100% Sweet Love

Chapter 68: You No Longer Have Any Chances

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

Mei: This time’s story arc is quite the roller coaster ride, so brace yourself!

Vsukio: Keep reading, people! I promise you, Si Yehan will get better!

Mei: …..or maybe not?

*Here comes the Big Devil*

Vsukio & Mei: Run for your lives—!!! ε=ᕕ( °□°)ᕗ

WARNING: This chapter contains slight abusive elements. Stay strong!

Ye Wan Wan was locked in after arriving at Jin Garden.

“KA DA—”

The sound of the door locking made her heart trembled, subconsciously, she tightened her grip on the wrapped medicine bag in her hands. After less than half a month, she had returned here once again.

Even if everything was within her grasp, it doesn’t change the fact, that she was still unable to contain the fear which had been deeply engraved onto her soul from being locked up in this familiar and luxurious bedroom. Her body could only learn to slowly eliminate it little by little.

Because of her 7 years of imprisonment, she was extremely afraid of the darkness, afraid of the quietness, yet in the end, because she had gotten accustomed to darkness, accustomed to deathly stillness, she started to fear the light, and feared the crowd.

The most dreadful thing is not getting confined, but rather, one day, even if she were given freedom, she’d be unable to mentally escape from her cage.

Despite coming back to life again, before the times where all those tragedies had occurred, regrettably, she still couldn’t escape from the traumatic memories and shadows of her past life.

Outside the door, a series of familiar footstep could be heard approaching from the distance, step by step, in the quiet empty space, it was abnormally clear and terrifying.

“Squeak—” Soon, the door was pushed open.

Seeing that extremely terrifying face, similar to a demon-like figure, caused Ye Wan Wan’s pupil to abruptly contract.

In a split second, the scene before her eyes and the memories from her past life completely overlapped…

The girl’s frightened expression was like poison, able to corrode a person’s conscience, making all of Si Yehan’s rationality and self-control instantly vanished into a puff of smoke.

In the next instance, Ye Wan Wan was thrown onto the bed by an enormous force, the bag which was clutched within her tight grip had collapsed and fell onto the ground.

Right when she was about to speak, her weak frail throat was forcefully and firmly clutched, making it more and more difficult for her to breath, causing her vitality to slowly seep out from her body.

When she finally regained her breath, her lips and tongue was forcefully bitten, immediately filling her mouth with the taste of blood…

“Wan Wan, I’ve said it before… This is the last time… So now, you no longer have any chances…”

Accompanied with these sentence of judgement, the man’s footsteps gradually distanced away, followed by the sound of the door locking.

Immediately after she was released, Ye Wan Wan started violently coughing, the bottom of her eyes didn’t contain the slightest trace of fear, only coldness and gloom remained.

The inner study was in a complete mess.

The huge empty space seemed to be covered by a chilliness, it was frosty and bitterly cold.

The man sitting in front of the table was no different from an old withered statue, ruthless and liable towards oppression, his countenance slowly eroding little by little, ultimately leaving only a small remnant of temperature.

In the midst of the deathly stillness, the sound of an urgent knocking on the door suddenly came.

“GET LOST——!!!”

The violent bellowing rage was so frightening, that the knocking on the door immediately came to a halt. But soon after, the knocking on the door returned, but sounded even more hurried and brief.

Because they didn’t receive any response, the person knocking on the door directly pushed the door open, then entered the room.

The situation within the room was far more horrifying and terrible than he had ever imagined. Seeing that extremely intimidating look, and those scarlet beast-like eyes, caused Xu Yi to become so terrified, his face lost all color.

However, the following matter is of the utmost importance, Master must be informed! Xu Yi forced himself to calm down, exhausted his whole strength before finally finding his own voice, then proceeded to inform in lightning speed.

“Ninth Master, I’ve personally checked things myself, Miss Ye truly didn’t go to school, but midway, made a detour to the Benevolence hospital…”

Clearly feeling the surrounding air becoming even colder, Xu Yi’s entire body was already drenched in a cold sweat.

“However, the surveillance video showed that, Miss Ye never visited the emergency room after arriving at the hospital, but instead, has registered for an old traditional Chinese medicine doctor in the outpatient service department…”

Out of fear that Si Yehan may not understand what the critical point was, Xu Yi intentionally added a sentence, “From the beginning till the end, Miss Ye hadn’t met up with Gu Yueze!”


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  1. Si Yehan’s heart must be so filled with regrets now. He better makes it up to her!

    It was kind of hard to read this chapter.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. So conflicted.

    Love this story.

    But domestic abuse!

    SY is kind of hot.

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    *sigh* Lu Tingxiao is such a more likeable ML


  3. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. Domestic abuse, so not okay. If this was real life and not a story, I would be helping dig SY’s grave. Hopefully, things get better. But to Mei and Vsukio, thank you so much! Keep working hard you got this!

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  4. Oh so scary!Will she be able to talk to him if he does apologize? So sad! Ye Han is so afraid of losing Wan Wan. He allows Mengqi to manipulate him.
    Thank you for bringing this novel to us.


  5. Xu Yi is our girl’s savior. One foot out of the grave YWW you must live on to escape from the devil’s clutches. Praise be to xy (until he returns to being a slimy spy who reports everything she does)

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    I hope when SYH starts to become healthier he’ll realize that he’s not treating YWW right.

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  8. Although it’s kind of impossible, I kind of hoped to see SYH turned regretful and guilty .
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