100% Sweet Love

Chapter 81: Revealing One’s True Colors

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by OHtheNovelty

Shen Mengqi wanted to rebuke Ye Wan Wan’s made-up words, but Ye Wan Wan no longer paid her any attention as she shot a glance towards Jiang Yanran who was at the side. She quickly puts on a thoughtful expression and reminded Shen Mengqi with a gentle and patient tone, “It was during the day, around the end of the month. Didn’t you go to the theme park with Song Zihang to have some fun? It was too noisy over there, maybe that’s why you couldn’t hear me clearly?”

The moment Shen Mengqi heard this, her complexion turned deathly pale, looking flustered as she looked towards Jiang Yanran.

Damn it!

It’s true that she went to the theme park with Song Zihang last month. For some unknown reason, Ye Wan Wan had given her a call in the midst of her being eagerly attentive, and acting soft and tender with Song Zihang. Therefore, she didn’t bother to pay much attention to Ye Wan Wan, only randomly throwing out a few sentences, then ending the call.

But how did Ye Wan Wan find out? Did she mistakenly blurt it out?


Of all people, this damned fool just had to talk about such a thing in front of Jiang Yanran!

Sure enough, Jiang Yanran’s facial expression started to distort.

“What did you just say! Shen Mengqi and Song Zihang…went to the theme park at the end of last month?”

Fang Qin was a little dumbfounded too.

“That day was Yanran’s birthday, and she had especially invited Song Zihang. She had originally wanted to confess to him, but in the end, Song Zihang didn’t come. Even you, Shen Mengqi, had said that your body was unwell. You…why would you be with Song Zihang on that day…”

While listening with rapt attention, at that moment, the crowd of girls in the background were stunned silly from what they heard.

A lot of people knew this, and with Shen Mengqi being her roommate, it was doubtful for her to not know about this, right?

Shen Mengqi obviously knew that Jiang Yanran likes Song Zihang, and she definitely would have known that Jiang Yanran had prepared to publicly declare her love to him. Instead, on that day, she lied to Jiang Yanran saying that she was feeling unwell, and then secretly went out on a date with Song Zihang.

The crowd of onlookers stared at Shen Mengqi’s quickly changing expression.

Hiding from her best friend only to fool around with the person that she likes, isn’t this just too shameless?

After Ye Wan Wan heard Fang Qin’s words, she made a bewildered expression as if implying ‘was it something that I said?’

With bright and twinkling eyes, Ye Wan Wan cautiously spoke: “Was I not supposed to say that?”

It was better if she hadn’t said this, but now after she said it, her words seemed even more convincing.

Everyone was aware that Ye Wan Wan had a good relationship with Shen Mengqi, for that reason it was why Jiang Yanran readily believed in the rumors and the words that Shen Mengqi had said before. Contrarily, she would naturally believe in the words that Ye Wan Wan had inadvertently leaked out as well.

Besides, Jiang Yanran isn’t an idiot. She had probably found out some spider’s thread and horse track, but she didn’t dare to confirm it.

(T/N: spider’s thread and horse track = tiny hints of a secret)

With trembling hands, Jiang Yanran yanked out her phone to check a specific post on Song Zihang’s (Wechat/ Weixin) moment at the end of last month. She saw that Song Zihang had only shared a single post about what’s on his mind: [My utmost beloved, I’ll wait for you to graduate.]

What accompanied it was a photo taken at the theme park, which the picture didn’t display anybody clearly, only showing the stretched-out shadow of a man and a woman.

This photo plainly indicated that Song Zihang had confessed to the opposite side, and that the receiving party had replied to wait until graduation to get together.

Jiang Yanran found this piece of information after her birthday. She realized that Song Zihang hadn’t come to her birthday party because he wanted to confess to the girl that he had liked for a very long time.

However, she hadn’t expected the sweetheart that Song Zihang had deeply concealed, the person whom she had very much wanted to know, was actually the person whom she had considered as her own best friend –– Shen Mengqi!

No wonder…No wonder Song Zihang was very resolute in not telling her!

The person he wanted to firmly protect was actually right beside her!

At present, utter disbelief painted across Jiang Yanran’s face as she stared at Shen Mengqi, “Shen Mengqi…. tell me, what’s the meaning of this? That person whom Song Zihang has liked for a very long time….was you?”


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  1. Oh damn. Time to enjoy the Show
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    1. Cute, Clever uh oh ….right on point. It was long overdue for Wan Wan to reveal some of the treachery that Shen Mengqi has been hiding from her friends.
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