100% Sweet Love

Chapter 94: Seal Lifted

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by DesertFox

When the boycott petition reached Ling Dong, he looked like he was struggling with something for a long while. In the end, he simply stopped caring altogether, as he indifferently tossed the petition aside. After all, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

Whenever he thought of that man’s gaze yesterday, he would feel a cold chill running down his spine even to this day. A man with such face, such presence, and bearing… just thinking about it, he’d lost all his spirit….

As for Ye Wan Wan herself, seeing those people making so much ruckus, her eyes shone with excitement, she couldn’t help clenching her fingers as she thought about it. Very good…hurry up and work together, go sign the petition! Can I also sign it?

Naturally, they wouldn’t pass the petition to her, out of fear that she’d shred it into pieces, in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

After all the petitions had already been passed around, densely packed with names and signatures, Cheng Xue’s little attendant acted as the representative, excitedly went to find Liang Lihua to give her the boycott petition. When she passed by Ye Wan Wan, a taunting and self-satisfied smug look were spread across her face.

Time passed by very quickly and was currently afternoon in the day, where it was the last class of the day.

Smacking her lips, Ye Wan Wan’s originally excited mood instantly vanished.

The last class was Zhao Xingzhou’s Mathematics class.

Ah~~~ I want to skip class…

Nonetheless, upon thinking that there’s a possibility that she couldn’t take the entrance exam for the remarkable and majestic college, she firmly grinds her teeth and quickly opened the textbook.

Since her rebirth, for every day and night, she’d hold great hopes of returning to meet with her parents, wishing to kneel in front of them for repentance, but after doing such shameful and absolutely disgraceful things, how could she possibly face them and seek forgiveness?

She has no right, and even more so… she didn’t want to return whilst being in a miserable and pitiful state… She wants to be their pride, not their burden and stain.

Zhao Xingzhou distributed a set of exercise booklet for the Maths class, “For this lesson, everyone will be doing self-answering questions, after you’re done, I’ll personally explain on the spot!”

Mathematics was like a completely foreign knowledge to Ye Wan Wan, she felt her scalp grown numb just from seeing numbers, and she’d instinctively try to avoid.

At this moment, while Ye Wan Wan was focusing on the self-answering questions, alarmed voices suddenly echoed within the classroom—

“Ah— Si Xia!”

“Si Xia has arrived!”

“Ah! Oh my God! Today… Today, why do I feel like Si Xia is… ”

“Devilishly handsome!”



“Teacher, I’m sorry for being late.” The youth’s clear and melodious voice was heard from the door.

Getting disturbed by the ruckus and clamors, Ye Wan Wan subconsciously lifted her head to look towards the doorway.

The next moment, Ye Wan Wan felt her eyes had momentarily turned blind.

She had been dazzled and blinded by the sight.

No wonder these girls were stirred up to such an extent.

This guy in front of her eyes…. He clearly dressed up similar as usual, but why does she feel that there’s something different about him today?

Usually, Si Xia was naturally handsome and good-looking, but he was still within the human category, and yet today… it was like the layer of haze binding his limitation and disguise had suddenly disappeared, as though his seal was lifted. His body oozing with explosive sexiness, his every movement, his every gaze and line of sight could easily fire someone’s imagination.

Not paying the slightest heed, Zhao Xingzhou simply chuckled, “It’s fine. It’s fine. Student Si Xia, you can come in. You had missed the rest of the class but hurried to attend my class. Aih~ I’m very satisfied!”

Hearing his words, Ye Wan Wan’s mouth twitched, these words didn’t seem quite right.

For a teacher to say this, are you sure it’s okay?

Aren’t you afraid that you might get beaten up by the other subject’s teachers?

While Ye Wan Wan was inwardly cursing, Zhao Xingzhou purposely darted her a glance, “As for a certain student, if they could have at least 1% of student Si Xia’s love for Mathematics, teacher would even be willing to cut my kidney to provide financial aid, and wrap up a huge present of 100 sets of exam questions!”

Ye Wan Wan: “……”

It’s okay teacher. No thank you….

After greeting Zhao Xingzhou, Si Xia then walked towards Ye Wan Wan.

As he drew closer, the threat of his lure and enticement grew more intense, Ye Wan Wan shuddered at the sight of that stunning face, she quickly stood up to let him take his seat.


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Mei: T-That last sentence sounded ominous… Though it was brief and caught her completely off guard, it’s still bad…… especially for the childish and vinegar-eating Si Yehan, right?

(P.S. Don’t argue with me about drinking or eating vinegar! (╬●∀●))

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