100% Sweet Love

Chapter 70: She Ought to Hate, to Loathe, to Despise Him

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

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Blankly staring at the items on the floor, Si Yehan looked at the notebook. From the contents of the note, to each word and each stroke the girl had earnestly wrote, he felt as if someone had forced in a broken piece of glass into his heart.

Carefully putting away the items that were on the floor one after another, the man stood up, then stiffly walked towards the girl.

As the girl deeply buried her head while hugging her knees, her posture seemingly as if to reject and guard against others, looked similar to locking herself in her own small world.

On the edge of her bending neck, there was a clear visible purple mark, which could shock the eyes and astonish the hearts, it stung the man’s pair of eyes.

(T/N: shock the eyes, and astonish the hearts = ghastly sight)

Si Yehan extended his hands out, as if wanting to touch the girl’s shoulder.

However, just as he was getting a little closer to her, the girl’s body suddenly shook even more violently.

The man’s thin lips tightened, his stretched out hand stiffly hung in midair. After a long while, he finally recovered his hand and slowly stepped back. Shifting his line of sight, his steady and unblinking eyes fell onto the girl’s body, numerous of scenes flashed throughout his mind…

She told him that she had figured it out, that she wanted to date him normally, and that she’ll work hard to grow into a sweet melon.

She was willing to meet with grandma, deliberately dressed up looking well-behaved, earnestly picked out presents, and even coaxed grandma into become very happy.

Knowing that he suffered from insomnia, she probably heard a bit of it from grandma, so she intentionally went to the hospital to find an expert, then found an experienced old doctor who understood his condition, after taking notes, she even went to buy medicine…

She truly wanted to try to understand him, and accept him…

But in the end, what she eventually got was…

His inexplicable fury, unreasonable rebuke, and indiscriminate injury…

She was afraid of him, loathed him…

How could she not fear him? How could she not loathe him?

Even he loathed himself.

Soon, the man’s eyes completely dimmed. The coldness from his body becoming more and more frightening, filling the entire space with a suffocating sense of oppression.

The girl curled up on the bed was finally aware of the terrible atmosphere around her. As her entire body trembled, she lifted her small head that was buried within her knees. Looking at his pair of dark eyes, her eyes completely filled with horror and helplessness. As if in a trance, she murmured, “Sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I was wrong… I know my wrongs… I know my wrongs…”

Looking at the girl’s dazed and horror-stricken expression as she admitted to her wrongs, Si Yehan’s heart felt as if it was being tightly clutched by a giant iron claw, blood was dripping as it ached.

Tightly clenching both of his fists, the man walked towards the girl once again. While facing the girl’s extremely terrified eyes, in an exceedingly careful and slow motion, he drew her into his embrace, then spoke in a raspy voice, “Wan Wan… You weren’t wrong…The one who was wrong is me… The one who should have said sorry is also me… I’ve misunderstood you… I thought… I thought that you lied to me…I thought that you went to find Gu Yueze…”

Seemingly as if the girl had finally recovered her senses, she violently and hastily shook her head, while stammering with broken words and struggling to complete each word, “I didn’t… I didn’t… I was going to… going to look for a doctor… You couldn’t sleep…”

Si Yehan instantly tightened his arms around the girl, “Yes… I know… I have already known… I know you did it for me…”

The instance the man’s words fell, due to suppressing her tears for a long time, the girl’s tears instantly dropped like large rain drops, soaking a scalding heat onto his chest.

“I didn’t… I didn’t lie to you…” Choking with sobs, the girl burst into tears. The sound of her weeping which contained her grievance and sadness, could make a person feel pain as if a knife was being twisted into their heart.

“I’m sorry…”


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Malaysian buddies be like: Sorry sorry, naik lorry lah! (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )

Vsukio: To those who had forgotten when Wan Wan had previously said how she wanted to date Si Yehan normally and would grow into a sweet melon, please refer back to chapter 14.

Mei: If you’re interested for mood setting and feels, you can hear the Chinese audio of this (raw) chapter from this link.  It’s quite realistic! I cried though //nO

Chapter 70 actually has two versions of it. The unedited and edited, which both have slight variations in the raws. In the unedited version, it’s entitled “I know”, whereas the edited version is the title that we’re currently using.

We’re translating the content of chapter 70 based on the unedited ones due to several reasons.

First of, this is a webnovel. (YES folks, this is literally abuse of power! Wahahahaha).

Second, in the edited ones, Xu Yi was the one who explained to Ye Wan Wan about their misunderstanding. While Si Yehan was completely stiff the whole time with his lips pursing to the greatest extent, after XY explained, SYH finally said “en.” After hearing that single reply of SYH, YWW burst into tears. Then SYH hesitantly moved to hug YWW. Not much of a different on YWW’s side. It’s just that SYH didn’t apologize, or rather, he was completely at loss, almost as if he feared that a single touch from him would only make things worse…. They’re still in the early development of their romance, so yeah, I can understand that SYH is awkward and totally clueless.

Sorry for late informing. Wait no. Sorry not sorry!

—Sincerely, Miaka_Mei.

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  1. Thank you so much for the chapter! It’s even a day early, I can’t believe it! Don’t push yourselves too much, but we’ve appreciated the work so far #^^# You guys are awesome! (and you can slow down, its seriously ok!)

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  2. thanks for the chapter XD
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  3. Awwwww….srsly!!! I really hope this whole arc will be the start of them actually communicating and trusting each other. No more impulsive outbreaks or one-sided fears from them (the former being scared of the latter and the latter being scared of loosing the former🌚) thaaaaanks for all the hard work Miaka_Mei and Vsukio 🙇🏻‍♀️🍪—*stealthilyleavesanoffering*


  4. I would’ve love the novel more if SY isn’t violent, I know it’s part of his sickness but I’m still disturb by it. Anw, I’m still on the ship! (barely)

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  6. Am I the only one that crying when I saw how frighten Wan Wan is when she keep saying sorry to the ML? Like I can’t even imagine my life being afraid and always in fear to make mistake like Wan Wan


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