100% Sweet Love

Chapter 92: My Boyfriend Is So Handsome

TL’ed by Pi3

Edited by OHtheNovelty

After hearing what Xu Yi had to say, Ye Wan Wan doesn’t question him further and only mumbles, “Fortunately you showed up at the last second, otherwise, I would have become someone else’s girlfriend. Earlier, Ling Dong made a bet with me. If my supposed boyfriend didn’t show up in the end, I would have to become his girlfriend since that meant I had lied to him……”

A chill deep within Si Yehan’s eyes had yet to start spreading out to the surroundings when the girl continued, exclaiming with triumph, “I was confident that you’d show up because you’ve promised me that you would come! That’s why, without giving it much thought, I’ve accepted his bet! After seeing Ling Dong’s reaction, I’m certain that this time, he will completely give up on me! After all, my boyfriend is so handsome! Even if you had shown up wearing just a potato sack, you’d still instantly overwhelm him!”

Si Yehan listened to the girl’s boasting and the frozen look in his eyes instantly melted. It seemed like Ye Wan Wan’s flattery was spot on.

On one side, Xu Yi’s face was full of tears upon hearing this.

Showing up with just a potato sack? If Great-aunt had said this earlier, then all of us wouldn’t have suffered for the whole night!

(T/N: Great-aunt = 姑奶奶. It’s either used by oneself or referred to by another person. The person being called this has her seniority raised higher than others so that she is shown to be more superior. It can be used as a friendly joke or to express sarcasm to someone)

He finally realized that even if there were a thousand praises accumulated from everyone else, it would never win against the word ‘handsome’ that was said by this person.

The distance from the restaurant to her school was not long and they soon reached their destination.

Ye Wan Wan then jumped off the man’s back, “I’ve arrived!”

After jumping off, the man turned around and looked at the girl in front of him, his face clearly cold again.

Ye Wan Wan thought to herself that this person’s mood was similar to the unpredictable weather in March, being fine for one second and then turning gloomy in the next one…

Meanwhile, Ye Wan Wan was unaware that someone was sitting on a bench not far from them.

In the beginning, Si Xia only went out to get some fresh air since he could not sleep. Unexpectedly, while looking through the gaps of the leaves and branches, he noticed that Ye Wan Wan was standing nearby under a lamp-post, talking to a man.

That man had his back facing towards him, so he could only catch a dim view of the back of the man’s figure. However, with only a glimpse, Si Xia’s face instantly changed 一

Si Yehan!

How is it possible?

Si Xia’s face was full of shock, doubt, and uncertainty. As he continued watching, he saw Ye Wan Wan stand on her tiptoes and gave the man a peck on his lips, “Goodnight!”

After that, she started to leave while turning her head, waving her hand towards the man.

Without delay, that slim, tall and cold back figure turned around. The man stretched out his hand and grabbed the girl who had yet to walk away. With a single pull, he pulled the girl into his embrace, bent down and deepened the kiss from before…

At the same time, after looking at the man’s face, Si Xia had blanked out and stood rooted on the same spot…

When he saw his haughty and eccentric Ninth uncle bending down to kiss Ye Wan Wan’s face that had been giving him nightmares for several nights, his brain exploded with a buzzing sound.

Ye Wan Wan… and Si Yehan?

The boyfriend that Ye Wan Wan kept mentioning was actually…

Si Xia struggled hard to calm down his imagination, with only a strand of rational he had left. Looking towards the lamp-post again, he could only see that the man had turned around and left while Ye Wan Wan was heading towards the female dormitory.

How is it possible that Si Yehan is together with Ye Wan Wan, this kind of girl!

Could it be…

He suddenly thought of an almost impossible possibility…

Ye Wan Wan is that girl from the Jin Garden?


At the male dormitory in front of Ling Dong’s room.

“Who is it?” A heavy-eyed guy wearing a tank top and oversized underpants opened the door.

