Song Shi An but someone else! His Deputy General Liu Chun! And yet in back of him followed human shadows in a quick military trot.

Song Shi An came back a moment ago, just in time to see the maid running helter-skelter looking for people to help in the rescue.  With a few words he inquired the circumstances and soon afterwards, urgently, breathlessly, ran over.

Song Shi An’s core was calm on seeing Xuan Zi’s pale complexion as he was held in Shao Yao’s arms. Hearing the lakeside hubbub, he again speedily crossed over and dispersed the jammed-up group of women.  Seeing the frantic struggle of the three people in the lake, he focused on Su Tang, stretching out his body and hand. Ru Hua caught sight of the reinforcements. She first pushed away Ru Shi whom she was tangled with, then afterwards supported Su Tang up. With Ru Hua’s assistance, Song Shi An pulled up Su Tang.

Deputy General Liu also did an action of great consequence. Upon seeing the circumstances, he yelled out at the group of page boys who were tagging along and pulled up the two women who remained in the lake.  Upon catching sight of Ru Hua’s pale complexion and body which was soaking wet and utterly bedraggled, his young face turned completely red. Soon afterwards he resolutely untied his own exterior garment and draped it on her shoulders. He saw a group of servant maids surround another woman who also was like a drowned rat, and knew that he didn’t need to help further.

“Are you alright?” Deputy General Liu respectfully inquired.

Ru Hua kept away and maintained a distance. Her head was lowered and without lifting it merely said,  “I’m fine, many thanks.” Soon afterwards, she turned away and walked to the side of Shao Yao.

Moreover, Song Shi An drew Su Tang up onto the bank.  His eyebrows knitted greatly upon seeing her entire body from head to foot was ice-cold, and her face pale as a sheet of paper. He otherwise didn’t think much and hastily tore off (his) garments to wrap around her. A glance from the corner of his eye saw Ru Hua with Xuan Zi on her leg, patting him.  Song Shi An’s stern voice said, “What are you doing!”

Ru Hua’s facial features were tranquil, her gaze calm and collected.  With Xuan Zi lying horizontally on her bend knees, she continued to get water out of his stomach as well as gave a clear reply. “Young master drank the lake water. If it’s not poured out, then he will asphyxiate and perish. Don’t worry general, Ru Hua studied the medical skills acts and won’t be irresponsible.”

At this time Su Tang feebly said in his ear, “Ru Hua entered the water to rescue Xuan Zi.…”

Hearing this, Song Shi An was put at ease. He then detected that Su Tang’s skirt had traces of blood everywhere and was startled. “Are you hurt?”

Su Tang lowered her head to look and was also surprised. In a flash her face was bright red, then after that she hastily wrapped tight the gown covering up. “No, no, I….”

While thinking about how to explain, Xuan Zi over there came to.  His eyes merely swept around, then afterwards he fell unconscious again.

“Take him back to his room, he’s fine for the moment. However, still invite a doctor to be safe.” Speaking, Ru Hua stood up and stepped back.

Song Shi An saw her hanging head, quiet and gentle manner. Nodding, he said, “Thank you for your effort.”

Fu Rong left holding Xuan Zi.  Su Tang also wanted to follow but her legs were weak. First, she staggered and then collapsed. Song Shi An supported her as he excessively thought about where she could be injured.  He didn’t know, his eyebrows totally wrinkled. He supported her using a hug around her waist, and then afterwards, he walked away with large strides with everyone watching.

Su Tang glimpsed all the crowd dumbfoundedly staring. She wished she could bury her head.

Ru Yi watched them depart, thoroughly discouraged. Given this day, she had forebodings, appearing to be facing an imminent catastrophe.

However, it doesn’t matter. I came from the imperial palace. The emperor doted on me. They wouldn’t dare do anything to me!

Keeping this in mind, Ru Yi’s heart slight relaxed. Sweeping the remaining crowd, she saw everyone frightened out of their wits. Only Ru Hua was perfectly calm and collected standing (there), yet having an appearance as if she frequently watched that deputy drift away. Ru Yi recalled Ru Hua’s expression a moment ago and couldn’t help but engender huge disgust.


Song Shi An’s people returned to He Xi court.  The young maids and elderly women servants were boiling water, and boiling water, extracting the essence of herbs, and extracting the essence of medicinal herbs. Everyone was altogether occupied.  After the doctor examined Xuan Zi, they received a scare as it was discovered the water irritated (his lungs) which was why he was lethargic.  Drinking the medicine and sleeping four hours would be fine. Fortunately, he was rescued in time otherwise the situation would not have been able to be turned around.

Hearing this, Song Shi An only felt cold sweat dripping down his back.

Fortunately everything’s ok, fortunately everything’s ok.

He thought about Su Tang getting hurt and soon afterwards wanted the doctor to treat her.

In response Su Tang hurriedly interrupted. “I truly am not injured!”

This gave rise to doubt in Song Shi An. Nevertheless, seeing her this determined, he also didn’t inquire more. He thought that if this woman really was unwell, she certainly would early on make it widely known.

Now the most important thing is what really happened!

And so when Su Tang stated the whole of what occurred, Song Shi An’s face was livid. He looked murderous. He went to great lengths to conceal Xuan Zi’s background and thought that he would grow up without needing to worry. Who would have eventually expected that this woman’s few careless words would destroy his exhaustive efforts!

The corner of Xuan Zi’s eyes from time to time still trickled tears. Seeing this, his still sunken mouth and lethargy, Song Shi An merely felt that his aching heart had totally cracked open!

Almost, almost lost this child!

He thought quite a bit about those several women and totally wanted to choke them to death!

But in the nick of time he thought about their identities, and in the nick of time thought that men and women should not mix. Yet he had no other choice but to forcefully suppress his rage!

Suddenly recalling Su Tang and Ru Yi’s tit-for-tat the day that Xuan Zi went missing, Song Shi An’s eyes narrowed.  He had an idea. “You are the head of the household, put things in order!”

Su Tang never expected Song Shi An would say these words. She blankly stared and after that said, “Can I do whatever I like?”

Song Shi An calmly looked at her a while, then nodded his head.

Ah, Ru Yi, old scores and new grievances. Like everyone else, we can scheme too!

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