100% Sweet Love

Chapter 79: A Striking Contrast in Style

TL’ed & Edited by Pi3

As Ling Dong insisted on personally escorting Ye Wan Wan back to the dormitory, the scene on the way back could be easily imagined.

A crowd of onlookers saw a tall and handsome, charismatic guy wearing a basketball uniform, following closely by a girl’s side, step for step and stride for stride. With an impression similar to a knight protecting his lady, it caused others to be engulfed in a rosy daydream.

However, the girl that he was escorting had a striking contrast in style. With her terrifying explosive hairstyle, black smokey eyes and heavy makeup paired with her bright red lipstick, it was a sight too horrible to look at.

“Oh my God! There’s someone who would even want to pursue Ye Wan Wan, that hideous freak!”

“The main point is that our Qing He’s overlord is surprisingly the one doing the pursuing!”

“I’ve thought that it was just a false rumor! This is really too terrifying!”

Within the crowd of onlookers, Shen Mengqi was watching the two of them from afar. Watching the appearance of Qing He’s overlord, an influential person, to be looking so fondly and eagerly to please Ye Wan Wan made her stiff for a moment.

She had thought that she would see the look of Ye Wan Wan being hurt and crying her eyes out today. Who knew that she was not only perfectly fine, there was also nothing wrong with her. Her circumstances became more favorable and she was even thrust into the limelight!


At the entrance of the female dormitory.

After Ling Dong left, Shen Mengqi immediately ran towards Ye Wan Wan. Looking towards the direction that Ling Dong went off with a concerned expression, she questioned, “Wan Wan, what is going on between you and Ling Dong?”

At this moment, two girls were following behind Shen Mengqi. The girl on the left was wearing a white Chanel vintage dress. Standing there in a condescending manner, she looked sideways at Ye Wan Wan arrogantly and spoke, “Having designs on Ling Dong on one side and trying to hook up with Si Xia on the other hand, it seems like you’ve really become more and more shameless!”

Upon listening to Jiang Yanran’s words, Shen Mengqi felt a sudden burst of joy in her heart, but she immediately covered up her delighted expression, intimately pulled on Jiang Yanran and tried to persuade her, “Yanran, you shouldn’t say that about Wan Wan! Wan Wan isn’t that kind of person! They might just be normal friends!”

Hearing this, Jiang Yanran’s delicate little face was filled with contempt and disdain, “What normal friends? He has already confessed to her in public and even went to such an extent of following behind her ass, like some kind of knight in shining armor! Is this how normal friends are?”

On the right side of Shen Mengqi, the plain girl wearing a school uniform spoke in a peculiar manner as well, “How does that hideous freak who’s so ugly, be capable of attracting guys? On what basis could she do it?”

Due to Shen Mengqi and her friends, it has attracted quite a few girls crowding around, pointing at them and discussing among themselves.

Once the crowd of onlookers heard what Fang Qin has said, they stared consecutively at one another in dismay, comprehending it without anyone saying, “Tsk, could it be that it’s her sex techniques……”

With an anxious look, Shen Mengqi tried to defend her, “There must be some misunderstanding to this!”

Jiang Yanran folded her arms across her chest. Seeing that Shen Mengqi has always been speaking up for Ye Wan Wan, she then spoke while frowning, “Mengqi, up until now, why are you still getting yourself involved with this kind of person! Not even bothered that it’s filthy as well!”

Shen Mengqi was gloating in her eyes, but on the surface, she gave an embarrassed and awkward expression from being caught in between Ye Wan Wan and Jiang Yanran, “Yanran, you shouldn’t say that. Ye Wan Wan is actually quite pitiful, with her family situation becoming like that, I can’t abandon her during her hardest time after all.”

Jiang Yanran let out a dry laugh, “Mengqi, you are just too kind and soft-hearted. As the proverb goes, everything happens for a reason, isn’t her family situation caused by her own corrupted father, and from her own misconduct, chaotic lifestyle as well! How could this kind of person be worthy of your sympathy? Someone is already so capable, to be sitting beside Si Xia through cheating, pushing out Cheng Xue who was originally assigned in the theatrical performance, and was even able to get a hold of our own Qing He’s overlord!”

(T/N: everything happens for a reason = 可怜人必有可恨之处: the Chinese proverb means that the pitiful man must have done something despicable to become this pitiful)

Hearing this, the surrounding girls were all deeply convinced, nodding their head one after another.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 79: A Striking Contrast in Style

  1. Srsly those girls don’t have anything better to do in their lives do they? Sadly even on RL there are heaps of those kinds~ (especially in college, they go to university in order to cling to some rich guy 🙄) oh well I wonder how Wanwan will tell Yehan. Knowing SMQ she’d tattle her to Yehan again.

    Thanks for the chapter Mei and Pi3!!


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