100% Sweet Love

Chapter 78: Do I Look Like a Single Dog?

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Xia

Mei: Sorry for the error in the chapter update two days ago! I’ve ‘accidentally‘ posted chapter 78 early. Despite my sadist nature, I wouldn’t be so cruel as to fake a chapter release lol!  Hehehe….

Though a bit late in informing, we’ll be having new batch of translator and editors joining the team, find out more from this post! There’s also a touch of fan-fiction of “How Si Yehan and Ye Wan Wan met?” fu fu fu fu~~ (✧∀✧)シ


After school, the sensational news had widely spread throughout the whole Qing He in just a single day. It even reached many of the surrounding universities and colleges.

Everyone learned about the matter of boss Ling Dong confessing to the number one ugliest girl in Qing He, which ended in rejection, and that brainless, ugly woman had even boasted that her criteria in choosing a boyfriend must be more handsome than Si Xia…

The school’s small auditorium.

Ling Dong sat on a seat in the last row, attentively watching Ye Wan Wan’s rehearsal performance.

Even after having lost face upon getting rejected, he still refused to give up.

There was someone sitting beside him by the window. That person was Si Xia.

Ling Dong passed a cigarette to him, but Si Xia simply lifted his glass-like eyes and didn’t take it.

Seeing his reaction, Ling Dong simply lit it up for himself, sucked in a long breath, and then turned to Si Xia. “Si Xia, Ye Wan Wan is the girl that I fancy. As brothers, please take note and act properly. That kissing scene, you should substitute it. No need to act it out for real!”

Si Xia’s expression seemed to momentarily crack, “You’re thinking too much.”

Ling Dong realized that he had been thinking too much. Si Xia was well known for being overly concerned of his reputation. He absolutely wouldn’t approach Ye Wan Wan with that face of hers. After all, Ye Wan Wan is completely safe with her current appearance.

“Dong ge!”

At this moment, Cheng Xue was panting with rage as she walked to the front of Ling Dong. She was so angered that her beautiful face was almost distorted, “Dong ge, just what exactly are you trying to pull? Don’t tell me that you’ve really fallen for that hideous freak!”

Ling Dong shot a glance towards Cheng Xue who was hopping about in anger. “En. I’ve really fallen for her.”

Cheng Xue was almost choked to death, “Have you lost your mind? To actually fall for a no good— that Ye Wan Wan? Do you even realize what others have been saying about you? They’ve been saying that you’re someone with a fractured mind!”

( T/N: fractured mind = someone with mental health problems)

“Then just treat me as someone with a damaged mind!” Ling Dong rolled his eyes. His expression was as if he was the only one awake while everyone else were still muddled.

(T/N: That expression hinting himself as self-righteous
, while everyone else were fools and ignorant.)

After the rehearsal was over, Ling Dong quickly went to greet Ye Wan Wan, “It’s fine if you don’t wish to accompany me for dinner, but I… I’ll send you back to dorm…”

Ye Wan Wan pinched the space between her eyebrows, “Ling Dong, I’ve said before…”

Ling Dong hastily interrupted her, “I know I don’t look good enough, but you can’t simply judge based on my looks!”

Hearing his words, Ye Wan Wan slightly twitched her mouth. Isn’t he the least qualified to say this?

“For you to suddenly like me, is it because you saw my appearance without makeup last night?” Ye Wan Wan directly asked.

Ling Dong didn’t deny it and nodded his head, “En.”

Ye Wan Wan arched her eyebrows, “So you’re saying that you only like my face?”

Ling Dong pursed his lips, “I admit that I like your face. You… you’re very good-looking… but being graceful, virtuous and noble is a good quality. However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking you for being nice-looking!”

In regards to Ling Dong’s manner of being in the right and self- confident, Ye Wan Wan felt that it was both funny and extremely embarrassing. Still, she simply spoke, “I actually have a boyfriend.”

“What did you say?”

Hearing this, Ling Dong’s face became distorted. After a long while, he finally calmed down. “You don’t need to use this method in order to reject me.”

Ye Wan Wan felt helpless, “Do I look like a single dog?”

(T/N: single dog = someone who is neither married nor in a relationship)

Ling Dong frowned, “That’s not what I meant, I just…”

Ling Dong isn’t to be blamed for doubting, after all, Ye Wan Wan had always put on such frightening appearance. How could she have a boyfriend?

“Your boyfriend conformed to your criteria?” Ling Dong changed the topic.

“Yes.” Ye Wan Wan firmly nodded.

In regards to Ye Wan Wan’s reply, Ling Dong’s face was completely darkened. He was even more convinced that she was tricking him.

“Ye Wan Wan, you don’t need to look for a pretext in order to trick me. You have the right to reject me, but I also have the right to woo you. I won’t give up!”

Ye Wan Wan sighed, “Then how am I supposed to prove to you that I’m telling the truth?”

Why does everyone refuse to believe that she really does have a boyfriend?

They’re really judging somebody by appearance!

Is it so strange to have someone with a strange preference that likes her?

Ling Dong looked at Ye Wan Wan, after pondering for a while, he eventually replied, “Only if I personally see him myself.”

Meeting him face-to-face?

Bringing Si Yehan to meet with a man who’s trying to woo her… isn’t that clearly stating that she doesn’t want to live long? Is she looking to die?

Err… but that’s not quite right… bringing her boyfriend to meet with Ling Dong, that’s not exactly impossible to be done…

Ye Wan Wan was lost in her own thoughts and irresolutely muttered to herself for a good while. She then probed Ling Dong, “You’ll really give up after seeing him?”

Ling Dong didn’t allow himself to be easily ‘fooled’ by Ye Wan Wan. He slowly and cautiously replied, “Of course. If he is really as outstanding as you’ve said, and a hundredfold more handsome than Si Xia, that is.”

Fine then.

Seems like she can’t thoughtlessly look for any man. Where is she supposed to look for someone who’s a hundred times better-looking than Si Xia?

Ye Wan Wan: “Fine then. Let me think for a bit… That boyfriend of mine is quite the busy man. I’ll reply to you after I’ve invited him.”

Ling Dong simply treated it as if she was just pretending. He didn’t take it seriously at all. “Okay.”

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Mei: This Ling Dong… he needs to learn “how to remain dignified after getting rejected” and he’s obviously thinking too highly of himself……Though not as bad as Si Xia. ┐(´ー`)┌

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