100% Sweet Love

Chapter 85: I’m Not a Deity

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by DesertFox

As Ye Wan Wan watched Shen Mengqi’s fleeting figure, she secretly smirked.

From today’s event, no matter how Shen Mengqi tried to explain or clear off her suspicion, everyone would no longer regard her with the same manner and impression.

As for Jiang Yanran, after breaking her relations with Shen Mengqi, Ye Wan Wan would have plenty of opportunities to make a good impression.

After returning to her dorm, Ye Wan Wan quickly took out her cell phone and dialed Si Yehan’s number. She decided to take another risk. Regarding Si Yehan, the worst and most appalling thing to do was to deceive and escape, she might as well just directly confess.

In the meanwhile, just like how Ye Wan Wan had predicted, Shen Mengqi was almost angered to death. Both Jiang Yanran and Fang Qin weren’t present inside the dorm. Shen Mengqi looked at her own reflection in the mirror whilst squeezing her phone so hard, that it nearly cracked. She violently flung away the items on her desk, scattering them over the ground.

That damned fool! Ye Wan Wan! It’s all her fault!

That dunce actually dared to mention about those previous matters related to Ye Mufan, he’s nothing more than the dog of her family’s company! Does he even deserve to? Like a toad wishing to eat the meat of a swan!

(T/N: A toad wishing to eat the meat of a swan = to crave for what one is not worthy of.)

Ye Wan Wan…. I won’t let her have an easy life!

Shen Mengqi’s face was gloomy as she took out her phone, sneering as she quickly typed in a text message: [Mr Si, Wan Wan seemed to have befriended a strange person. She knew that he had bad intentions towards her, and yet she was walking near that rogue… I feared that Ye Wan Wan had been tricked. I’m unable to make sense of the situation… Mr Si has been such a good person, you’ve even treated Wan Wan well, why does she always do things that could hurt you!]

Shen Mengqi expressed succinctly and even turned black into white, messing up the rights and wrongs. On the surface, she seemed concerned about Ye Wan Wan’s safety, but she had vaguely fabricated and labelled Ye Wan Wan as someone who attracted the bees and the butterflies.

(T/N: to attract the bees and the butterflies = to flirt or attract opposite sex)

Taking into account of her skill, to secretly accuse others, no one else could compete against Shen Mengqi. Aside from this text message, she had not forgotten to add a few photos of two people walking side-by-side, only then did she finally lessen her anger.

She wasn’t sure where and how the problems occurred yesterday, Ye Wan Wan had returned to school as if nothing had happened, but this time, with such clear evidence… there definitely wouldn’t be any problem!


Very late at night, at Jin Garden.

Xu Yi stared at the door which has been tightly closed for a whole night and day. Filled with worry as he walked around in circles, “What’s to be done? Ninth master has already locked himself for a whole day and night. Doctor Mo, aren’t you the greatest psychologist? You’ve got to think of something!”

Mo Xuan folded his arms across his chest, and stared at the wall opposite of him, momentarily taciturn before he finally spoke, “I’m a doctor, not a deity!”

Does he think he’s someone omnipotent?

Moreover, having him here at Si Yehan’s side, there wasn’t a single good point.

“So just because we can’t do anything, we should just do nothing….”

Xu Yi literally blew his top, but at this moment, a cell phone rang in the distance that wasn’t too far away. Xu Yi looked towards where that sound came from and noticed it came from the cell phone that Si Yehan had once flung to the ground. Picking up the phone for a glance, he noticed there was a notification, which continuously popped up. A new text message displayed several sentences, were all sent by Shen Mengqi.

“That damned woman is still alive! Just how much more hatred does she want from me? Haven’t she messed me enough!”

Xu Yi dropped his head as he faintly cursed, tightly pinching the cell phone, so that Si Yehan wouldn’t notice the message. Mo Xuan glanced at the phone, then pondered for a while, “You should go and investigate, to see if there was anything going on over at Ye Wan Wan’s side. Who knows, it might actually draw out Ninth master.”

Hearing what was said, Xu Yi’s face darkened, must they insist on using such a terrible method in drawing Ninth master out? But even after thinking things through, there really wasn’t any other way. If Master kept ongoing without eating, drinking or sleeping, how could his body be able to support himself?

Seems like they could only cure ills with poison.

(T/N: cure ills with poison = to fight fire with fire)


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Mei: To crave for what one is not worthy of? This novel truly draws out my dark side, especially my masochistic self. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

4 thoughts on “Chapter 85: I’m Not a Deity

  1. I say that Wan Wan should start following Mengqi and report what she’s doing. If their phones are compatible mirror Mengqi and show all the messages she sends out to others. post them on weibo to show her malice of heart.


    1. Green tea bitch (GTB)… It refers to a group of girls who look innocent, pretty and harmless, but actually are sluts with more ambitions than any others…

      Wow That title seems to really conforms with Shen Mengqi lol… >.> fake white lotus flower


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