100% Sweet Love

Chapter 86: There’s a Male Student Who’s Pursuing Miss Ye

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by DesertFox

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Xu Yi instructed someone to make an investigation. Upon the completion of the investigation; a young fellow was publicly pursuing Miss Ye had caused so much ruckus that the entire school found out!

Xu Yi nearly collapsed. Ye Wan Wan is an absolute disaster, too dreadful!

“There’s someone who’s openly courting Miss Ye in school! Doctor Mo, are you sure that we should inform Ninth Master?” Xu Yi grimaced as he asked.

Usually, the Ninth master would get furious when Ye Wan Wan had only exchanged a few words with another man. Now someone dared to woo her… Can he even continue to indulge Ye Wan Wan by letting her out? If they fought again…

Isn’t it already too late for them to hide this matter?

Mo Xuan was momentarily blanked out.

“Are you sure?” With Ye Wan Wan’s appearance, could she attract a love affair?

Xu Yi solemnly nodded, “The information is precise! The report showed that he’s Qing He’s boss, the son of the school’s director, and he’s quite good-looking. For him to actually fancy the young lady, perhaps he has some eyesight problems.”

Mo Xuan pinched between his eyebrows, he had some doubts, then pondered for a while before he spoke. “Sooner or later, Ninth Master would inevitably find out about it.”

Xu Yi thought for a bit, it seemed right, it’s only a matter of dying sooner or later.

In the end Xu Yi took in a deep breath, rang the bell on the tightly closed door then gently and cautiously pushed the door open.

Upon entering, Xu Yi saw that all the windows were closed and only a very faint light penetrated through the windows as it fell on the man’s face.

Si Yehan’s slim body was lying on the couch. One of his knees were bent and a hand was covering his eyes, as it blocked the light. He was surrounded by a melancholy and dispirited air, his usually tidy black shirt had two buttons loosely unfastened. His handsome face that could indiscriminately bewitch others was abnormally pale. When he was in such states he didn’t lack any destructive mien, but instead it made him looked mysteriously dangerous.

As if an ancient castle that contained a vampire who had been sleeping for thousands of years.

In truth, the taciturn Master was far more dangerous and scarier than the usually furious Master.

Xu Yi swallowed his saliva, trembling with fear as he walked closer. “Ninth… Ninth master… there’s an SMS… it’s… it’s sent by Shen Mengqi… she sent a long stream of messages… something urgent might have happened…”

Xu Yi felt helpless, as Si Yehan didn’t seem to have any interest.

He waited for a very long time that his four limbs were quickly growing numb. In the end, he could only brace himself as he took his own initiative to inform the news. “Ninth master… the school… there seems to be a male student in school… who’s wooing Miss Ye…”

Within a second, the reaction that greeted him was that the whole room abruptly filled with a terrifying cold murderous intent. Even though the man on the sofa didn’t make a single movement, he just merely opened his eyes slightly but the atmosphere completely changed.

Si Yehan was staring at Xu Yi, whose head was covered with a foul wind and a rain of blood, looking like a howling white ghost. Xu Yi’s heart was inwardly streaming with tears.

(T/N: a foul wind and a rain of blood = reign of terror)

Truthfully, he immensely hoped that it hadn’t resulted in a such ‘good’ way…

In the silence, Xu Yi was aimed at by that man’s death glare, letting himself be observed as if in a moment of silent tribute. Once he had been completely examined through, Xu Yi prepared himself for any sort of impending event.

Just as Xu Yi’s nerves tightened to the extreme, a cell phone suddenly rang. It scared the wits out of him, as he nearly tossed the phone away.

Hastily, he glanced at the caller’s ID. He had originally thought that it was Shen Mengqi causing trouble whilst giving another wicked idea. However, upon glancing, it was actually Ye Wan Wan who called!

Xu Yi’s heart raised up to his throat, why is Ye Wan Wan calling at such a late hour?

(T/N: Heart in one’s throat = feeling extremely nervous/afraid.)

“Ninth… Ninth master… it’s Miss Ye… she’s video calling.”


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    1. Evil never rests. Normal people need time to think things over. Mengqi is evil to her core. It all automatic. Let’s hope Wan Wan’s call puts out the fire.
      Thank you


  1. Do you know Qidian International started translating the novel as well? At their pace, it’ll be a month or so before they catch up to you T.T

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  2. I am a lurker but feeling sad for you. I actually noticed qidian uploading day before but they put it under a different title. Omigosh they suddenly switched to your title today on novelupdates and massive post TT to catch up to your release. I wanna say thank you for your translations, really love it lots


      1. No idea seriously haha cause i don’t read the qidian version, i hope they didn’t steal and edit, that’s so terrible TT


      2. No No No they didn’t steal it this time. Currently, the translator used the unedited raw as the source of translation. While our site mainly use the edited raw. (Remember I’ve mentioned in ch 70, where Author’s works had unedited and edited chapters, at the beginning.) If you’ve noticed, in the NU list of chapters, we’ve slight discrepancy on chapter update with Qidian. Because in the edited raw, some unedited raw was combined, where 2 chapters turned into 1 chapter. SMH. I think it’s good. At least that way, new readers would realize our existence, HAHAHHAHA


  3. Hi there, I am what you translators call a lurker… I have been following your translation ever since the first chapter and wanted to say;
    Thank you for allowing us to read such an interesting story as this one however the slow translation and my hunger for more chapters got the better of me and switched to qidian since they promised to translate much faster than you and I apologise for being such a bitch but that’s how I am, so I wanted to apologise and to bid farewell…


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