100% Sweet Love

Chapter 59: How Did He Fall Asleep?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Butler Zhong is the Old Madame’s trusted aide, so he naturally knew about his young master’s abnormal disease. At this moment, he was also surprised, “Old Madame, this…”

Looking completely bewildered, the Old Madame gently and cautiously walked in front of the two.

When Ye Wan Wan saw the Old Madame, she subconsciously wanted to get up, but due to Si Yehan leaning on her, she was unable to do so, “Grandma…”

As the Old Madame drew closer, she stared at the two with a complicated gaze. Seeing that her grandson still didn’t show any reaction, “Wan Wan… Little Ninth, he…”

Ye Wan Wan was worried about a certain person who gets moody after getting up. Just now, she didn’t dare to wake him up, but since the Old Madame had already arrived, she gently pushed the person beside her, “Si Yehan, wake up… wake up…”

After suddenly getting pushed, the man who was originally in a deep sleep, immediately wrinkled his beautiful brows. His previous calm and mild expression appeared as if it was covered by a haze, looking visibly dissatisfied.

Because the Old Madame was too excited from seeing her grandson’s sleeping face, it took a while before she finally came back to her senses, “Don’t… Wan Wan, don’t call out to him, let him sleep for a while! This child usually sleeps too little…”

When Ye Wan Wan saw Si Yehan’s frowning brows, she became so flustered that her tiny heart trembled. She certainly doesn’t dare to touch the Devil’s inverse scale, but after hearing what was said, she gradually relaxed. As she instinctively reached out her hand to caress his hair, she started to sooth him just like how she did once before. In a soft tone, she asked, “Is there a blanket? With him sleeping like this, I’m afraid he may catch a cold.”

(E/N: inverse scale = bottom line// vulnerable spot)

“Yes. Yes. We do have some. Old Zhong, quickly go fetch one.” The Old Madame hurriedly ordered.


Butler Zhong quickly brought over a soft and woolen grey blanket.

“Thank you, Uncle Zhong!” Ye Wan Wan took the blanket and covered up Si Yehan.

Si Yehan was gradually appeased, as his wrinkled brows slowly smoothed out, he then returned to his previous state of being soundly asleep.

Afraid of disturbing her grandson, the Old Madame sent Ye Wan Wan a meaningful wink, then quietly left with Butler Zhong.

The Old Madame actually didn’t go far. How long Si Yehan slept for was how long she had stood there. Looking at her grandson’s sleeping face, the rim of her eyes had quickly turned red.

“Old Zhong, get Xu Yi, and also Doctor Mo to come over!”

“Yes, Old Madame.” Once Old Butler Zhong received her orders, he immediately called them over.

Mo Xuan and Xu Yi were both present in the ancestral home. After being summoned, followed by Butler Zhong, they hurriedly came over to the courtyard.

“Old Madame, did you call for me?” Mo Xuan was a bit puzzled, isn’t the Old Madame supposed to be seeing her future granddaughter-in-law? What does she need me for this time?

Xu Yi was equally as puzzled.

The Old Madame severely stared at Mo Xuan, “You’ve told me before that little Ninth’s current condition has been very serious, the hypnosis has been continuously failing, and he hasn’t been able to sleep consecutively for several days, correct?”

At the mention of this critical matter, Mo Xuan nodded, his expression slightly hardened, “Yes.”

The Old Madame pointed to a certain place, “Then tell me, just what’s going on?”

Mo Xuan’s gaze thoughtlessly followed the direction that the Old Madame was pointing at, there, he unexpectedly saw that Si Yehan was leaning on Ye Wan Wan’s shoulder, seemingly appearing sound asleep.

Mo Xuan literally froze in shock, “This…”

“I’ve already checked, and so far, after observing for a while, he has already slept for half an hour!” The Old Madame exclaimed.

Mo Xuan became even more surprised. Si Yehan was actually able to fall asleep without hypnosis?

At the side, Xu Yi was also startled.

“How did the Ninth young master fall asleep?” Mo Xuan asked in a restlessly eager manner.


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    1. It Wan WAn all the way. She eases his mind so he can relax enough to sleep if he needs to.And He knows it better than anyone.
      Thank you. This is awesome. We are so lucky to have you translate for us.

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