Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!

Ch. 8: Sow Rooting Up Chinese Cabbage

TL’ed by snowflake_obsidian, aka Obsidian

Translator’s Note: Chinese cabbage (big white vegetable) is slang for a fair-skinned, rich and beautiful woman. When pigs dig and eat through a vegetable field, almost all the other vegetables are easily eaten while Chinese cabbage takes much more effort.

[1] 祖坟冒青烟; Ancestral grave emitting green-blue vapor or smoke is considered to be a very lucky feng shui portent.

[2] 八辈子修来的福; Destined blessing earned from previous lives.  The phrase specifically mentions 8 lives but it’s not meant to be an absolute number.

[3] Sow is a mother pig

[4] Furen; the older definition is a lady of high rank, generally the wife of a feudal lord or senior official.

[5] Gugu; a paternal aunt

[6] Lao taitai; a respectful term for an elderly lady

[7] 福瑞院, Fu Rui courtyard; Good fortune auspicious courtyard.  Here are some photos of Chinese family compound with multiple courtyards; Chang family compound in Shanxi

The Qiao family compound, which is also in Shanxi, is more compact. www.travelchinaguide.com/images/map/shanxi/qiao-family-compound.jpg and also  www.asiaculturaltravel.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Qiaos-family-compund02.jpg.  Internet searchs on these two family compounds can be done to see more pictures to get a better idea.

[8] 山不就我,只能我就山了; I asked 4 different native Mandarin speakers about this phrase. No one understood its’ meaning.

Ch 8: Sow Rooting Up Chinese Cabbage

Su Tang’s 4 limbs were unable to move. She wanted to cry but had no tears. He had her the whole night, could it be that he wasn’t tired (at all)!

Song Shi An certainly wasn’t tired. To tell the truth he campaigned on the battlefield year in and year out so his body was strong. The “highest grade aphrodisiac” that imperial physician Zheng developed made Song Shi An’s passion repeatedly ignite, therefore he strenuously worked the entire night.  After waking up again he was full of vigor and vitality, an iron-willed man able to energetically toil!

But Su Tang couldn’t stand it anymore! So she gave a loud shout, “Song Shi An, are you finished!”

Song Shi An’s mind finally cleared up. He opened his drowsy eyes and saw Su Tang lying under his body, glowering at him.  After that the realization of detecting “something” wrapped around one’s own plaything, comprehended what that thing really was! He abruptly extracted himself, body rolled over to maintain a good distance from Su Tang! After that, he spoke a sentence which made Su Tang bear a grudge for the rest of her life….

“What happened?”

“What happened?!” In an instant Su Tang became angry. Aware of a burst of cold (on) one’s own body, discovered that her naked body was exposed.  (She) hastily grabbed the brocade quilt on the side, rolled once to the furthest side, stared and cursed at Song Shi An whose complete face was perplexed.  “You can still ask what happened. I ask you what really happened! Didn’t you promise me that everything would be bogus! How could you do this to me, do…”  No matter what Su Tang could not say the rest.

Song Shi An didn’t know the concrete particulars and still was unaware of what actually happened. But (he) that knew a mishap occurred, consequently (his) facial expression was a bit awkward—in the final analysis, he seemed to have genuinely raped this woman?

□□?!  This term oozed out from Song Shi An’s brain. (His) facial expression became even more crestfallen.

“I’m sorry.” He hung his head in disgrace, rather ill at ease.

Su Tang was somewhat stunned, he, he, he apologized? Cold noodles actually apologized?! Though he did do this he certainly should apologize. Ah no, apologies are useless. But this pan of cold noodles unexpectedly apologizing about this matter is too absurd.

Song Shi An looked at Su Tang for a long time without saying anything.  (He) had no alternative but to force himself to continue, “I was drugged last night.”

Su Tang’s mouth opened even wider, “D, drugged?! What drug? Who did it?”

Song Shi An’s complexion was pitch-black, “An aphrodisiac. The emperor.”

Su Tang closed her mouth. After that (she) said a phrase which let Song Shi An bear a grudge for the rest of his life, “So that explains why you were active the entire night….”

So that explains why you were active the entire night….

So that explains why….

In a flash of understanding Song Shi An lifted his head. A sharp glance as if a knife, he looked at that woman who was using the blanket to wrap herself rather like a pyramid. Nevertheless, when his line of sight fell on a small revealed section of the nape of the neck with several red marks, he again swiftly received a knife in return.  He suppressed his fury and said “Set your mind at ease. I will take responsibility for you.”

Hearing what was said, Su Tang again opened her eyes wide.  “You, what do you mean to take responsibility?”

Song Shi An cast her a glance and coldly said, “I will not divorce you.”

