100% Sweet Love

Chapter 71: Somehow Coaxing

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Vsukio: I’m going on a trip to California for 2+ weeks, so starting tomorrow, updates will be edited by someone else. So until then, I hope to see you all again soon!

Probably due to suppressing her emotions for far too long, all her negative emotions from both of her lifetimes, had suddenly burst out at this very moment. Being unable to completely stop her tears, Ye Wan Wan continued to cry for more than half an hour with no signs of stopping.

From beginning till the end, Si Yehan was stiff in place and didn’t say a single word, not making the slightest movement.

After Si Yehan disappeared, Xu Yi quickly followed after him, and at this moment, was standing outside the door.

Seeing Ye Wan Wan crying so grievously, he naturally felt somewhat guilty.

After all, this time, they had indeed misunderstood her, there was no need to think much of it, and it’s obvious that she wasn’t lightly frightened by Master just now. With her good intentions being misunderstood, how could she not be deeply hurt? Fortunately, the truth of the matter had already been cleared.

But master, with the person already crying till this extent, shouldn’t you somehow do some coaxing?

Just like an ice sculpture stuck in place, it scares people instead, OK?

Well, whatever! In regard to our family’s master, I suppose that those words spoken by master just now is already his limit. He can’t imagine how it would look like for master to coax a girl.

Those words alone had already made him shocked enough.

At this moment, Si Yehan’s thin lips were tightly pressed together, as if it was a bow that was stretched to its peak. Seeing the girl’s cries becoming more and more intense, his heart felt like it was being violently ripped apart.

This was his first time seeing Ye Wan Wan cry.

No matter how much she feared or loathed him, she never cried.

Unaware of how much time had passed, the man who had been stiff in place, finally sucked in one deep breath. After seemingly struggling for a long time, only then did he finally release the girl out of his embrace. Quickly restoring his expression to its normal ice-cold and indifferent look, his tone was calm without a trace of ripple, “Xu Yi, send her back to school.”

Finished speaking, he proceeded to leave without even turning his head around.

Hearing what was said, Xu Yi was momentarily stunned at first, but then, after looking at his family’s master retreating figure, he indescribably felt that his figure looked somewhat desolate.

Since Master doesn’t know how to coax others, he probably thought that, if he somewhat distanced himself away from her, Ye Wan Wan would become a little happier!

Xu Yi softly sighs, then looked towards the girl who was still sobbing in the bed, “Miss Ye, don’t cry anymore, you should be at ease, the matter has already been cleared. Master wouldn’t lock you up, as you can see, master even allowed me to send you back to school!”


After half an hour, Ye Wan Wan was sent to the school’s gate.

“Miss Ye, we’ve arrived.”

Xu Yi steadily stopped the car, then went around to pull open the car door for her. As Ye Wan Wan got out of the car while carrying her schoolbag, her small face was still stained with tears.

Looking at the girl in front of him, Xu Yi kept opening his mouth to speak, seemingly as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, there was nothing he could say.

Only until the black car disappeared from her line of sight, fading into the dim light of the night, did Ye Wan Wan’s blank and emotionless eyes gradually restored its focus. After standing in place for a short while, she slowly started to stride forward, then walked towards the direction of the school.

Instead of returning to her dormitory straightaway, she sat on the school’s bench at the small lakeside. The slightly cold wind passing through the lake brushes across her face, allowing her to become more clear-headed.

Not long ago, almost everything had repeated itself, but now, she had once again regained her freedom.

In the beginning, she was merely beating someone at their own game, however, even if everything was within her grasp, her fear towards Si Yehan was real, even her grievance during this time was also real.

And it wasn’t just from this time, but the accumulated grievance and resentment from both of her lifetimes. After crying her heart out, she was completely drained, however, after venting out, she felt much better.

Besides, what she completely didn’t anticipate, was nevertheless, Si Yehan’s attitude. She didn’t expect, that the dreadfully ruthless man from her memories, who lacked human emotions, would unexpectedly apologize to her.


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Mei: Banzai YWW! First step to conquering SYH‘s trust achieved. I think Wan Wan made a huge progress, in merely 8 chapters, she managed to manipulate SYH’s heart. How awesome is that! I’m also glad that she succeeded in making SYH think that, the further he is from her, the happier she’ll be. ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ) ha ha ha! Opps my dark side leaked out, pull back… pull back…

Fellow Nuffian: I might start rooting for SMQ soon… I want her to get together with SYH. I want him to treat her the same way he treats YWW (treat her like a queen on his good days, but restrict her like a python around its victim, watch all her moves, have her followed, doubt her at every step, etc). And YWW looking on from the sides and thinking ‘You two deserve each other. Wish you happiness.’ and then go abroad for college, set up her business, find a lover and live a healthy and fulfilling life, while those two destroy each other with time.

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  1. YWW got her freedom back. Back in school is good for her. She has to live normal life. Don’t use silly make-up to cover her beautiful face. Live confidence.
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  3. Gaaaaah you idiot!!! Si Yehan no baaaaaka!!! Baaaaabo!! Gaaaaaaah. Coax her, even if you have to stand there stiffly!!! Pat her in the head, hug her!!! Say sorry!!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaawd!! And what’s with this strange feeling that mengqi something biatch will come to bother Wanwan (╬☉д⊙)⊰⊹ฺ)

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  4. i disagree with nuffian (sry?!)
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    also we probaply still dont know all the bad Things he did he´s definitely a jerk!!!


  5. I imagine if Wan Wan said that it was SMQ who told her to come to the hospital to see a doctor. it will really destroy Sihan’s trust in SMQ. one stone and two birds.


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