100% Sweet Love

Chapter 88: Because My Boyfriend Likes It

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by OHtheNovelty

As expected, it was right to openly confess.

The next morning.

Ye Wan Wan came to the classroom with a peace of mind.

She only sat in her seat for a brief moment when a shadow suddenly covered her view, and she saw Ling Dong standing in front of her with a calm and steady expression.

Ye Wan Wan suspiciously glanced at him when she saw this.

The other students in the classroom also looked towards the two as they gossiped amongst themselves.

Ling Dong pursed his lips, his face completely serious as he firmly stared at Ye Wan Wan, “Ye Wan Wan, I don’t know where you heard those rumors from, but I swear, I didn’t woo you because of a losing bet, and even more hadn’t been planning on tricking you, I’m serious! Please trust me!”

“Woah~~!” While the surrounding students wrecked havoc, Ye Wan Wan’s face turned completely dark. Yesterday night, she had taken great pains to think things through on how to refute the rumor, but in the end, with just a single sentence from this brat, everything had been ruined.

Looking at the boy’s distinctly hurt face because of a mere misunderstanding, Ye Wan Wan was speechless as she stroked her forehead, “What I said yesterday was true, didn’t you also refuse to believe me?”

What she said yesterday?

Is it about her having a boyfriend?

“That’s not the same!” Ling Dong spoke in a forceful and convincing manner.

“I’ll bring you to see him tonight.”Ye Wan Wan spoke softly, enough that only Ling Dong and Si Xia, who sat beside her, could hear what she said.

Ling Dong immediately reacted to the “him” that she was referring to. Shock covered his face, but he quickly calms himself, “Okay!”

When it was finally the end of the school day and the remaining students were dismissed after dinner, the campus was at last empty. Ye Wan Wan called over Ling Dong, and the two went to a family restaurant which wasn’t too far from outside the campus.

Ling Dong sat on a sofa opposite to the side, wearing an expression as if he was preparing for the inevitable as if he had seen through Ye Wan Wan’s trick.

If it wasn’t from his social circle, then it’d be someone who’s entirely in disguise or someone who’s pretending and playing the role of her boyfriend. However, the latter is the most likely unless the guy is blind and is lacking in ability and insight.

In short, he would never give up!

Ye Wan Wan actually figured out what Ling Dong is thinking, but she didn’t intend to provide any explanation. Looking at the cell phone in her hand, she estimated that Si Yehan would be here in another 20 minutes.

“Can I ask you a question?” From the other side, Ling Dong suddenly spoke.

Ye Wan Wan nodded, “What?”

Ling Dong stared at her face that was adorned with her striking makeup, he softly coughed, “You… You’re clearly very good-looking…why would you dress yourself up in such a way…”

Blinking her eyes as she drank her fruit juice, Ye Wan Wan simply said: “I do it because my boyfriend likes it!”

Ling Dong suddenly choked as if he was stuffed with dog food.

(T/N: 撒狗粮, stuffed with dog food = public display of affection to singles; 单身狗, single dog = self-mockery for single men and women .)

“Wan Wan, you don’t need to pretend anymore, is it so hard to accept me? Although I’m not as handsome as Si Xia, it can be said that I’m not lacking much. Plus, after we get together, I definitely won’t let anyone bully you, you can freely do anything harsh or unreasonable in Qing He!”

Ling Dong spoke with confidence, after all, he had the authority of being Qing He’s overlord.

His popularity in Qing He is only second to Si Xia, otherwise, he wouldn’t have attracted so much hostility to her.

Holding her chin, Ye Wan Wan simply said: “I only like my boyfriend~”

Hearing what she said and seeing her determined expression, Ling Dong’s eyes slightly turned serious, “Fine. Wan Wan, you once said I didn’t trust you. Then, I’ll believe in you right now, believe everything that you’ve said, believe that you have a boyfriend, believe your boyfriend is as good as you’ve described. But! If it’s been proven that you’ve deceived me, then what’s to be done?”

Ye Wan Wan scooped out a mouthful of caramel pudding, thoughtlessly blurted out, “If I’ve deceived you, then I’ll have to agree with your terms.”

Ling Dong’s whole face brightened, “You’re telling the truth?”

Ye Wan Wan nodded with sincerity, “Of course I am!”


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