When he saw that the person standing at the entrance was actually Si Xia, the guy’s expression froze for a second, “Eh, Si Xia…”

Although dropping by was a common thing at the male dormitory, but the one in front of him was the male god of all girls and a common enemy for all boys in the whole school. In addition, he was similar to the school’s beauty queen Cheng Xue. With one look, others can see that his family background was not simple and he was living in a completely different world compared to their own mediocre life. Furthermore, Si Xia had always kept to himself and there were usually not many interactions between them, so it was more unlikely for him to drop by.

Inevitably, the guy was a bit surprised at seeing him coming over this late at night, “Erm, may I help you?”

“I’m looking for Ling Dong.” Si Xia replied.

“Ooh, so you’re looking for Dong ge? Dong ge is here, he just came back but it’s just…” The guy scratched his head, looking awkward, “It’s just that you came at the wrong time, Dong ge‘s current condition might not be too good…”

“His condition is not good?”

“You should come in first! You’ll understand it once you’ve seen it anyway!” The guy sighed while opening the door for him to enter.

Once Si Xia stepped in, he was assaulted by the pungent smell of alcohol.

The guy then closed the door immediately after Si Xia came in, being afraid that the smell of alcohol would be leaked out and discovered by the dorm supervisor.

Si Xia could only see Ling Dong slumped limply on the floor, looking completely drunk and knocked out. He kept mumbling Ye Wan Wan’s name again and again.

“Wan Wan…… Wan Wan…… Why do you treat me like this…”

With just a look at this situation, anyone could tell that he got dumped not long ago.

“What happened?” Si Xia threw a glance towards the three other guys in the dorm room.

As these three guys stared at one another, the guy that opened the door then secretly whispered in his ears, “Dong ge had gone to meet Ye Wan Wan’s boyfriend tonight! Ye Wan Wan actually has a boyfriend! Can you believe it!?”

“Really?” Si Xia’s eyes slightly sparkled.

“Absolutely! We always thought that Ye Wan Wan was just lying about having a boyfriend to evade Dong ge! She had even brag so outrageously that her boyfriend was incomparably handsome! Who would even believe her! However, who could have imagined that after Dong ge went over, he really saw that guy!”

“On top of seeing him, according to Dong ge, that guy was incredibly handsome. Compared to you, he was even more…” the guy then gave out a light cough and didn’t continue what he was saying.

“Heh, more handsome than me right?” Si Xia voiced lightly.

The guy rubbed his nose awkwardly and spoke, “Anyway, this is what Dong ge had said! All of us suspected that he was just too drunk, as he drank so much! If not, how is it possible for him to say these kinds of nonsense!”

“How could there be such a guy in this world, who’s so handsome yet happen to be so blind, to fall in love with Ye Wan Wan?”

“Exactly! What’s the problem if Ye Wan Wan has a boyfriend? With our Dong ge‘s calibre, how would he lose this fight?”

As several people were speaking one after another, the drunken Ling Dong at the side suddenly waved his wine bottle and roared, “Damn it… handsome… so handsome that he could even make this old man here turn gay… what’s the use for this old man to compete…”

The three guys at the side: “……”

What’s this nonsense about, being so handsome that he could even turn you gay!

Dong ge! Calm yourself Dong ge!

Si Xia cast a glance towards Ling Dong. After a while, he walked towards Ling Dong and squat down in front of him. He pressed his phone to unlock it and handed it over to him, “Is this the person who is Ye Wan Wan’s boyfriend, that you saw tonight?”

Ling Dong took a muddled look at Si Xia’s phone. In next second, his muddled expression immediately became more sober as he climbed up while shivering, “You… How do you have a picture of Ye Wan Wan’s boyfriend?”

Hearing this, Si Xia immediately narrowed his eyes.

It was really him… Si Yehan…


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 92: My Boyfriend Is So Handsome

  1. Wait, why did Si Xia refer to YWW as “that girl from the Jin Garden”? Does that mean Si Xia had seen her without the explosive getup before?

    Thanks for the hard work ~ ♥️♥️

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    1. Nope he haven’t seen YWW without makeup yet but he seems to have seen the girl from the Jin Garden and suspect that YWW might be her


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