100% Sweet Love

Chapter 90: Let Go Of Her

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by OHtheNovelty

The restaurant was about to be closed. Soon, only Ye Wan Wan and her company were left as they were still seated and waiting.

Up until now, Ye Wan Wan had been keeping a consistent sleeping schedule. At this hour, she’d have fallen asleep long ago, so now she was getting a little drowsy.

After waiting for a while and seeing he still hasn’t arrived, Ye Wan Wan’s eyelids became heavier little by little. All in one spot, she went from holding her chin to resting her upper body on the table, to accidentally falling asleep.

Ling Dong, who was originally looking at his watch, lifted his eyes to see Ye Wan Wan soundly asleep.

Looking at the girl’s sleeping appearance, his mind subconsciously floated to the appearance of that graceful figure from the other night. His ears instantly become a flushed red.

She had said it so decisively, that if she deceived him, then she’d agree to become his girlfriend. Does this mean that she actually liked him, that’s why she easily promised?

Thinking of this, as he kept on looking at her, Ling Dong inevitably becomes excited. He couldn’t resist extending his hand to touch her cheek, “Wan Wan…”

At this moment, a crashing sound could be heard as the glass door of the restaurant was pushed open by a slender fair hand with nearly transparent skin tone, bringing along a burst of the night breeze.

“That— I apologize for the inconvenience, but our shop is about to be closed… Eh…” The shop owner had only spoken halfway when their voice trailed off and disappeared into the night wind.

“Da Da Da— ”, the sounds of footsteps could clearly be heard approaching from the distance.

Ling Dong felt an indescribable chill run on his back, and immediately after, he subconsciously turned to look towards the doorway.

In the next second, his pupil abruptly shrank.

In his line of sight, a man was slowly walking towards their direction.

The man’s whole body was adorned with a Retro styled black suit, his eyes cold and deep, like they could freeze a man’s soul.

As his steps drew closer, he didn’t seem human, as if the Devil King who was treading upon the night wind under the illumination of the moonlight, descending to the human world. The wide-spaced restaurant seemed to momentarily turn narrow and cramped.

Looking at the man and his high-born bearing, that unusually pale complexion seemingly like that of a flawless evildoer, Ling Dong’s mind startlingly remembered the words that Ye Wan Wan had said before….

…A hundred times more handsome than Si Xia. Someone like that actually existed, and he’d unexpectedly encounter one!

While Ling Dong was still in a daze as he stared at him, the man had already stood directly in front of him.

“Er… excuse me, is something the matter?” Ling Dong instinctively asked.

The man didn’t answer. His cold and lofty face, that askance look fell on Ling Dong’s body. Ling Dong had a strange feeling that he was a prey being clenched by the throat.

As Ling Dong’s whole body turned stiff with his forehead flowing with cold sweats, Ye Wan Wan was at the side, completely ignorant due to having fallen into a deep sleep. In her sleep, her body absentmindedly moved, falling to the other side.

Seeing with his own eyes that Ye Wan Wan was about to fall, Ling Dong was a little taken aback as he hastily moved to catch her.

Contrarily, the man opposite of him seemed not too fast yet not too slow, as he slightly leaned his body, accurately and very efficiently caught the falling girl as she fell into his arms and chest.

When Ling Dong saw that the man caught and hugged Ye Wan Wan in a very familiar posture, his eyes momentarily tensed.

Startled awake, Ye Wan Wan was still in a daze as she rubbed her eyes. Seeing the man in front of her eyes, she was initially sluggish and was staring blankly. Soon after, she shifted and rubbed against his body, murmuring as if she’d been extremely wronged, “Why are you so late…”

Looking at the girl in his arms, a soft light appeared in the bottom of his cold deep eyes which was completely the opposite of his outer appearance.

Ling Dong looked at Ye Wan Wan, then turned to look towards the man, this… what’s going on here?

While Ling Dong was still lost in thought, the man had already started to carry Ye Wan Wan towards the exit.

Ling Dong finally recovered his senses, blurted out as he attempted to stop the man, “Hold it! Let go of her! Who are you!?”

The moment Ling Dong’s voice fell, the air was instantly overwhelmed with a suffocating cold breath.

The man glanced at the girl within his arms, while the opposite side was still in a bewildered state, he slowly lowered his head, dropping a kiss onto the girl’s lips which was smeared with an exaggerated color…


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Novelty: I think I can hear Ling Dong’s reality shattering into a million glass shards. It sounds very pleasing to the ears, muahaha.

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