100% Sweet Love

Chapter 61: These Fragments of Starlight

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei & Vsukio

Mei: I’m sooo sorry for being late! If I could, I wouldn’t want to! I had several failures during my lab and hell… the WiFi was all over! I regretted not making an earlier scheduled chapter….. Oh yeah. Vsukio had black-out at her house. Ahahaha why oh why!

Ye Wan Wan wasn’t aware of the Old Madame and Mo Xuan’s speculations, all she knew was that Si Yehan’s condition wasn’t as serious as it was seven years later.

Seeing this sleeping man who seemed unusually harmless, and didn’t exude the slightest trace of his usual terrifying aura, she was finally able to calm herself down.

While Si Yehan was sleeping, Ye Wan Wan fished out her cell phone to enquire about the latest entertainment news and gossips.

The entertainment circle is ever changing with each passing day, in just a few months, people could easily be replaced, not to mention seven years later.

In addition to the evildoer Xie Zhezhi, who has been popular since the beginning of his debut, most of the tremendously popular celebrities from seven years later are currently not well-known, so much so that they haven’t even joined the circle yet.

As of now, the Ye corporation controlled half of the countries entertainment circle, with most of the big shots gathering under the banner of Huang Tian entertainment. Seven years later, the majority of those emperor and empresses who hit it big are entertainers who had signed a contract with Huang Tian entertainment.

If… she could possibly snatch those not-yet-rising superstars under her own wing from Huang Tian entertainment and the other brokerage firms beforehand, she’ll be able to do half the work, with twice the effect!

(T/N: half the work, twice the effect = the right approach saves effort and leads to better results)

(E/N: Brokerage firm= Financial institution that facilitates the buying and selling of financial securities between a buyer and a seller. Brokerage firms serve a clientele of investors who trade public stocks and other securities, usually through the firm’s agent stockbrokers.)

When thinking of this, her eyes instantly sparkled with an unusual, and almost insupportable luster. Her mind started to recall all the information related to entertainers whom she could possibly consider digging up.

(T/N: digging up = recruiting someone to one’s side)

In her past life, during those days of imprisonment, the only way she could kill time was by watching the entertainment news. She watched how Ye Yiyi seized the Ye home, seized her fiancé, and enjoyed everything that had originally belonged to her.

At this moment, all of those originally useless entertainment news and celebrity gossip from her past life had become her most valuable database.

Artists who already has powerful backers and formidable background were basically not considered, after all, they’ll surely choose the strongest platform to cooperate with. Their roads and future has long been paved, it isn’t something she could easily change.

However, those without connections nor background, started with a small company, and used their own strengths and talent to become renowned artists, are the people whom she’s aiming for. Before they become popular, she must snare them beforehand until they’re placed under her own banner!

The premise of all this is that she must first create her own entertainment company.

Only until Si Yehan expresses complete trust to her, and gives her a certain degree of freedom, will she finally be able to start looking for opportunities to implement her plans.

Now that she has a lot of things she needed to do, she must seize each and every second to learn about relevant professional knowledge, recall and integrate all the data of the rising stars within the next seven years, then find a way to raise a start-up fund to set up the company.

After having settled a specific goal in mind, Ye Wan Wan was now filled with zeal and enthusiasm. It was as if the dense fog blocking her front, making her confused and indecisive, had suddenly disappeared.

Upon waking up, Si Yehan slowly opens his eyes and was greeted by the girl’s bright moon-like and dazzling little face, her pair of pitch-black eyes was like the flowing milky way, with countless of stars twinkling, it looked unimaginably beautiful.

He couldn’t help but to reach out his slender fingers to touch the fragments of starlight above…

While Ye Wan Wan was focusing on making her plans, her eyelids suddenly felt a bit itchy. Not knowing when, she unexpectedly discovered that Si Yehan had already woken up! Hastily lifting her head, she exclaimed, “You’re awake!”

“What are you doing?” Because he had just woken up, the man’s voice was slightly hoarse.

“I didn’t want to bother you while you were sleeping, so I was looking through my phone. Are you still feeling sleepy? Do you want to go back inside to sleep? If you sleep here, you’ll catch a cold.” Ye Wan Wan asked.

After listening to the girl’s concerns, the man couldn’t help but to look somewhat startled. With the blanket still covering his arms, he took the girl into his bosom, and nestled his head onto her neck, very much like a big cat, “Will you accompany me?”


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 61: These Fragments of Starlight

  1. If she carefully plans and avoids having too many conflicts with others she may be able to get his support for the building of a good financial base.This sleep thing is something she will have to continue. Is she ready for what it means? We will see
    Thank you for this novel


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