100% Sweet Love

Chapter 77: Criteria for Choosing a Boyfriend

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Xia

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At this moment, because of the sudden and unexpected public confession, Ye Wan Wan’s heart nearly fell apart while her only thought was— I’m done for.

She had just recently survived a huge mortal danger and escaped alive…who would have imagined that immediately afterwards, she’d have to deal with Ling Dong?

(T/N: mortal danger, escape alive = narrow escape)

Just how did it turn out this way?

Could it be, for the sake of revenge, he’d attempt to get hold of her then throw her away?

Ye Wan Wan quickly gave up on this possibility because this method would inflict 800 damage on the enemy, but also harm oneself with 1000 damage.

(T/N: to inflict 800 damage on the enemy but also harm oneself with 1000 damage = Kill 800, loss 1000)

Unless Ling Dong’s brain had some sort of problem, then this method of revenge would only harm himself. Don’t tell me… it’s really because of last night?

If it
s not a trapYe Wan Wan could only arrive at this reason after thinking things through.

He merely saw her appearance without makeup once, and it was nothing but a quick glimpse. She didn’t take it seriously at all and Ling Dong was also in a drunken state. However, that fleeting moment had unexpectedly lead to such a huge mess!

This face which could bring harm and evil into the world!

Moreover, this Ling Dong is an influential figure in school, and that very same influential figure had publicly declared his love to an ugly woman!

Such an explosive event… it wouldn’t take long for it to spread widely throughout the whole school!

Sooner or later, even Si Yehan would find out about it…

According to his temper, just for a single matter, everything that she has done could turn into a wasted effort….

Originally, Ye Wan Wan thought that she would have a few peaceful days, but now… her heart felt so weary that she didn’t even want to talk anymore…

Supporting her forehead, Ye Wan Wan weakly said, “Student Ling Dong, I think you should get your eyes checked…”

Her words literally expressed everyone’s thoughts, and they inwardly nodded in approval.

A few of Ling Dong’s die-hard followers inwardly cursed, Its not just his eyes. The biggest problem here is his mind!

Ling Dong deeply frowned as he looked at the girl in front of him. He stressed each and every word, “Ye Wan Wan, I’m serious!”

Ye Wan Wan wanted to reject because she can’t leave behind any handle. However, she can’t publicly declare that she has a boyfriend. Otherwise the school will regard it as a puppy love, which is a breach of principle. And towards Ling Dong’s father, the school director, Ye Wan Wan also needed to make sure that she didn’t recklessly create any misgivings or leave a bad impression.

(T/N: handle = information that can be used against somebody)

Ye Wan Wan simply spoke, “Sorry! It doesn’t matter whether you’re serious or fooling around with me, but I’m just not interested in you!”

Ling Dong’s face instantly froze, “Why? Why aren’t you interested in me?”

Ye Wan Wan noticed Ling Dong’s stubborn attitude as he firmly stood in place with an exceptionally serious mien. His facial expression conveyed his stance of ‘not giving up with an unconvincing answer’, leaving Ye Wan Wan with no choice but to say, “Because you don’t fit my criteria for choosing a boyfriend.”

“Then what’s your criteria? Which part of me isn’t good enough? Just tell me, I can change!” Ling Dong hastily spoke.

“Fuck…me! Did Dong ge fall and hit his head?”

“No way… he’s not my Dong ge. It has to be some sort of crazy person who’s possessing him!”

“Asshole… What did this hideous freak do to my Dong ge?”

They had thought that Ling Dong would get angry after getting rejected by Ye Wan Wan, but who would’ve expected that he’d only gotten a little annoyed. He even said he’d change for her!

Even several of Ling Dong’s die-hard followers had been in a mess, not to mention those few students. Everyone else who was watching seemed to have their three views blown away, as if they had suffered from the blast of an atomic bomb.

Ye Wan Wan sighed. Student Ling Dong, you mustn’t blame me for this. You were the one who insisted on asking!

Hence, Ye Wan Wan spoke: “My first criteria is…he must be at least a hundred times more handsome than Si Xia!”

Ling Dong stared blankly for a good while, “Are you kidding me?”

Si Xia, who was at the side, after suddenly getting unjustly implicated: “……”

Ye Wan Wan’s expression was completely solemn, “I’m serious!”


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Mei: Bahahaha I felt that LD just got face slapped lol. YWW used his own words to throw back at him! In-Your-Face! You dare implicate my Wan Wan?!

8 thoughts on “Chapter 77: Criteria for Choosing a Boyfriend

  1. I’m still amazed how easy he fell in love with her. But if I were YWW, I would have run away ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
    I’m too much of a coward when it comes to confessions, especially when my boyfriend is yan.


  2. “My first criteria is…he must be at least a hundred times more handsome than Si Xia!”

    Si Yehan will nod approvingly when he hears what she said.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Hahaha Si Xia, you won’t have a choice but agree that her boyfriend is a hundred times more handsome than you >_> kekeke

    Thank you for the chapter (;・ε・)ゝ” fu


  4. But her excuse of meeting her criteria would mean that she would only date Yehan because so far he is the only one better looking than Si Xia lol. I can’t wait until her real face is revealed to everyone especially to Si Xia.


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