100% Sweet Love

Chapter 93: Boycott It Altogether

TL’ed by Pi3

Edited by Desertfox

The morning of the second day.

Ye Wan Wan came to class as per usual.

Although it had been three days, everyone was still keeping track of the matters between Ling Dong and her. Even when Ling Dong was not here yet, everyone had already started whispering amongst themselves. They were discussing on what shocking actions Ling Dong would do once again, as soon as he reached.

It was only when the class was about to start that Ling Dong finally came in slowly.

The guy had two large panda eyes and his complexion looked haggard. With a manner like he had lost his wits, he almost bumped into the door frame whilst he was entering.

Under the curious stares from everyone, Ling Dong walked into class. Whilst he walked pass Ye Wan Wan, he suddenly paused, seemingly like he had something to say. However, as if he was reminded of something, he immediately retracted his intention to talk and hurriedly walked away with his head lowered, as though there was something chasing him from behind.

Looking at Ling Dong’s attitude, avoiding her like the plague, Ye Wan Wan heaved a sigh of relief.

Seems like this romantic prospect was destroyed more thoroughly than she had imagined.

Still, it wasn’t that surprising since she had taken out the Grim Reaper’s scythe! Don’t mention cutting down a small romantic prospect, it can even dig out anyone’s ancestral grave!

To others, this kind of reaction from Ling Dong was yet another mystery.

“Eh? Why is Ling Dong not fawning over that hideous freak for today?”

“Hahaha~ I guess he has been dumped by that hideous freak! Plus, it’s too fast! It has only been three days since!”

“Damn! My Dong ge‘s brain has finally woken! Congratulations!”


Besides keeping track of this gossip, there was another matter that they took more notice. Si Xia didn’t come to class today.

From morning onwards, there were quite a few girls from other classes leaving with disappointment after they came to seek a peep at Si Xia.

Time flew by quickly and in a blink of an eye, it was noon but Si Xia was still not here yet.

The girls started to become more and more anxious as they stared out of the window eagerly with anticipation.

“Why is Si Xia still not here for class? Did something happen to him?”

“Could it be that he has gotten sick?”

At this moment, Cheng Xue answered calmly, “It shouldn’t be possible! When I saw Si Xia last night, he was just fine!”

Despite the fact that everyone was aware of the large change in attitude when Si Xia was treating Cheng Xue, after hearing such an intimate remark that she had met Si Xia last night, all of them still gave a look of jealousy.

The little attendant beside Cheng Xue then threw a vicious glare towards Ye Wan Wan and continued on after her with a shrilly voice, “If you’re Si Xia and there’s a disgusting hideous freak sitting beside you every day in class, whom you could not escape from and was even forced to kiss after school, would you still come to class willingly?”

From the girl’s remarks, everyone immediately nodded their heads in agreement. In an instant, Ye Wan Wan was flooded with many resentful glares from all of the girls.

“Then won’t Si Xia stop coming to class from now onwards! That’s too much! Does the school intend to ignore this? Letting that hideous freak turn our class upside down!”

“In addition, how could we let Ye Wan Wan mess up such an important art performance! There would be many leaders and celebrities attending! This would be shaming our F class’ face on a small scale, but on a larger scale, it would be shaming the face of the entire Qing He!”

“Why don’t we boycott it altogether! I don’t believe that with all of us boycotting, the school won’t do anything about it!”

“Right! Boycott! Let’s all boycott! I’m going to write a boycott letter now for everyone to sign later!”


At first, everyone was still holding back because of Ling Dong. However, after looking at Ling Dong’s attitude for today, it was obvious that he was not interested in Ye Wan Wan anymore. Thus, everyone became bolder with nothing to fear.

A whole group of people then started a revolt in front of Ye Wan Wan. After a short while, that piece of boycott letter was done and everyone was signing it one after another.


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