100% Sweet Love

Chapter 66: Calm Before the Storm

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Miaka_Mei & Vsukio

Vsukio: The perks of being an editor is that I get to face-slap the translator’s translations, heh.

Mei: This is among the chapter where I got a lot, as in A LOT of face-slapping from my editor… *Hides in shame*

Vsukio: It’s for educational purposes. EHEHEHEHE :))

After Ye Wan Wan said that she wanted to return by herself, Si Yehan’s black hole-like eyes immediately became gloomier, as if the darkness within the bottom of his eyes would burst out in the next second, as if all this was merely a fleeting, making people think that it was just an illusion.

Seeing him not speaking, Ye Wan Wan treated it as tacit approval. While appearing completely ignorant, she walked in front of Si Yehan, then kissed him on the cheek, “Well then, I’ll be going! I’ll go talk with Grandma first!”

Then she merrily walked towards the house.

Almost immediately after Ye Wan Wan left the courtyard, Si Yehan’s body released a bone-chilling coldness and ruthless aura, the originally quiet and peaceful small garden turned into a purgatory in a split second, chilled wind burst forth, a raging desire to wreak havoc.

At this moment, Xu Yi was terribly devastated.

He kept praying, praying that Ye Wan Wan wouldn’t make a fool of herself, wouldn’t be stupid, wouldn’t make a fool of herself, wouldn’t be stupid… But in the end, he saw with his own eyes, how she had rushed towards the road of death…

This stupid woman, sure enough, she still went to look for Gu Yueze! She even thinks that she’s clever, believing that master doesn’t know anything, basically making him no different than a fool!

Xu Yi’s forehead overflowed with cold sweat, trembling with fear, “Ninth… Ninth Master… do you want to obstruct…”

Si Yehan withdrew his gaze from the girl’s retreating figure, as he unhurriedly closed his eyes, the surrounding dreadful air was forcibly disconnected from the moment he closed his eyes.

The surrounding was similar to a deathly stillness.

Although Si Yehan didn’t give any commands, Xu Yi didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking.

At the same time, inside the living room.

The Old Madame was aware that Ye Wan Wan was leaving, with her face showing unwillingness to part, it goes without saying that she was quite fond of this girl, during these past two days as she observed the changes in her grandson, she naturally became more satisfied with Ye Wan Wan.

“Wan Wan, Grandma knows that little Ninth has an eccentric temper, and his temperament isn’t quite good, but in fact, he doesn’t wish for this himself, I suppose you’re probably already aware that little Ninth’s ability to sleep is also somewhat problematic.

Think about it, if a person is often unable to sleep, they would ended up suffering in pain, so this condition will inevitably cause some side effects.

But since little Ninth fell in love with you, I could see that his state has gotten much better, even his temper became very lukewarm.

Wan Wan, Grandma is truly grateful to you, thank you for showing tolerance and patience towards little Ninth. Next time if that smelly boy confusedly bullies you, just tell grandma anytime, grandma will definitely support you!”

“Thank you, grandma!”

Hearing the words of the Old Madame showing goodwill, while confiding her with the utmost sincerity, made Ye Wan Wan’s heart feel deeply moved.

However, regardless of how highly respected the status of this legendary person is, at present, she was only an ordinary grandmother.

But it’s a pity, this grandma wholeheartedly believed that she and Si Yehan was a couple who are truly in love, but unknowingly, her relationship with Si Yehan was like a bubble, with just one wrong touch, it could promptly break down.

Because Ye Wan Wan insisted on not causing any inconveniences, in the end, she still left by calling for a ride.

In the eyes of the Old Madame, such actions would have seemed sensible, but in the eyes of Xu Yi, she seemed itching to shake them off in order to go to the hospital to look for Gu Yueze.

If it was in the past, Si Yehan wouldn’t have allowed her to return to school by herself, but this time, nevertheless, he was completely indulging her on everything.

As Si Yehan continues to indulge her in such ways, instead, it caused Xu Yi to tremble more in fear.

Right now, Si Yehan was completely ‘the calm before the storm’.

If in this instance, master gave the command to snatch the person back, it would make things a lot easier, than waiting for the consequences to come once the person gets caught red-handed……

This time… I’m afraid that Ye Wan Wan is really finished! Truth is, he had truly cherished the memories of the peaceful life during these past few days, it’s such a pity, that it was naught but an illusion.

On the other side, Ye Wan Wan’s car had already departed quite the distance away.

After arriving at the fork of the road, Ye Wan Wan suddenly spoke, “Sir, don’t go to Qing He high school, change the route to Benevolence hospital! ”


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  1. I don’t mind a bumpy ride if Shen Mengqi and the Ye family and friends get their just deserts.
    Thank you for the novel translation . Because of you and your team we get to ride this roller coaster with Wan Wan and all of her wacky deviant companions.

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