100% Sweet Love

Chapter 80: Aren’t You the One Clearest About It?

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by OHtheNovelty

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Ye Wan Wan was watching from the sides as a cool bystander. Staring at Jiang Yanran and Fang Qin as they became Shen Mengqi’s gun barrel and seeing as how they kept on ‘shooting’ at her, she couldn’t help but sneer inwardly.

This was an utterly too familiar scene. Back in her past life, it was exactly like this. Shen Mengqi would always hide in the back and played the part of the good person, while Jiang Yanran and Fang Qin would attack her verbally on behalf of her.

In the past, Ye Wan Wan used to be dorm-mates with Shen Mengqi, Jiang Yanran, and Fang Qin. In the beginning, her relationship with Jiang Yanran was rather good, while Fang Qin was someone who went whichever way the wind blew, everything seemed to be going fine.

(T/N: Went whichever way the wind blew = opportunist; easily influenced by others)

Yet soon after, she didn’t know why, but Jiang Yanran and Fang Qin gradually worked together to isolate her, eagerly running to the school authorities to request having their dorm room changed.

Only after a long time did Ye Wan Wan understand that rumors were circulating how she frequently had a luxurious car come to greet her and send her off and that she had an intimate relationship with an influential figure outside campus, hinting that she’s kept as a mistress.

Thus, with multiple rumors spread out and slandering her name, no one was willing to live with her. In the end, she took the initiative to live alone.

From where these rumors came from, and why Jiang Yanran and Fang Qin would be so convinced by them, it was obvious that….

With a smile yet not a smile, Ye Wan Wan glanced towards Shen Mengqi.

Still pretending to be the white lotus flower?

(T/N: white lotus flower = someone who seemed delicate, pure and innocent.)

Then she would like to see how Jiang Yanran and Fang Qin would react after finding out the true colors of this so-called kind-hearted and pure roommate of theirs!

Shen Mengqi loves to indulge herself in toying with the hearts of others. In the past life, just by relying on double-dealing and backstabbing, she managed to snare many connections and people to be brought together under her umbrella, even using these people to reach higher heights, one step at a time.

Ye Wan Wan was obviously not the only one, Jiang Yanran was also included amongst these people.

Jiang Yanran’s parents are old-timers within the entertainment circle. In the future, after Jiang Yanran became a famous movie empress, she was tricked and entrapped by Shen Mengqi into signing a contract with the Shen family’s company, which turned out to be a source of easy money for the Shen family.

Scouting out Jiang Yanran was actually Ye Wan Wan’s greatest aim for coming back to school this time!

In her past life, she remembers that this movie empress’s end was extremely pitiful and miserable. At noontime during her usual working hours, she had cut her wrist to commit suicide and died in the bathtub of her own house.

As for Jiang Yanran’s cause of death, rumors from outside permeated one after another, and she was officially reported to having clinical depression, but in truth…

Her husband, Song Zihang had cheated on her, and the one who had an affair with him was actually her close confidante –– Shen Mengqi.

Both Jiang Yanran and Song Zihang grew up as childhood friends. Jiang Yanran had always dearly loved Song Zihang, but Song Zihang’s feelings for her was only that of a sibling. He only consented to marry her after being pressured by his parents.

She reckons that Jiang Yanran found out shortly before her death, that the white moonlight within Song Zihang’s heart was unexpectedly right beside her and the one whom she trusted the most.

7 years before this happened, Jiang Yanran hadn’t gotten into a real relationship with Song Zihang yet, but Song Zihang and Shen Mengqi had long since gotten together.

Just like how she treated her elder brother, the way she dealt with men are all the same – not accepting but also not rejecting, keeping them to sell only for a good price, to seek the greatest benefit. She also especially enjoyed snatching away the things that had originally belonged to others.

(T/N: to sell only for a good price = to wait for a good offer)

As her mind rapidly flashed through numerous pieces of information, Ye Wan Wan unhurriedly spoke, “Mengqi, the matters regarding me and Ling Dong, aren’t you the one clearest about it?”

“Me? Even I just found out about it!” Shen Mengqi was completely baffled.

For some odd reason, Ye Wan Wan’s expression made Shen Mengqi feel indescribably uneasy…

While displaying a convincing expression, Ye Wan Wan spoke: “I’ve told you before! I secretly heard about how Ling Dong lost a bet with some of his friends, so he had to woo me! Back then, I thought they were just fooling around, but who knew that Ling Dong would really pursue me, don’t you remember?”

Hearing the reasons for Ling Dong wooing Ye Wan Wan, everyone immediately revealed an understanding expression. If that’s how things are, then that explains everything!

“When did you say that?” Shen Mengqi tightly knitted her brows.


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Mei: (✿´ ꒳ ` ) Aih~~ Shen Mengqi ah, won’t you just die?

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  1. Ugh. Shen Menqi…where’s your conscience? Srsly, I can’t wait for karma to bite her back so bad. 😒

    Hopefully Jiang Yanran will be good friends with a Wanwan.

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    1. So true. A friend like Shen Meng Qi could burn the paint off of your soul she’s so caustic.Just like an acid mixed in a beverage that you drink without knowing that it will harm you

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  3. You would think that after stringing along so many men, eventually they would meet. But I guess this Shen b*tch was smart enough to only make dumb friends and lovers. Seriously, I pity the men that decided to be her lover.


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