100% Sweet Love

Chapter 62: Why Haven’t You Come Accompany Me Yet?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei & Vsukio

Mei: It’s another cute lovely chapter… Ehuhu ❤⃛ヾ(๑´▿ `๑ )

This… What’s with this childish tone… What’s going on!?

Feeling a warm breath reaching her neck, and hearing his lazy voice which carried a faint trace of sleepiness that sounded in her ears, Ye Wan Wan turned completely stiff.

Si Yehan is actually acting like a spoiled brat?

Not knowing whether it’s because she was startled stupid, or it’s because this image of Si Yehan made it impossible to say no to, she subconsciously nodded.

When she finally managed to respond, Si Yehan had already stood up and went back.

After returning, a servant immediately came up to greet them, “Ninth young master, Miss Ye, the Old Madame has already specially ordered us to prepare a room for Miss Ye. Does Miss Ye want to rest now? If so, I can lead you there!”

Confused, she totally couldn’t grasp what had just happened a moment ago. Having to had already agreed to Si Yehan that she would accompany him, she simply glanced at him and said, “Let me put my things away first, as soon as I finish taking a bath, I’ll come and find you.”

Si Yehan’s mood wasn’t very good since he hadn’t fully rested, but he still complied, “En.”

Thus, under the guidance of the maid, Ye Wan Wan entered a room that was on the second floor facing the south.

“Here it is. Miss Ye, please come in.” The maid pushed the door open.

Once the door was opened, Ye Wan Wan literally froze in shock.

The entire room was covered in pink. Pink bed sheet and covers, pink window curtain and carpets, the bedside was also designed into a small crown shape, and there was even a dreamlike canopy curtain at the top of the bed. It was simply too surreal and girly.

In her past life, she had deeply misunderstood the Old Madame. She had originally thought that the Old Madame was assisting Si Yehan in his evil deeds, however, she didn’t expect that she had truly considered her as her future granddaughter-in-law, rather than those unruly women who mingles around. Because she and Si Yehan were in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship for the time being, a separate room was prepared for her to sleep alone in. For the Old Madame to spend so much thought on her, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she was treating her like her own granddaughter.

It’s only a pity that her former self never had the chance to see this before, she was too busy causing trouble and breaking up in discord.

“Miss, are you satisfied with the room? If there’s something which isn’t to your liking, we can change it right away.” The maid probed with fear and trepidation.

(T/N: In fear and trepidation = in reverence before Your Majesty)

Ye Wan Wan soon came back to her senses, “Don’t bother, I love it! Please help me give my thanks to grandma!”

When the maid heard what was said, she let out a sigh of relief, “Then Miss Ye, have an early rest, if you need anything else, just give me a ring at any time.”

“Yes, thank you.” Ye Wan Wan nodded.

Clothes and other amenities were already available in the room.

Taking a lovely pink nightgown from the closet, Ye Wan Wan entered the bathroom to clean herself.

Of course, girls often have a relatively slow wash, so by the time she had finished bathing, more than half an hour had already passed.

While wiping her hair, she pushed the bathroom door open, and saw that Si Yehan was sitting on top of the exceptionally dreamy and girly princess bed. She wasn’t sure how long he had been waiting.

Ye Wan Wan was momentarily stunned, then hastily spoke, “Let me finish blow drying my hair and putting on my basic skin care products, I’ll be done soon…”

Seeing that Si Yehan didn’t say anything, Ye Wan Wan then sat by the dresser and began blow drying her hair.

In the meantime, Si Yehan has been quietly sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for her to finish. Watching her blow dry her hair with the hair dryer, watching her pat water onto her face, watching her apply essence and skincare products, eye cream and facial cream… His eyes never moved away from her.

As Ye Wan Wan secretly glanced towards the man from the mirror, she inevitably felt a bit helpless.

She vaguely felt that Si Yehan’s face was plainly expressing: Why haven’t you come accompany me yet…

Ye Wan Wan sped up, randomly wiped her face, then packed up bottles and jars, “All right, let’s go!”


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Mei: They haven’t married yet and he’s already this possessive, looking at her like a hawk, as if watching its prey……. Why are so cute la, Si Yehan~~



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  1. Sweeter than the cupcake that I just ate~
    I wish there was a scene where Si Yehan brushes Wan Wan’s hair or helps her with her makeup. (。◕‿‿◕。)

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. I’m so glad their relationship has improved somewhat
    She’s no longer freezing and having to really carefully think about what she says/does around him like in the beginning. It’s not totally automatic and intimate yet but they’re getting there : D


  3. Omg. I just imagined what would happen to Wan Wan in the future if she gives birth to a baby boy then that little Ye Han in the future would be just like his dad…it feels like it’s gonna be super moe🌚💕😂😂😂😂 thaaaaank you so much for the chapter!!


  4. Thank you for this translation. Grandma has set up a bedroom for her . And Ye Han has been waiting for her to come out of the bath.


  5. It’s like a child waiting for his mom to accompany him to sleep…Hahaha
    Sorry baby boy.. mom still have to beautify herself.. 😂 so cute!!!!
    Thanks for the chapter!

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