100% Sweet Love

Chapter 67: The Wolf Has Come

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Miaka_Mei & Vsukio

Vsukio: Mei, I just remembered something…

Mei: Hm, what?

Vsukio: A certain somebody once said something about how she wanted to be the permanent editor… (¬‿¬)

Mei: *wipes cold sweat* Ahaha… I wonder who…… (; ̄▽ ̄)┛

Vsukio: ……

Mei: Hush!! Nonsense! Adults don’t quibble about such trivial matters!

When the driver heard that Ye Wan Wan suddenly wanted to change destinations, he turned the steering wheel to advance towards Benevolence Hospital.

“Little lady, why did you suddenly change the destination to the hospital? Are you feeling unwell?” The driver felt uneasy, hence added another sentence to his question.

“No, it’s my boyfriend, he often suffers from insomnia, I heard that Benevolence hospital has an exceptional old doctor trained in Chinese medicine, who was rather skilled in treating insomnia, therefore, I wished to seek advice.”

“Oh, so it was like this. Little lady, your boyfriend is quite fortunate!” The driver repeatedly showered her with praises.

Ye Wan Wan smiled, no longer continuing to speak, she merely gazed indifferently outside of the window.

Soon, the car stopped at the gates of Benevolence hospital.

At this moment, Ye Wan Wan is in her original appearance, dressed in a pink one-piece dress, while standing there with her naturally born charming looks, she seemed very eye-catching.

Shen Mengqi, who had been hiding in a secret place since the very beginning, almost immediately found her.

When Shen Mengqi saw Ye Wan Wan in that enchanting appearance, the bottom of her eyes immediately flashed a tread of overcast shadow, however, seeing her actions of obediently showing up, just as she expected, immediately filled her face with disdain.

So what if she was born with greater beauty? She’s nothing more than a mere blockhead! In the end, she’s still being played into running around in circles by her.

It was only until Shen Mengqi closely watched Ye Wan Wan enter the Benevolence hospital, did her heart finally feel at ease, taking out her cellphone, she then sent Si Yehan a text message: [Mr.Si, if you don’t mind me asking, is Wan Wan with you now? Just a moment ago, I felt a bit unwell, so I’ve decided to go to the hospital. But just then, unexpectedly, I saw someone who looked very much like Ye Wan Wan. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was really her, so I tried calling her, but the call didn’t go through. I’m a bit worried, she’s not sick, is she?]

She’s certainly not stupid enough to directly incite disharmony between them, but she can still lead Si Yehan to discover things on his own.

Though she hates to admit it, there’s no denying that Si Yehan genuinely cares for Ye Wan Wan, if he knew that Ye Wan Wan had gotten sick, he would definitely come to the hospital to go look for her.

When the time comes…

While his heart fills with worry as he goes off looking for her, but in the end, to see Ye Wan Wan and Gu Yueze being lovey-dovey with each other…

Such a scene, will certainly be very amusing……

After she finished sending out this message, Shen Mengqi left, just like how she had originally planned.

Hehe, that dumbass Ye Wan Wan was still considering her as her best friend, even till death, that idiot wouldn’t even come close to ever finding this out!

However, Shen Mengqi would have probably never dreamed that unexpectedly, outside of the window from the second floor of the hospital, that Ye Wan Wan, from the beginning till the end, was able to see her from her hiding spot. Her earlier actions of stealthily taking out her cellphone, sending out a text message, and leaving with a face full of content, had all been seen.

As Ye Wan Wan stood by the window, her lips slowly hooked, he~, of course she’d take the time to come to the hospital, only after seeing her appear here, would Shen Mengqi think of herself as clever and inform Si Yehan, thus, continuing to incite friction and conflicts.

Everybody knows the story of ‘The Wolf Has Come’, where nothing happened the first and second time. But what if there was a third or fourth time? As her attempts of stirring up discord keeps on failing, even if what she said was actually the truth next time, Si Yehan would no longer believe in her.

(E/N: If it isn’t obvious, the story of “The Wolf is Coming” that Ye Wan Wan is referring to, is “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.)

And what she wants, is exactly this outcome.

At this moment, in the ancestral home’s little garden.

Since the moment Ye Wan Wan’s left, Si Yehan had been sitting in the same spot, unmoved, that was, until the cellphone on the table suddenly sounded a vibration, displaying the text message that Shen Mengqi had sent over.

The sound of the ringing entering Xu Yi’s ears was no different than the sound of death.

When Si Yehan finished sweeping through the contents of the text message, his ice-cold face didn’t contain the slightest trace of warmth, nor a change in his mood, it was as if all emotions have been engulfed by that black hole like eyes.

Xu Yi shot a glance at Shen Mengqi’s text message, then looked back at Si Yehan’s reaction. In the end, he was still unable to make any guesses.

Not knowing how long the dreadful silence persisted, Si Yehan picked up his cellphone, then dialed a number, “Where are you.”

Seeing Si Yehan’s actions of speed dialing, made Xu Yi realized that he was calling Ye Wan Wan’s number, immediately causing his face to turn more ashen.

At this moment, no matter if Ye Wan Wan tells the truth or a lie, it’s already irredeemable.

Only Ye Wan Wan’s leading answer from the cellphone could be heard, “Well, that’s, I had a small matter, midway went to the Benevolence hospital, because I…” Not waiting for her to finish speaking, a cold voice suddenly interrupted her, “Return to Jin Garden. This instance.”

(E/N: If you’re confused why the call sounds so weird, it’s because the entire conversation can’t be heard.)

After ending the phone call, Si Yehan glanced towards Xu Yi, his gaze was chilly and unfeeling, “Go investigate.”

Xu Yi stared blankly for a moment, then hurriedly nodded to accept the order.

With things already reaching till this point, Ye Wan Wan probably realized that she could no longer conceal things anymore. Even though she has already admitted to it, Master still refuses to believe, and now, he actually still wants to investigate?


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Mei: That Xu Yi, he’s asking for a slap, isn’t he?

6 thoughts on “Chapter 67: The Wolf Has Come

  1. “Even though she has already admitted to it, Master still refuses to believe, he still wanted to make investigation?”
    Is Si Yehan already 100% certain that Wan Wan betrayed him and just wants proof to throw in her face or does he have a small suspicion that Wan Wan is not guilty of the crime that he thinks she has done?

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. ah, the suspense is killing me! I just want the guilt to be cleared and this dumb menqi gone. I almost said “erased”, but with this being a yandere novel, that might be too realistic ^^|| We can see her peacefully disappear, can’t we?


  3. I hope she proves him wrong, thanks for the translating x
    Also, not going to lie, she already knows how he feels about the other guy and her meeting but it just feels like she’s provoking him by even going there. She could have went the next day or even gave full explaination why she’s going there to make him trust her more.

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