100% Sweet Love

Chapter 56: The Young Couple Hand in Hand

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: It’s official, currently, this is the chapter that I find the hardest to edit. CRIES BLOOD. Poor Vsukio, she was dragged along to suffer the plight. I’ve never felt my grammar was so horrible till this day………

By the time Si Yehan arrived at the entrance, the Old Madame was already informed by the servants. At this moment, she was restlessly pacing back and forth in the living room.

She already understood a bit of the girl’s situation from Xu Yi. She was stunned when he reported that she was a third year. But fortunately, she’s already 20 years old, a full-fledged adult.

It’s just that, the girl’s family background wasn’t quite good. Compared to the Si family, it was like the difference between the clouds and the mud.

However, as long as little Ninth likes her, then there shouldn’t be any problems. The most important thing is the girl’s character, as to whether or not she treats little Ninth with sincerity.

Hearing the footsteps by the entrance hall, the Old Madame quickly turns to look at the doorway.

She saw the butler walking in the front, followed by two other people. It was her grandson, with his usual ice sculpture-like face. A light blue schoolbag hung on his arm, and a charming looking young girl following beside him.

The girl’s clear and elegant little face was like a bright peach plum. She was wearing the Qing He’s school uniform, with her jet-black hair tied into a ponytail. This kind of exceptionally well-behaved semblance could easily drive one’s heart to give rise to the feelings of love and affection.

But what surprised her the most, was that the two unexpectedly came in while holding hands.

Little Ninth’s temper was something she knew all too well about. An ordinary woman can’t even get 3 steps close to him, let alone touch him.

But now, for him to actually take the initiative to hold a girl’s hand, was practically an unprecedented event!

The sight instantly caused the Old Madame to look at Ye Wan Wan with a satisfied gaze.

Si Yehan led Ye Wan Wan to stand in front of the Old Madame, “Grandma.”

The Old Madame stared at Ye Wan Wan with an intent gaze, her face was filled with affection. Seemingly afraid of scaring her, she used a very gentle voice to speak, “Is this Wan Wan? Quickly, come to grandma!”

Ye Wan Wan shot a quick glance at Si Yehan, then obediently walked towards the Old Madame, “Hi, grandma!”

“Good… Such a good girl!” The old lady answered with a smiling face. Shifting her gaze towards Xu Yi who was walking behind them, she saw him carrying several large and small bags in his hands. Upon seeing this, she anxiously tells them, “You must be tired! There was no need for you to bring gifts, after all, I’ve only asked for the person to come over!”

However, regardless of her saying this, she sounded very happy.

Although their home doesn’t lack anything, but these were from her future granddaughter-in-law, how could the meaning be the same?

“Old Madame, dinner is ready.” At this moment, a servant from the kitchen came to notify them.

“You came here just at the right time. Come, let’s chat while we have our meal. Our home doesn’t have much customs, so make yourself at home.” The Old Madame was worried that Ye Wan Wan may acted overly polite and reserved, so she deliberately said these words. Leaving her grandson behind, she lovingly pulled on Ye Wan Wan’s hand, leading her towards the dinner table.

Si Yehan handed the schoolbag over to the old butler, then immediately strode towards the dinner table with his long slender legs. (E/N: *Rolls eyes*)

In the midst of their gleeful chatter, the Old Madame asked, “Wan Wan, are you tired from doing your third-year school work? Did making you come here delay your studies?”

Ye Wan Wan gradually relaxed after receiving the warm and friendly treatment from Grandma Si. The Old Madame’s first impression of her should be considerably good.

Ye Wan Wan hurriedly shook her head, “It hasn’t. During the weekends, Saturdays are considered holidays.”

“Really, little Ninth, this child! He didn’t even tell me that he had a girlfriend. Just the other day, I saw him looking at his cell phone while smiling over there! When I asked him what he was looking at, to my surprise, he actually said he was looking at his girlfriend’s text message! I’ve just found out about it, who knows when he had gotten one! Once I learnt about it, I nearly jumped from shock, then urged him to quickly bring you back so I could meet you!” As she complained, the Old Madame threw a glance at her grandson.

When Ye Wan Wan heard the Old Madame say that Si Yehan unexpectedly smiled when he read her text message, surprise filled her entire face. Such a scene, was truly hard to imagine.


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  2. Aww. That grandma was so sweet. TBH I was really worried if she suddenly went “you don’t have the right since your poor” stuff but to think as long as it’s someone that will truly care for Si Yehan then she’ll approve of her. Like wow. Hopefully, Wanwan will be close with this granny

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    1. Things are good right now.But as soon as a..hole freind Shen Menqi finds out she will stir the hornets nest along with her crazy family. Wan Wan may be doomed with the grandma if that happens.
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