100% Sweet Love

Chapter 60: With Wan Wan, Is It Easier to Fall Asleep?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

vsukio: There’ll be no updates on the 27th and 28th.

The Old Madame looked at Si Yehan, then whispered, “I’m not really sure. After dinner, I had little Ninth take Wan Wan out to stroll around the garden. Seeing that the two hadn’t returned after a long while, we went to go look for them, but then, I saw little Ninth leaning on Wan Wan while sleeping! Since little Ninth hardly ever sleeps, I asked Wan Wan not to wake him up, so that he could sleep for a little while longer.”

Mo Xuan’s brows were drawn together in a deep frown, “How is that possible? After being by his side for so long, not once have I ever seen him naturally fall asleep, this is the first time!”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a terrible headache.

At this moment, Xu Yi was lost in his own thoughts. When his eyes suddenly lit up, he hurriedly spoke up, “No, no… Actually, this isn’t the first time!”

“Not the first time? What do you mean?” Mo Xuan and the Old Madame turned to look at him.

As Xu Yi tries to recall, he replied, “I remember that one night, Ninth master fell asleep just like this!”

“What kind of situation was it? Be a bit more specific!” Mo Xuan inquired.

Xu Yi left out the events where Ye Wan Wan’s attempt escape caused Si Yehan to become so furious, that he was unable to sleep for several days. Cutting things short, he briefly explained, “Back then at Jin Garden, when Ninth master and Miss Ye were together in the living room, he fell asleep on the sofa while hugging Miss Ye the entire night…”

“The whole night?”

“Yes, I was so surprised that I consciously took note of the time. Ninth master fell asleep at 10 o’clock, then woke up at six in the morning, so basically, he slept for a whole eight hours!” Xu Yi answered.

Mo Xuan pinched the space between his eyebrows, “Why didn’t you tell me about such an important matter sooner?”

With an innocent face, Xu Yi replied, “This… Since Ninth master hasn’t been sleeping for several consecutive days, I thought he was just too tired, and thus fell asleep. Plus, I thought he was going to tell you himself…”

Mo Xuan took a deep breath, then pinched his eyebrows again, if Si Yehan were to take the initiative to tell him, then that would be just too strange.

“Anything else? Is there anything else that you still haven’t told me? Tell me everything!”

After careful consideration and much thought, Xu Yi suddenly recalled another incident!

“There seems to be another time, but I’m not too sure about it…” After hesitating for a moment, he continued, “It was the night before Ninth master had his routine examination at the ancestral home. Since he went to find Miss Wan Wan at school that evening, it wasn’t until early morning that Ninth master finally returned to Jin garden. I had been waiting for him in the car for about six hours before he came back, and when he did, I saw that Ninth master’s complexion looked fairly good, seemingly as if he had just woken up, but at the time, I didn’t pay too much attention to it. But thinking back now, maybe Ninth master and Miss Wan Wan went to sleep for a while?”

Mo Xuan silently pondered for a while, “If your speculations are correct, then during those three times, was Ye Wan Wan being present the one matter they all had in common?”

Xu Yi nodded, “It seems so.”

After listening for a while, the Old Madame finally understood what she had heard. While looking visibly shaken, she asked, “Does this mean that, if Wan Wan is by his side, little Ninth would have an easier time falling asleep? If so, this would be great!”

Mo Xuan cautiously replies, “Old Madame, don’t worry, let’s observe first. Ninth master and Miss Ye have known each other for two years now, but so far, there hasn’t been any situation similar to this during these past two years, it has only happened during these three times.”

Hearing this, the Old Madame was a bit disappointed. Turning towards Xu Yi, she told him, “Xu Yi, you’re by little Ninth’s side every day, so pay more attention, and take note of what’s actually happening!”

“Yes! Understood!”


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12 thoughts on “Chapter 60: With Wan Wan, Is It Easier to Fall Asleep?

  1. I speculate further: Si Yehan doesn’t care about Wan Wan’s interesting appearance but always fall asleep when he listens to her talking. I think it’s her voice but makes him fall asleep.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. rather than voice its more like he isnt afraid she will run away anymore so he can sleep peacefully……well something along that line of reasoning anyway.


    1. I agree with that but I am guessing that the original quality that attracted Si Yehan to Wan Wan is her voice..unless of course, he was a transmigrator who fell in love with Wan Wan in his past life, etc, etc. as Mei suggested o.o


  3. i think he can sleep because his mental stress about wan wan loves already decreasing!!
    after all wan wan will try to fall in love with him more!!!
    good luck wan wan so our ninth master can have a peace of mind and sleep !!! hehehe
    thanks for the chapter XD


  4. Even if he’s not a transmigrator the change is probably Wan Wan,.When she changed something in him changed. He’s smart enough to note the changes.


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