100% Sweet Love

Chapter 63: Amazing

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: Yes yes, it’s another sweet ordinary chapter. LMAO… Wan Wan unintentionally face-slapped a certain doctor. Yep, he’s definitely ‘amazing’.

If Ye Wan Wan’s bedroom could be compared to an extravagant idol drama, then Si Yehan’s bedroom would probably look more like a scene from a thriller, after all, it’s not much different from his dark gloomy bedroom in Jin Garden.

When Ye Wan Wan went in the bedroom, she found that there was already someone waiting inside.

It was Si Yehan’s personal doctor, Mo Xuan.

Seeing that the two had entered, Mo Xuan immediately stood upright, “Ninth master, Miss Ye.”

Si Yehan has long been accustomed to seeing Mo Xuan appear in his room, with a deadpan expression, he walked towards his bedside.

Following behind Si Yehan, Ye Wan Wan was hesitating, unsure whether to continue her steps, “Umm, wouldn’t having me here disturb you?”

She knew that when Si Yehan undergoes hypnosis, no one was allowed to disturb him.

Mo Xuan shot a glance at Ye Wan Wan. In theory, it would certainly be disturbing, after all, when performing hypnosis, everything must be complete sealed off, no audiences could be at close proximity.

However, in regards of his speculations from this evening, plus with Ye Wan Wan being personally brought here by Si Yehan, he naturally didn’t dare to drive her out. Opening his mouth to speak, “Let’s try it first.”

“Oh.” Ye Wan Wan then nodded.

As Si Yehan lied on the bed, he instantly frowned when seeing that she was still standing far away.

Ye Wan Wan was conflicted, after all, Si Yehan had just said that he’d let her accompany him. In the end, she didn’t have a good grasp of how he wanted her to “accompany” him, moreover, with Mo Xuan still being here, she found it to be rather embarrassing. Did he want her to directly lie on top of the bed with him?

“Come here.” While Ye Wan Wan was still hemming and hawing, the patience of a certain Big Devil has finally run out.

Finally aware of his dangerous state, Ye Wan Wan no longer gave in any more thought, then scurried over and sat on the edge of the bedside.

In the next instant, she suddenly felt her waist tightened. As soon as the man’s long arms extended and took a hold of her, he took advantage of the opportunity and placed his head onto her stomach.

As Ye Wan Wan leaned against the bed, with her waist being treated as a pillow, she didn’t dare to make any movement.

While Mo Xuan was occupied with preparing his task for the hypnosis, he was shocked when he saw Ye Wan Wan’s change in attitude.

In the past, Ye Wan Wan knew how terrifying Si Yehan could be, however, she was still stubbornly insisting on her own ideas. There was never a time when she admitted defeat.

I hope this woman has really thought things through, and doesn’t have any improper thoughts, otherwise, she’ll be left with no choice but to endure the hardships that she caused herself.

From a spectator’s point of view, he knew that in spite of Si Yehan disregarding the girl’s will, it was certainly wrong to keep her by his side, but to discuss what’s right and wrong with a death god that had climbed out of hell, who didn’t even have any human emotions? That in itself is a mistake.

Soon, everything was finally ready.

Mo Xuan walked to the edge of the bedside: “Ninth master, you can start.”

There was no response from Si Yehan on the bed.

“Ninth master?” Mo Xuan called out again.

Si Yehan still didn’t answer.

When Ye Wan Wan saw that Si Yehan’s eyes were closed and was soundly asleep, she then informs Mo Xuan, “This… Ninth master seems to have fallen asleep, Doctor Mo, you’re quite amazing!”


Mo Xuan was silent for a long time. His expression was invariably fluctuating, like a revolving merry-go-round, he was completely speechless.

What’s amazing? He obviously didn’t do anything yet?!

Staring blankly at Si Yehan, Mo Xuan then noticed that not only did he really fall asleep, but he was also sleeping very soundly. Even though someone was talking right next to him, he still didn’t wake up. Mo Xuan was greatly baffled.

Could it be that there’s really a connection between this woman and how Si Yehan is able to naturally sleep?

Why hasn’t it been discovered before?

Moreover, Ye Wan Wan is obviously just sitting there and doing nothing else?


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  1. That aside, they might have to figure out the exact reason for Master Ninth falling asleep or they will never get sexy time XD
    Thanks for your translation~


  2. oh dear lord, so much sweetness in this chapter. i don’t think i’ll be able to handle it later when they open up more XD


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