100% Sweet Love

Chapter 84: Gotten Cheaply But Wanted to Sell Unreasonably

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by DesertFox

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Shen Mengqi was putting on a facade. Her nonchalant words about how Ye Wan Wan’s  brother’s loved gambling, her seemingly sincere tone clearly carried a trace of condescending bearing.

After hearing her words, billows surged forth inside Ye Wan Wan’s heart, a sudden sweet sense was felt in her throat.

(T/N: It means she was angered to the point of nearly vomiting blood)

That year, Shen Hongbin was merely her father’s little attendant, while her elder brother whom she was so proud of, yet now… the Shen family had degraded him to the level of having to work like a cow, to work like a horse!

(T/N: to work like a cow, to work like a horse = to work extremely hard)

He had specially thought that he’d sacrifice for the sake of love. He’d willingly poured in his every last ounce of energy for the Shen family, as he garnered numerous fledgling actors for the Shen family.

Having obtained large benefits from Si Yehan; had the internationally renowned movie empress Jiang Yanran, added with the fact that this elder brother who was acknowledged within the industry as having “Godly hand” — an exalted and distinguished design-expert. The Shen corporation would become prosperous with each passing day and 7 years later, they could even compete with the Ye family!

In order to marry Shen Mengqi, her brother slowly accumulated sickness due to fatigue and overwork. In the end, his body was worn out and left completely exhausted, expending his utmost effort for the Shen family only to be abandoned and kicked aside. For the sake of not leaving any handle for gossip, the Shen family had instructed actors to trap him. Accusing him of overstepping unwritten rules towards the company’s actors, leading him into a state of complete defeat and fall from grace. He was shunned by the entire entertainment world, pressuring him into losing hope and stop bothering…

Ye Wan Wan had succeeded in making Jiang Yanran see Shen Mengqi’s true colours, however she was still unable to make her own brother see things clearly.

Back then, her elder brother was a free and easy person. He was passing through millions of flowers, yet nothing allures him, having changed his girlfriend for umpteenth times already, in the end, he had caught love at first sight for Shen Mengqi. He treated her as the cinnabar mole within his heart, loving her dearly as if the apple of his eye, also loving her even more than his own blood-related sister.

(T/N: Passing through millions of flowers, yet nothing allures him = A man who seemed romantic and popular among women, yet he hasn’t seemed to fall in love nor easily tempted by women.)

(T/N: cinnabar mole = the one and only)

In regard to her relationship with her brother, which was currently exceedingly bad. If one were to rashly speak maliciously of Shen Mengqi, lest to mention he’d definitely won’t believe her, it would just worsen their brother-sister relationship!

Unless she gathers enough evidence to convince her brother, of Shen Mengqi and Shen family’s true colours, thenceforth she would be able of severing and cutting off Shen Mengqi altogether. Only then she would get her brother back.

But, it doesn’t really matter…. Let’s take it slowly now, as Jiang Yanran is only the starting point!

Looking at Shen Mengqi’s pitiful state, Ye Wan Wan feigned shock, “My brother was praised of having ‘Godly hands’ within his line of business and as a planner who was celebrated as the trump card. Universal, the arch-enemy of Heavenly Emperor Entertainment had even wanted to scout him, instead he hadn’t accepted. Unexpectedly, with just a few random words from you, he accepted!”

(T/N: Huan Qiu (环球)= Universal; Huang Tian (皇天)= Heavenly Emperor; Ju Xing (聚星) = Myriad Star)

In 7 years, the Shen family’s Myriad Star had suppressed Universal within the entertainment industry, even capable to compete with Ye family’s Heavenly Emperor! Currently, Shen family’s corporation was far from even hoping to stand on par with both of these super giants within the entertainment circle.

After these words were spoken, the girls surrounding one another was led by Ye Wan Wan to a specific direction… to say that Shen Mengqi and Ye Mufan had no relations, however why would Ye Mufan be so easily influenced by the words of Shen Mengqi? To give up and not accept the invitation of Universal, who was one of the best within the industry, instead went to Myriad Star?

Plus, Ye Wan Wan’s words clearly implied that the Shen family had gotten cheaply but wanted to sell unreasonably?

(T/N: gotten cheaply but wanted to sell unreasonably = pretending to be the victim after taking advantage; beneficial actions often go unappreciated or met with hostility.)

Shen Mengqi’s expression distorted slightly, enduring whilst she forced a smiling face, “I’ve known Mufan ge long enough to be familiar with him after all! Even though Myriad Star aren’t as well-known, nonetheless having great potential, with prospective possibilities for future development. Although Mufan ge is quite amazing, you also know the matters related to your father…  as the current circumstances aren’t the same as the past, to easily mingle around such a huge corporation… cough… Wan Wan, I’ll continue chatting with you later, I’m kind of worried for Yanran, I’ll go and find her first!”

Shen Mengqi unexpectedly struggled to deal with Ye Wan Wan today, who caused her so much difficulty in public, choking her to the point that she nearly couldn’t refute nor find any leeway.

In order to avoid Ye Wan Wan saying anything that may not leave any favorable results for herself, Shen Mengqi quickly excused herself.


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Mei: Wan Wan even had to work hard in getting her brother back…. Ye MuFan is officially listed in my blacklist. I guess there’s no hope for the sis-con brother that I’ve been fantasized for!  。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

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  1. Succubus really describes Mengqi very well. i don’t know what Wan Wan could do to free him from her spell. I hope she’s got some other creative ideas in line to catch this GTB


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