100% Sweet Love

Chapter 57: Isn’t That Childish?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: Aih… This is one heart-warming chapter. (~˘▾˘)~

While Ye Wan Wan and the Old Madame was having a lively chit-chat about Si Yehan, the atmosphere during dinner became very harmonious.

Si Yehan didn’t seemed like he cared too much about getting sold off by his own grandma.

Though he only spoke a few words, it was obvious that in the presence of the Old Madame, he becomes more intimate and warmer compared to his usual indifferent self.

The Old Madame had prepared a table full of food, with each being particularly tasty, Ye Wan Wan had originally thought of having a little restraint since this was her first time coming here. Although Si Yehan didn’t speak much, his hands never stop moving. From time to time, he would supply her with more dishes, by the time she became aware of it, she had accidentally eaten three bowls of rice.

“Wu, stop giving me food, I can’t eat anymore!” When Ye Wan Wan looked at the small pointed mountain forming in her food bowl, her face was filled with grief.

She didn’t want her first meeting with grandma to end with her thinking that she was a rice bucket!

(T/N: rice bucket = a good-for-nothing)

When Si Yehan glanced at the girl, he saw her small mournful face. Stretching over his long hand, he placed her food bowl in front of himself, then nonchalantly helped her finish up the rest.

This guy… isn’t he a clean freak….

Ye Wan Wan was a bit surprised, but nevertheless, sighed in relief after seeing him lighten her burden.

Seeing their little interaction, the Old Madame who was watching from the sidelines felt her heart filled with delight.

This young girl is just like how her grandson had described her, she isn’t a picky eater, and has quite a good appetite. It’s much more pleasing to the eyes compared to those honorable young ladies who could only eat a few bites at a time.

After dinner, the Old Madame was worried that Wan Wan was feeling bored from keeping her company, so she thoughtfully suggested, “Little Ninth, since this is the first time Wan Wan came home, why don’t you take her around for a walk?”

“En.” Si Yehan nodded.

“Then grandma, we’ll be going.” After Ye Wan Wan spoke to the Old Madame, she obediently followed Si Yehan towards the courtyard.

The night was as cool as a river, the sky above was covered with stars, and the air was filled with the rich scent of vegetation.

Although it wasn’t similar to the Imperial Jin Garden with its greenwood and wonderful craftsmanship, but the unadorned and imposing ancestral home had its own special distinctive style. After dinner, taking a walk to aid digestion was actually quite satisfying.

Ye Wan Wan discovered that, unknowingly, the anxiety she was feeling from visiting the ancestral home had already wholly dissipated.

With her mind no longer being distracted, she was finally able to appreciate the dim light of the night. As for Si Yehan who was beside her, she could tell at a glance that something was amiss about him. Just a moment ago, during dinner, they were obviously having a good time, but now, it seems that something was wrong.

When taking a chance to glance at his face, she found the man’s expression contained a hint of displeasure, even his pace gradually accelerated.

(E/N: Expression of displeasure/frowning = eyebrows are brought together, and the forehead is wrinkled)

Ye Wan Wan’s small and short legs couldn’t keep up with him, not long after, she was soon left behind.

How and when did she make this guy upset? Did she say something wrong when she was talking to the Old Madame? It didn’t seem like it…

Ye Wan Wan was a little afraid of the dark. If someone was around, she’d still be okay, but since there was no one around, she became afraid almost instantly.

Seeing that the person in front of her was quickly fading into the darkness, Ye Wan Wan hurriedly ran a few steps up to Si Yehan and grabbed onto one of his hands.

The moment she held onto his hand, the indistinct coldness from his body immediately dispelled.

After her rebirth, she could accurately sense Si Yehan’s mood, so she was certain that she hadn’t felt wrong.

Ye Wan Wan blinked her eyes in astonishment.

Did this guy suddenly have a silent tantrum just because she didn’t hold his hand during the walk?

Si Yehan wouldn’t be so… childish, right?


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Mei: Hmm… So, is Si Yehan really childish?

Vsukio: *Stares*….

Mei: W-what?

Vsukio: I think you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror.


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  2. Si YeHan is quite the puzzle.If she could get him to talk more he would less discomfort. I hope they continue to grow together
    Thank you for this chapter’s translation


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