100% Sweet Love

Chapter 91: Master’s Secret

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by DesertFox

Mei: I just died. Translating this is just—- I don’t even know what to say anymore…. *hands over the chapter to editor* Best of luck, buddy.

“CLANG—” A sudden burst of an ear-piercing sound reverberated.

The glass in Ling Dong’s hand fell onto the floor, his entire being as though it was struck by lightning, feeling dumbstruck as he stared blankly at these two people in front of him, “You… You–You–You… You are…”

If he was standing beside Ye Wan Wan, it’d be considered as a striking and distinct contrast. At that occasion, the sight of this man in front of him that was kissing Ye Wan Wan while cradling her in his arms, was literally like a surreal scene from a science fiction film! It was way too shocking!

“You’re Ye Wan Wan’s boyfriend……”

Ling Dong finally found his voice after a prolonged period of time had passed.

Truthfully, he couldn’t find it in himself to kiss Ye Wan Wan while she stayed in this appearance, even Si Xia always make excuses to avoid, but this man… he unexpectedly….

Recalling what Ye Wan Wan had said before, the reason why she put on such an appearance was because her boyfriend likes it…

She was actually telling the truth!

The man’s indifferent and seemingly empty gaze hadn’t spared a glance on Ling Dong’s body, he directly proceeded to leave the wide and empty restaurant, whilst carrying Ye Wan Wan in his arms.

From the beginning till the end, Ye Wan Wan had simply meekly curled up in his arms.

Probably due to the fact that she was sluggish and barely awake, or because Si Yehan’s body didn’t exude that usual dreadful mien tonight, Ye Wan Wan didn’t repulse Si Yehan’s intimate touch and proximity.

Mixing their breaths, she could sniff the faint sweet fragrance of a fruit tree on his body, which was different from Si Yehan’s usually chilly breath. Moreover, it actually smelt pretty good.

Feeling confused as if she was caught in an illusion, she noticed that this man was clearly adorned in his usual black attire tonight, yet she felt that he was giving off an unusual awe-inspiring and dignified bearing.

For instance, he put on a cologne today which was extremely uncommon of him. Those low-key yet luxurious vintage obsidian cuff-links, along with the chic gold metal necktie clip and the style of his suit that he wore seemed more or less the same as his usual outfits. However, after taking a closer inspection, she realized that it seemed to be the first time that she’d seen him wearing it….

Besides the most surprising thing is… this guy seemed exceptionally handsome tonight……

Even Ye Wan Wan, who was accustomed to seeing that face of his, was dazzled and nearly blinded from the sight…

Thinking of Ling Dong’s expression beforehand, she couldn’t help but to find it quite amusing. That poor child, reckoned that his three views has been thoroughly turned upside-down and smashed into smithereens.

(T/N: Chinese netizens use “三观” to refer to “价值观” (values), “人生观” (life philosophy) and “世界观” (world view), which are more or less the same thing. A phrase used when people were greatly shocked to the point they find it hard to accept the reality.)

Currently outside the restaurant door, Xu Yi was waiting, he could clearly see what was happening through the glass window — looking at the man who was still staring blankly as he just stood rooted on the same spot.

Wiping off his sweat, Xu Yi inwardly cursed. Master ah, did you need to go so far?

Ye Wan Wan likewise thinking of the same thing. For her to actually let Si Yehan to personally come over and thwart this kind of love affair… How was this any difference from employing large military forces to overthrow an insignificant soldier, or using the ultimate boss to massacre a noob villager!

“Wu…umm… I want to come down…” Seeing that Si Yehan was carrying her without the slightest intention of putting her down, Ye Wan Wan finally expressed her thoughts.

The man’s footstep slightly lagged, his breath instantly chilled, soon after he placed her down.

Tilting her little head upwards as she gazed at the man in front of her, Ye Wan Wan hopped twice on the same spot, her face filled with expectation. “Can I change to your back…”

Hearing what was said, the man’s face visibly stunned for a moment, shortly after he slowly lowered himself and leaned forward in front of her.

Ye Wan Wan quickly shifted to climb over the man’s back, her pair of hands encircling his neck, releasing a weary yawn. “This one is much more comfortable…”

Watching the two’s interaction, Xu Yi felt his heart was fluctuating sharply, like he was on a roller-coaster ride.

At this moment, Xu Yi realized that as long as Ye Wan Wan took her own initiative to get closer to Master… This Master of his, who was savagely cruel yet ruthlessly terrifying would turn into a docile person, to the point that it was simply too unbelievable.

Whilst carrying the girl on his back, the man slowly walked towards the school, along a quiet and empty road.

Noticing the little head behind his back was nodding off from time to time, the man spoke, “Feeling tired?”

Ye Wan Wan gently nodded as she snuggled her head against his shoulder, “En… Did something happen tonight? Was it urgent?”

“It’s nothing.”

Ye Wan Wan was feeling skeptical, “Really? But just then… on the phone, I heard Butler Xu sounded like he was about cry!”

While asking, she darted a suspicious glance at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi’s back stiffen, he hurriedly waved his hand in denial, “Cough, Miss Ye, it really was nothing major. The matters have been properly handled.”

Even if he was beaten to death he wouldn’t dare to tell that his noble and elegant Master, took 3 hours to change his clothes before leaving the house, mercilessly tormenting several tens of fashion stylist, whilst the whole servants within the room were frightened to the pinnacle of breaking into tears.


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Mei: LMAO… Si Yehan. He’s applying more than 100% of his usual childishness. Apparently, the pressure was too much for him and he lost track of the time!!

SYH: Stress… stress… have to look good!!!

FYI: This site’s version of chapter 91 is Qidian’s chapter 92. Currently, their translator(s) are mixing the unedited & edited raw as the source of translation, while our site mainly use the edited raw. Remember I’ve mentioned in chapter 70, where Author’s works had unedited and edited chapters, at the beginning. If you’ve noticed, in the list of chapters within Novel Updates, we’ve slight discrepancy on chapter update with Qidian. Because in the edited raw version, some unedited raw chapters was combined, where 2 chapters turned into 1 chapter.

Since we’ve decided to drop the novel, we’re currently trying to finish up all the stockpiles of unedited chapters.

Next chapter(s) will be updated next week! Thanks for reading our translation, folks!
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