100% Sweet Love

Chapter 83: Treated Merely as a Sibling

TL’ed by Pi3

Edited by OHtheNovelty

(T/N: ge = elder brother, also an intimate way to address an older male)

She was deep in thought when she suddenly sensed that Shen Mengqi was glaring in her direction with a vicious look.

Ye Wan Wan secretly raised her eyebrows and lamented with an innocent look, “Mengqi, I didn’t know things would become like this. You won’t blame me, right?”

Shen Mengqi listened to the surrounding whispers as they bad-mouthed her. She was angered almost to the point of going crazy, but she could only strongly suppress it. Hiding the malicious look in her eyes, she laughed dryly, “Wan Wan, How could…How could I blame you…You didn’t do it intentionally either…”

Shen Mengqi gnashed her teeth as she finished, sweeping a look at the surrounding crowds who had not left yet, she then hurriedly explained, “Actually, Yanran had really misunderstood me. How could I have snatched her beloved person away from her!”

“Though it’s true that Song Zihang likes me and has always been pursuing me, but I’ve never thought about reciprocating. Even on that day, I had specially gone to make it clear to him once and for all. He was the one that kissed me first when I wasn’t paying any attention, I wasn’t the one to make the first move. I completely didn’t expect that…”

“I was afraid of Yanran’s misunderstanding, that’s why I’ve been hiding it from her. Who could have imagined that Wan Wan, you…”

Relying on the fact that both Jiang Yanran and Song Zihang were not present, without anyone knowing the truth of the situation, Shen Mengqi made it seem like she was completely not responsible for what happened and pushed all of the faults to Ye Wan Wan instead.

In spite of that, Ye Wan Wan did not expose her and she replied with an enlightened look, “It’s just as I’ve said! The one that you like is obviously my brother!”

Listening to Ye Wan Wan, Shen Mengqi was startled at first. Immediately, with a serious look, she spoke hurriedly, “Wan Wan, don’t be silly. I’ve always treated Mufan ge merely as someone like my own older brother. The like I have for him is only a like felt towards a sibling!”

As of now, the Myriad Star Entertainment under the Shen family was rapidly prospering with each passing day and she was going to become a famous celebrity in the future as well. Hence, with such a promising prospect, the qualifications of the guys pursuing her at that point would be better by a million times. She did not want to have anything to do with Ye Mufan that good-for-nothing loser.

(T/N: 聚星娱乐 = Myriad Star Entertainment, Ju Xing (聚星) = Myriad Star)

She was only continuing to bait him since he still has some value that she could make use of.

Hearing her say that she was merely treating Ye Mufan like her own older brother, Ye Wan Wan felt so disgusted that she almost choked.

How could she not know her true thoughts? She continued sneering in her heart, but pretended to be bewildered and asked, “Is it? At that time, the love letter you’ve written for my brother was even sent to him by my help! The contents were so mushy, like ‘From the minute I saw you, I had fallen in love with you. You are just like the perfect God in my heart’…”

“Seems like I’ve misunderstood it after all! So that was just the like you feel towards a sibling? I’m still wondering if it was because of my father’s situation that you have no desire for my brother!”

As the surrounding crowds heard the last comment, they started whispering immediately. Showing an enlightened look one after another, they stared at Shen Mengqi even more contemptuously.

They only trusted in Shen Mengqi’s explanation half-heartedly, with the majority of them still standing on Jiang Yanran’s side.

After listening to what Ye Wan Wan had said, they immediately suspected that Shen Mengqi was somewhat despising the poor and favouring the riches. Ye Wan Wan’s brother Ye Mufan was formerly one of an influential person in Qing He as well. It was known by everyone that Shen Mengqi was chasing after Ye Mufan previously, having the most advantage from her position at that time.

To have once chased after someone only to claim that she was simply treating him like a brother now? Who could have believed it!

Shen Mengqi’s face was stiff for a moment, “Wan Wan, that is already a thing of the past. At that time, I was still young and naive, how would I have known how liking someone truly is!”

“Furthermore, how could I have distanced myself from you and Mufan ge just because of your family’s situation? If that was the case, then how could I still be treating you so nicely and even helped to get your brother a job in my dad’s company?”

Having said that, Shen Mengqi felt her confidence coming back immediately. She then smiled while saying, “Except for having a liking to gamble, Mufan ge is still working hard towards his job! My dad even praised him a few days ago! As long as Mufan ge works hard, my dad certainly won’t mistreat him!”


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Mei: When that last sentence was said by SMQ, I choked for real………. There’s a limit to being shameless though….

Novelty: I think we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg here smh

2 thoughts on “Chapter 83: Treated Merely as a Sibling

  1. The tip of the iceberg ….what else is Shen Mengqi into?How many other people is she using? How many other people has she hurt in the past? Now we’ve got Mufan on the hook too I wonder how Wan Wan will resolve her brother’s affair?


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