100% Sweet Love

Chapter 58: Falling Asleep

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Ye Wan Wan felt that she was definitely thinking too much!

However, no matter what’s wrong with him, to continue holding onto him isn’t so bad since she wouldn’t need to worry about not keeping up with him.

With this place being so huge, she didn’t want to turn back, only to find herself to be left embarrassed from getting lost.

After being held, Si Yehan paused for a bit, but he didn’t say anything, he simply continued to take her throughout the whole ancestral home.

When he was about to take a second round, Ye Wan Wan couldn’t endure any longer, “Si Yehan, my legs hurt, can we sit over there for a bit?”

Si Yehan drooped his eyes to look at her, looking as if he hadn’t had the slightest intention of stopping, but in the end, he still took her to a wooden bench and sat down beside her.

Sighing in relief, Ye Wan Wan loosened her arm for some stretching, and muttered, “Grandma is really nice, I was worried that she wouldn’t like me.”

For a brief moment, Si Yehan looked down towards his empty hand, then quickly recovered his line of sight, “Unlikely.”

In fact, Ye Wan Wan knows that if she excluded her good and proper conducts, the main reason was because of Si Yehan. After all, love the house and its crow.

(E/N: Love the house and its crow = Involvement with somebody and everyone connected; Love me, Love my dog)

As long as she doesn’t repeat her previous mistakes, or doesn’t cause any excessive trouble, then nothing would go wrong during this meeting. But of course, it doesn’t hurt to rub off some favorable impression.

“Oh, by the way, Si Yehan, why does grandma call you little Ninth, while the others call you Ninth young master?” Ye Wan Wan curiously asked.

As far as she knows, Si Yehan only has one older brother, so shouldn’t he be ranked second?

Leaning his back against the seat, Si Yehan’s deep and profound eyes reflected the scattered stars above, “When I was little, I had gotten sick often and had a weak constitution. This is the ancient method of avoiding disaster.”

Hearing what was said, Ye Wan Wan finally understood, “I see… I’ve also heard that there seems to be a saying that, everyone from your family can’t call you Second young master, but Ninth young master, in order to deceive Yama so that he wouldn’t take your soul.”

(T/N: Yama = The King of Hell)


“It seems that, whether it’s superstitious or not, it turned out to be quite useful.”

Si Yehan hadn’t just survived, but had revived himself into something that caused the living and the dead to fear him, as if he had reincarnated as the King of Hell himself.

Back then, reportedly, Si Yehan and his father were both ambushed, resulting in his father’s untimely end, while Si Yehan was injured from that disaster. Later, his body started to decline.

Thinking of how Si Yehan encountered such a great misfortune at a young age, with great difficulty, he was finally able to preserve his life. But now, he may not even live long due to this strange sleeping disorder, it’s no wonder the Old Madame unconditionally loves him.

Probably because of the exceedingly good atmosphere, it baffled Ye Wan Wan that she ended up carelessly asking a taboo question, “Si Yehan, why is it always so difficult for you to fall asleep?”

While Ye Wan Wan was waiting for Si Yehan’s answer, it seems that the other side was very late in responding. Realizing she may have asked something she shouldn’t have, she suddenly felt something heavy on her shoulder.

Subconsciously turning her head, she saw that Si Yehan was leaning on her shoulder. Both of his eyes were closed, and his breathing was long and steady, he actually… fell asleep…

“Eh…” Ye Wan Wan’s face immediately darkened. In the end, she awkwardly swallowed back the question she had just asked.

Si Yehan seemed to be deeply asleep, so she didn’t dare to move, and could only let him lean on her.

However, with the night temperature being a bit low, and him sleeping like this, as time goes by, he might even catch a cold…

While Ye Wan Wan was becoming anxious, she wasn’t aware that at this moment, there were two people standing in the distance.

Accompanied by the old butler, the Old Madame had personally gone to the courtyard to go find them after noticing that the two hadn’t return yet.

She saw that from afar, the two children were sitting together, side by side on a bench. She was utterly shocked when she saw that her grandson’s eyes were both closed, and he was leaning on the young girl’s shoulders, as if he had fallen asleep…

This… How is this possible!


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“Si Yehan hadn’t just survived, but had revived himself into something that caused the living and the dead to fear him, as if he had reincarnated as the King of Hell himself.”

Mei: I wonder… if his soul swapped after the whole near-death incident, you know… how he used to live like a normal person, but his rebirth soul was one who was obsessed with Wan Wan…

Vsukio: LMAO! This isn’t like Transmigrator meets Reincarnator, is it??

Mei: FL reincarnated, ML transmigrated……

Vsukio: *Badumssss* *inserts dramatic music*

Mei: THE TRUTH OR NOT… Keep reading to find out more! (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) #shamelessadvertisement

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