100% Sweet Love

Chapter 65: Playing Along with Her

TL’ed by Miaka_Mei

Edited by Vsukio

There’ll be no updates on the 4th & 5th.

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Ye Wan Wan wasn’t anxious, after letting the phone ring for a good while, she unhurriedly answered the call, “Hello?”

“Wan Wan! Why haven’t you answered your phone up until now? Where are you now? School? No matter where you are, quickly come to Benevolence Hospital! Young master Gu had an accident!” Shen Mengqi’s urgent voice sounded through the phone.

Sure enough, the message that Shen Mengqi relayed was exactly what she had expected.

Ye Wan Wan gently caressed the side of her rosy cheek, raising her brows while acting surprised, “An accident?

“Yes, I’ve just received news that young master Gu had just gotten into a car accident, moreover, it was also reported that he was seriously injured! He’s currently in the emergency room, the doctor said his life is in danger! If you don’t want to regret for the rest of your life, quickly come over as soon as possible!” Shen Mengqi’s tone sounded very assured, if Ye Wan Wan hears this news, she would certainly disregard everything and would likely rush over.

Lately, Ye Wan Wan’s attitude towards Gu Yueze has suddenly turned cold, it made her feel very uneasy, so this was considered a God-send opportunity.

In the past, even if a piece of skin were to break off from Gu Yueze’s hand, she would make a fuss, she believed that Ye Wan Wan would definitely get flustered from this kind of accident.

As if afraid that Ye Wan Wan wouldn’t take the bait, Shen Mengqi added a little fire, “Wan Wan, young master Gu’s car accident seems a bit strange, in broad daylight, the car aimed directly for his body, as if it was deliberate, just who exactly did he offended? But, what kind of people would have such big guts, to even dare to touch the eldest young master of the Gu family?”

This is clearly implying that Gu Yueze’s car accident is related to Si Yehan…

If this could incidentally cause the misunderstanding between Ye Wan Wan and Si Yehan to go deeper, then this would be evidently excellent.

Inwardly, listening to this made Ye Wan Wan sneer repeatedly, although some things in this lifetime are different, but the standard method of Shen Mengqi hasn’t changed, it was exactly this sentence that had instigated disharmony and provoked Ye Wan Wan, causing her to fiercely argue with Si Yehan in her previous life.

In fact, this accident relating to Gu Yueze was just a simple traffic accident.

Only later does this matter become cleared, but at that time, Shen Mengqi only gave her those ambiguous hints, there was no mentioning of Si Yehan, thus, she wouldn’t have suspected that Shen Mengqi was deliberately leading her into misunderstanding by saying these words, her mind was only focusing on Gu Yueze’s accident and cutting off her relationship with Si Yehan.

Shen Mengqi wholeheartedly persuaded her for quite a while, until finally, Ye Wan Wan lazily answered back a single sentence, “OK. I got it.”

Then she immediately hung up the phone.

After hanging up, Ye Wan Wan smilingly glanced at the phone, with a smile yet not a smile.

At this moment, Shen Mengqi was definitely squatting somewhere at the hospital, waiting anxiously to grab hold of the evidence of her actions in overstepping boundaries, then secretly informing Si Yehan, so that he would catch the couple in the act, this had been her stratagem all along.

(T/L: overstepping boundaries = to have an affair)

He~, since Shen Mengqi boasts about how highly intelligent she is, and how she could toy with her in the palm of her hands, she might as well accompany her… in playing along with her…

After she finished answering Shen Mengqi’s call, Ye Wan Wan went back to the flower pergola.

As she was tidying up the textbooks above the desk, Ye Wan Wan smiled and looked at Si Yehan, “Darling, it’s getting late, there’s class tomorrow, so I’ll go back to school!”

Seeing Ye Wan Wan deciding to return after finishing her call, Si Yehan’s complexion didn’t seem to have any changes, gazing at the girl in front him with a dim gaze, it was as if those bottomless eyes contained a horrifying black hole, able to engulf any light.

“Really?” He faintly uttered.

If it was the previous Ye Wan Wan, she probably wouldn’t have been able to detect Si Yehan’s abnormalities, but at this moment, Ye Wan Wan is naturally aware that there was something wrong with Si Yehan’s attitude. She judged that Si Yehan had most likely found out about everything, thinking that she would rush to the hospital to see Gu Yueze.

However, she is likely completely unaware of his peculiarities, packing up her school bag, she nonchalantly replied, “Erm, since you’re busy and still have work to do, you don’t need to trouble yourself in sending me off, it’s better if I just go back on my own!”


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Mei: Stay strong, Wan Wan! *gulps*

I’m guessing that Wan Wan had planned how to deal with SMQ all along… and there’s a reason why she used such indirect way.

Vsukio: Looks like the play is about to begin.


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    1. I remember her brother being charmed and her not wanting to strain their relationship, I think? 🤔 That’s my two cents on the matter anyway.


  1. i’ll take your editing job, however, have you anything other than tears. i already have plenty of tears of my own, it’s how i go to sleep at night when i realize there’ll be no updates on the 4th and 5th

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  2. Now that Wan Wan can use her past memories this story is so sweet. Shen Mengqi is so not ready for this new improved version. Let’s see what happens next
    Thank you for all that goes into making the novel come to life right in front of our eyes


  3. Damn…. I regret not waiting for a while longer before reading this story through….. >.<



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