100% Sweet Love

Chapter 95: I Can Teach You

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Desertfox

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As Si Xia returns to his seat, the girls were chatting continuously amongst themselves. Zhao Xingzhou’s face instantly turned serious, “Alright, enough already! Calm down for a little bit. How come when you see me, you guys didn’t seem so excited?”

“Teacher, it’s not like you’re handsome!”

A girl quickly retorted.

“This student… what did you just say? Please say it again, loud and clear!”

Zhao Xingzhou’s voice clearly hinted a trace of threat.

“Teacher, you’re the most handsome!” Anxiously, the girl yelped in surprise.

“Very good! Now continue to answer the questions!”


After a brief commotion, everyone once more resumed to immerse themselves in solving the questions. Nevertheless, it was obvious that all the girls who had been charmed were no longer able to focus on their exercise.

After Si Xia sat down, he swept through the school’s work exercise and no longer seemed to care, as he began leaning on the desk to sleep as usual.

Shooting a glance at him, Ye Wan Wan felt deeply jealous towards Si Xia. The reason being that she was clearly different from him, as she usually leaves a blank exam paper, while this guy could answer all the questions.

In comparison, she could only answer after having remembered the average and predictable solution. As for Si Xia, excluding the several times when he didn’t take exams for some reasons, he’d always scored full marks.

From her perspective, she considered this kind of people as undeniably abnormal.

As expected… there’s no one from the Si family who’s within the normal human category!

As Ye Wan Wan inwardly cursed, whilst answering the questions with great bitterness and deep hatred, she suddenly felt something heavy on her shoulder. Feeling a fresh and clean breath mixing together with her breath.

(T/N: great bitterness and deep hatred = deeply ingrained long-standing resentment)

Ye Wan Wan stiffly turned her head to the side, following which she saw Si Xia who had suddenly changed his sleeping posture. This brat who’s playing with death… he’d carelessly leaned on her shoulder!!!

In a split second, a sudden burst of noise and commotion resounded again. The girls who’d kept their attention on Si Xia had their jaws dropped onto the ground, as Cheng Xue’s glare could almost directly kill a person.

“WTF WTF WTF! Si Xia…He… He actually leaned on her shoulder!”

“Ye Wan Wan! You slut!”

“Don’t stop me! This old lady will scrape that hideous freak’s claws!”

Having been directed with the bloodthirsty gazes of all the girls within the classroom, Ye Wan Wan cautiously tried to shift the Sleeping Beauty away from her shoulder.


To die young… a quick death, ah—!

This has nothing to do with her! She’s also a victim, okay?

But if she really said that, she might seriously get beaten to death. So, in the end, she could only swallow her grievance…

Fortunately, Si Xia had woken up when she managed to shift him halfway.

That drowsy, sleepy face is just… too much of a foul play!

Having seen Si Yehan’s face for so many years, she was supposedly immune towards charm, and yet she was dazzled again.

Truth is, Si Xia is actually incomparable to Si Yehan. However, these two people are from two different categories.

Si Yehan is an unfathomable and dangerous, cold, lone and lofty king. While the current Si Xia is a youthful prince who could bewitch thousands of young ladies.

After Si Xia woke up, he lazily supported his slanted forehead, dropping his eyes to look at Ye Wan Wan’s exercise booklet, “This question…”

Ye Wan Wan threw a startled glance, “What?”

“This question is answered wrongly. This one as well, this question is also incorrect…”

Seeing Si Xia continuously pointing out numerous questions, Ye Wan Wan’s brows were twitching, as she sucked in a deep breath, “Just tell me which question did I answer correctly!”

Si Xia stretched out his fair slender finger and pointed at two different questions, “These two multiple-choice questions are correct.”

“These two… I just randomly guessed!”

Ye Wan Wan was in so much anguish that she felt like smacking her head right onto the desk!

She hadn’t expected that her Maths would be so bad!

“I can teach you,” Si Xia smilingly said.


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Mei: HAHAHA LMAO… I just love whenever Zhao Xingzhou enters the scene, he always managed to crack me up! He’s so lovable lol. Ah~~ I miss my Math teachers and lecturers… ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )

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  1. Si Xia you two faced 😡 probably one of those love at first sight boys on our Wan Wan.
    But if he can ultimately help her create a life where Wan Wan isn’t constantly scared for her life based on the mood of a certain someone then I’m fine with it. 🙃

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  2. Thanks for the chapter~ 😙
    Either he scheme Ye Wan Wan so she doesn’t become his aunt or he take a liking of her (which I doubt since he haven’t saw her real face)…
    Though, I really curious about what he meant by the girl from Jing garden…

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  3. Haha, maybe she’ll get higher if she just guessed.

    Thank you so much for sharing this novel <( ̄∇ ̄)ゞ *poring salute* fu~


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