100% Sweet Love

Chapter 69: Completely Misunderstood

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Mei: Translator or reader, at this point, ML is almost irredeemable to me. With just this one but big mistake, all those fluffy moments have been forgotten and shattered. HEHE… We’ve already warned you guys since earlier on, right?

Vsukio: Since Mei decided to be a sadist today, we’ve decided to have no updates tomorrow and the day after, so until then, please be patient! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

While talking till this extent, Xu Yi looked somewhat complicated, “That old Chinese doctor is quite famous, he’s considered an expert in treating insomnia. Previously, he even paid a visit to check on your illness… The surveillance showing Miss Ye seeking for medical advice has already been investigated by me…. You… Can have a look…”

(T/N: Old Chinese doctor ≈ old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.)

Xu Yi pointed at a certain part of the surveillance video inside the cell phone.

Carrying her schoolbag behind her shoulders, Ye Wan Wan sat down in front of the old Chinese doctor with a solemn and respectful expression.

“Where do you feel uncomfortable, little girl?”. The old Chinese doctor asked.

“Doctor grandpa, I’m not the one who’s sick, I came to help someone else!” Ye Wan Wan answered.

(T/N: Doctor grandpa ≈ old doctor)

“You, this little lass, how could you replace another person when visiting a doctor?” The old Chinese doctor deeply frowned.

Ye Wan Wan quickly explained, “Doctor grandpa, please listen to me, it’s like this, my boyfriend has a very severe case of insomnia, he has searched for many doctors, and had employed various of methods, but it was still useless. Doctor grandpa, you are very well-known, he has probably sought out a treatment with you at an earlier time. I came here, only to get to know more about insomnia, to understand more of his feelings.”

When the old Chinese doctor heard her words, he became little surprised, seemingly looking emotionally moved, “You, this little lass, is actually quite sensible, there isn’t many patients with family members who are as sensible as you! All right then, I’ll tell you something!”

“Thank you, doctor grandpa!” The girl immediately displayed a very happy smile, took out her notebook and pen, then prepared to earnestly take notes.

Seeing how earnest she was, the old Chinese doctor explained a lot of information in detail.

The girl’s expression was full of attention and devotion from beginning till the end, some relevant questions were even raised from time to time, “My boyfriend’s grandmother told me that, chronic insomnia can affect a person’s temperament, is this true?”

The old Chinese doctor nodded, “Yes, if it’s serious, not only will it harm their body, but in the long run, it’ll also greatly influence the person’s character. This isn’t something they could control themselves, so as a member of their family, they should help ease their anxiety more often, care for them, and treat them with more patience!”

“Ok Ok, I will, I used to make him angry all the time…” The girl’s face seemed somewhat ashamed and uneasy, “Previously, in order to cope with the exams, I had to push myself hard in reviewing for a week, and continuously slept for 3-4 hours each day, the feeling of being sleep deprived, was really awful! Doctor grandpa, tell me more about it, teach me what I can do to help make him feel better!”


About 10 minutes later, the surveillance video finally ended, and the room restored to its deathly stillness.

The concerned words of the girl seemed to continuously echo around their ears.

Xu Yi had an indescribable mixed feeling, unable to say how he felt, “Ninth master, we… Seemed to have misunderstood Miss Ye…”

Not knowing how long the deathly stillness had persisted, suddenly, a chair rubbed against the floor, causing an ear-piercing shrieking sound.

Xu Yi hadn’t managed to respond, as the man in front of the desk had already disappeared from the room.

The bedroom at the second floor.

“BANG—-” The door was forcibly pushed open.

The room was dark, cold and quiet.

Motionlessly hugging her knees, while being curled up in place, the girl maintained the same posture as she did before when he had previously left. Immediately after hearing the sound of the door opening, the girl’s tiny body violently trembled.

Si Yehan stood in place, then tightly clenched his fists on both sides, it seemed as if his footsteps had suddenly grown roots.

His line of sight slowly shifted to the black plastic bag by the bedside, the items inside the bag were scattered around the floor…

As he slowly walked towards the plastic bag, he bent his body down, then one by one, started to pick up the scattered items that were on the floor.

Several nicely wrapped Chinese medicine, an outpatient service written form, and a pink notebook…

Spreading across the pages, was the girl’s densely packed handwritten notes…


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Mei: I hope you understand, that we’re happy to share this story with you all, but we have our bad days, and wouldn’t want to be bothered too much. We get that you’re tired of waiting for chapters, but we tire ourselves everyday from translating. Please understand that translating isn’t JUST translating, but requires a lot of time due to repeatedly editing, paraphrasing, rewording, rearranging, and finding the best words to use in order to make sure the story is a smooth read.

Though we have our own lives to live, translating was never meant to be an obligation, but regardless of this, we promise to do our best. As the more of you pressure us, the more we become stifled, it makes us feel even more relentless to release more chapters, especially since we’re perfectionist. So please, we hope you understand. Thank you.

Vsukio: I mean, if you guys are okay with us going unedited, I’m down, but it’ll just make things a bit more messier for you to read, so…

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  1. I know this is part of MC’s tactic but it’s heartbreaking seeing her scared of him. He better make it up to her! And apologize.

    You guys are the best. Translations for this has been top notch every chapter and I FULLY appreciate when content is easy to read and dynamically worded to have the best reading experience. So props to you for doing such a great job.

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    sorry english is not my first language, I did my best.

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    1. We don’t plan on stopping the translation, as of now, we’re even recruiting and working on a new team to speed up the translation rate. Please don’t hope too much though. As fellow readers, I understand the agony of waiting. Hahahah, and your English looks good.


  3. Si Yehan, you done goofed. I hope you learn something from this and never do anything like this to Wan Wan again. Nothing excuses his behavior but there’s a reason for Si Yehan’s behavior.
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    That said, forcing a girl who doesn’t like you be together with you is another wrong, and side characters have said that previously. But the story has got to start from somewhere? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Thanks for the chapter and enjoy your break from translating.

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  4. Thank you for the chapter~ XD
    Your translations quality are always great!
    It must be hard translating.. Since every language have their own verb and grammar…. I also translate some books from english to my native language, and vice versa… It sure is hard…

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    1. I KNOW RIGHT! When I was still studying in Mandarin school, I even cried and felt that I was being tortured from just learning it! UGH… But later years when I grew older and started translating, it became fun instead. Life is such an irony. Huhu


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    1. Congratulations! You’ve won the most unique (and longest) commentaries of the day! Would u like to be my consultant? Hahahaha Oh God I love how you rationalize Si Yehan and his actions. It’s very meticulous, resourceful and ingenious! ( *๑•̀ロ•́๑)」

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      1. Long comments by a nonstop 5 hours straight of criminal law class….🌚ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ besides compared to Xiao Tian Yao, Yehan is so much better…it’s just that he has insomnia and is a possessive yandere😂


    2. Agreed. That’s why i quit reading princess medical doctor. Here, si yehan sticks with wan wan thru thick and thin. Princess medical doctor? Urghh, no words can describe the male lead. Wolf heart, dog liver.

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    1. Ehem I believe my writing is ever so bad there, I’m using a kindle and it ain’t easy. I believe the 2nd sentence was meant to state how grateful I am. Haha apologies for the bad English.


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  12. I am always grateful for every chapter you translate and released for us! Seriously! Don’t take the others’ negative comments to heart. Not everyone of your readers are as self-centered as them. 🙂

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