100% Sweet Love

Chapter 89: Still Not Coming, Then The Girlfriend’s Gone

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by DesertFox

As every second and minute passed by, in a blink of an eye, 20 minutes had gone by.

The time was up, yet Si Yehan hasn’t arrived.

Not long after an entire 20 minutes, Xu Yi called over on time.

“Hello. Miss Ye, we’re truly sorry! Ninth Master had some matters to deal with over here, so he had to delay. You might have to wait a little bit!”

“Eh… is there anything urgent over there?” Ye Wan Wan hastily asked.

Listening to Xu Yi’s tone, it sounded somewhat fishy…

Only after a while did he replied, “No… None, it’s not much of a big matter, please wait a bit!”

“Oh… all right then.” Ye Wan Wan finally relaxed.

Hanging up her phone, Ye Wan Wan spoke to Ling Dong who was seated opposite of her, “My boyfriend had to delay at the last-minute due to some matters, he might be a bit late.”

Ling Dong folded his arms across his chest, putting on an expression hinting that he’d already anticipated this and that she’d say such thing. He unhurriedly said to her, “It’s fine. I can wait.”

Si Yehan was always busy, so it was quite normal for him to be delayed due to work.

Ye Wan Wan didn’t bother to mull over it, she simply continued to wait.

In a flash, another half an hour passed again.

Si Yehan still hasn’t arrived.

Contrarily, Xu Yi called over again. As if stuck in a difficult situation, he once more notified her in an awkward manner, “Miss Ye, Ninth Master hasn’t finished handling the matters from this side. We reckon that you’ll have to wait for awhile…”

“Oh…. It’s all right, just let him quickly finish his business first!” Not minding it at all, Ye Wan Wan calmly replied.

Upon seeing this, Ling Dong who was directly in front of Ye Wan Wan, gazed at her as he spoke, “What’s the matter? Postponed again?”

Ye Wan Wan nodded, “Sorry, he’s unusually busy!”

Ling Dong didn’t probe, “Never mind. In any case, I’m also free!”

Just like this, after a very long time, one full hour had passed and the people inside the restaurant gradually lessened.

After one hour, Xu Yi called for the third time.

This time, he sounded even more abnormal. Seemingly trembling with fear, as if he could cry at any moment, but one wasn’t sure what kind of problem had occurred on the other side.

“I’m so sorry! At this side, the Ninth master isn’t done yet….”

“Oh….” Hearing this, Ye Wan Wan felt even more suspicious, don’t tell me something big has happened?

Or… perhaps Si Yehan isn’t willing to come?

Except that can’t be! If Si Yehan really doesn’t want to come, he’d directly refuse her! There was no need to promise her, nor did he need Xu Yi to notify her of so many times…

“Or… perhaps change the date of the meeting?” Ye Wan Wan suggested.

Xu Yi panicked the moment he heard this, “Please don’t! By all means… don’t! Miss Ye, I’m truly sorry for the time being, however Ninth Master truly can’t leave. No matter what, he’d definitely come tonight! I ask you to wait a bit more, please!”

“Er… all right then!”

Xu Yi had already spoken to this extent, Ye Wan Wan could only agree, she couldn’t help but felt increasingly curious. Just what exactly is going on with Si Yehan at that side?

After Ye Wan Wan hung up her phone for the third time, Ling Dong stared at her phone and said, “Wan Wan, if it’s past 12 o’clock and the person you’ve mentioned still hadn’t come, then it can be considered that you’ve lied to me, right?”

Thinking of Xu Yi’s words saying that Si Yehan would definitely come tonight, Ye Wan Wan eventually nodded, “It can be so.”

Hearing this, delight painted across Ling Dong’s face, momentarily not feeling the slightest bit of worry. Contrarily, he was waiting with anticipation as the time passed by little by little.

At this moment, there was only an hour left before the clock strikes 12 o’clock. In another one hour, the girl in front of him would be his girlfriend!


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