100% Sweet Love

Chapter 64: To Tear Off One’s Disguise?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: Finally~ A new transition of the story arc, different from the usual fluff, nor SYH’s sleep disorder, so it begins NOW.

Vsukio: It looks like my translating days are over, now, my masochi– I mean editing days are back. Newly translated chapters, please be kind to me. _(┐「ε:)_

Mo Xuan gazed at Ye Wan Wan intently, “Since Ninth master has already fallen asleep, I’ll be leaving in advance.”

Not noticing Mo Xuan’s strangeness, Ye Wan Wan nodded, “Okay.”

After Mo Xuan left, Ye Wan Wan continued to accompany Si Yehan for half an hour, after determining that he was fast asleep, she then returned back to her own bedroom.

The next day.

By the courtyard under the flower pergola, Si Yehan was sitting there while dealing with official business, whereas Ye Wan Wan was leaning forward beside him while doing her homework. As the two were doing their own work, it looked exceptionally warm and harmonious.

(E/N: pergola = an arched structure in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with climbing or trailing plants.)

Probably because he had a good sleep last night, Si Yehan had been in a very good mood all day. Even though a servant had carelessly and accidently spilled water on his documents, he didn’t get angry. Slightly knitting his brows, he waved for the servant to leave, then made Xu Yi prepare another copy of the documents.

That servant which had gotten into trouble, staggered off while looking bewildered.

Xu Yi printed out another document, carefully handed it over to Si Yehan, then resumed to quietly stand behind him.

During these past two days, Xu Yi was rather confused. Seeing Ye Wan Wan acting very well-behaved made him start to doubt whether or not she was possessed by something.

Not only that, but even the Old Madame was quite satisfied with her. Everything that he has been worried about, never even happened.

Maybe he’s just thinking too much?

The ringing of a cell phone suddenly sounded.

Xu Yi subconsciously looked towards the table, and saw that the ringing was coming from Ye Wan Wan’s cell phone. The caller ID showed… Shen Mengqi’s name!

Seeing this name, caused Xu Yi’s heart to suddenly give rise to an ominous premonition…

Ye Wan Wan quickly finished her homework for all but one of the subject. Just as she was struggling on whether or not to challenge Math, she was suddenly interrupted by a phone call.

When she saw the caller ID, her eyes flashed a faint light.

Shen Mengqi…

If she remembers correctly, in her past life, Shen Mengqi had also called her around this time. It was to notify her about Gu Yueze getting into a car accident.

In this lifetime, Shen Mengqi didn’t know about her going to the ancestral home, but she still called her at this time…

But it’s understandable, after all, she can change what happens at the ancestral home, but Gu Yueze getting into a car accident is nevertheless unchangeable.

With such a good opportunity to incite discord, Shen Mengqi would naturally not let it go, so she called her just like she did in her past life.

“Mengqi is calling, I’m going to go answer the phone!” Once Ye Wan Wan told Si Yehan, she walked towards a distant place under a shade of a tree.

When Si Yehan looked towards Ye Wan Wan’s back, his gaze turned gloomy.

A few seconds after Ye Wan Wan walked away, Xu Yi’s phone also rang.

It wasn’t certain what the person from the other end of the phone had said, but once Xu Yi heard their words, his complexion instantly pales, looking as if the world was about to end.

After a long while, Xu Yi finally hung up the phone. As he anxiously looked towards Si Yehan, he hesitated to speak.

Si Yehan was obviously aware of Xu Yi’s peculiarities. With a gaze filled with a terrible sense of oppression and onslaught, “Speak.”

Xu Yi’s entire body was shaking, trembling with fear as he spoke, “This subordinate… Just…. Just received some news, they said that, Gu Yueze had just gotten into a car accident, and it seems very serious, he’s currently at the hospital and is being rescued…”

Xu Yi was utterly afraid and doesn’t dare to continue speaking.

The thing he had been most worried about for a long time has finally happened, moreover, with the situation being much more worse than he had ever imagined!

It’s very likely that the phone call Ye Wan Wan had just received from Shen Mengqi is to inform her about this matter.

With Gu Yueze being so seriously injured, how could Ye Wan Wan not want to go and see him? I’m afraid that once she hears the news, it’ll tear up any disguises!


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Mei: The brief ending of a sweet lovely romance, the beginning of a nightmare, and the dark clouds floats by…. *plays horror song*

Vsukio: Better prepare your hearts because things are about to get real!

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    1. Overcoming obstacles in life is normal, and SMQ is one of that obstacle in YWW’s life. Aren’t readers here to read and enjoy how YWW lives her struggle, besides to indulge in YWW/SYH’s fluffy moments?


      1. i understand that people struggle, but shenqi is old news. we need to let wan wan experience new struggles.
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      2. Here’s the thing, SMQ is one of the main villains in YWW’s life and she hadn’t managed to start on her revenge yet.

        YWW already mentioned she can’t make much of a move on her, yet, since it’d affect her relationship with her brother. But she’s trying to make SYH lose all trust on SMQ. FYI, these have all been revealed on previous chapters.

        And yes. In the future chapters, there’ll be many many future struggles in her life, particularly in her careers. Which is fantastic!


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