“No!” Su Tang ably overruled him.

Song Shi An wrinkled his brow, the expression in his eyes even more penetrating—what does this woman want to do that she wholeheartedly wants a divorce!

While Song Shi An was thinking about this problem, Su Tang was also thinking. Ok, why is it not alright? “No” This word was absolutely instinctively blurted out, but the reasons?

Su Tang looked at Song Shi An and slowly saw the music, two eyes totally glaring, lower jaw agape. “Don’t think that I married you because your ancestors’ grave emits blue-green vapor [1] and that you earned this destined blessing in your previous lives [2]. Staring at me with that expression in your eyes. If you won’t divorce me then I’ll incur rather huge losses! Snort! You must give me this bill of divorce!  I am by no means willing to spend my life with you, this pan of cold noodles! Be with you my whole life, I reckon my original long life span has absolutely been halved!

Song Shi An’s eye expression was already chilly like a very old cold pool of water.  Anyway, Su Tang’s appearance of vowing to die rather than obey stirred up a little of his interest.  A woman’s virginity is that significant and she doesn’t even care a little bit? When purity is no longer there can (she) still be able to remarry into a respectable family, but her innocence is gone.  She still has a way out?

Song Shi An was still unconvinced. Su Tang over there started talking.

Su Tang put her hair in order, an air of indifference, “Yesterday night nothing happened.

Song Shi An narrowed both eyes.

Afterwards Su Tang without further ado tossed out a second phrase making him bear a grudge the rest of his life, “I am that white cabbage which was rooted up by a sow [3].”

Was rooted up by a sow….

Was….rooted up….by a sow….

Song Shi An completely crumbled apart, (with) an ashen complexion he tore the quilt off the bed. In a loud voice toward the outside like yamens shouting for the crowd to make way for an appearing official, he said “Come, prepare water!”

This woman again said that he is a pig!

Pig….was rooted up by a sow…pig….

These damned words were turning over and over again in his head, non-stop. Song Shi An was driven mad!

Su Tang watched Song Shi An get dressed and with a gloomy face walk to the inner room. For a long time (she) forgot to blink—that straight back, those slender thighs, those strong buttocks…his figure was truly excellent!

Su Tang’s throat swallowed saliva, after that (she) resolutely swatted her own head—dizzy, unexpectedly she had surging amorous feelings towards this drudge.

Hearing the movement outside and seeing her own body which was a complete mess, Su Tang thought to herself that she is also waiting to wash up, but the movement just now, something flowing underneath is exceedingly difficult to deal with.  Su Tang lifted the blanket to take a look, the section underneath her buttocks was already moist, and furthermore as expected, on a big plain white section of the brocade handkerchief which was serving as a pad underneath,  blood like a red plum, tiny small spots.

Last nights’ scene again appeared in front of her eyes and Su Tang’s face had a fit of excessive internal heat. (She) hurriedly picked up the clothes on the side and threw them on her shoulders, but just off the bed she fell to the ground.  She presently felt her legs go soft at the knees, continuously shaking, furthermore underneath she was exceedingly sore.

Su Tang supported (herself) on the bed board and feeling unwell her face distorted.

And so at this moment Song Shi An had already finished washing and walked out. Seeing Su Tang like this, his eyebrows soon wrinkled to the point of falling off.

Seeing this, Su Tang gave off a roaring fire, “What’s there to look at. It was you who did the rooting!”

Song Shi An again recalled those damned words. He quickly advanced forward, blocking her, he then grabbed her up and walked directly to the inner room. Afterwards only a “splash” sound was heard.  He tossed Su Tang, who was still wearing clothes, into the bath barrel.

“Song Shi An you bastard!” Her entire head entire face,  Su Tang choked, raining curses.

Song Shi An left straight away as if not hearing. On the other hand, the two bathing attendants on the side seeing the extremely sorry figure of the general’s wife in the barrel, gaped.

….Too swife and fierce!

By the time Su Tang was finished washing, a long time had already passed. This also was not her fault, aching and sore from head to toe, her hands and feet lacked strength. She was unwilling to let the two unfamiliar washing attendants clean her, while on the other hand (she) didn’t know where Xi Que had gone..

Not letting (them) clean (her), that’s the way it is. How can one not support ones’ self, this leg, oh, two strides and completely unsteady, and weak, and furthermore burning stabs of pain underneath. But while biting down Su Tang was obliged to raise her eyebrows. She forcibly endured, held her head up high, head straight, stuck out her chest, and an amiable dignified smile still hung on her face.  But (it was) an exceedingly tough job for her. Nevertheless who let her be the general’s wife, though she won’t be after one month. But when at one’s post, one must even more do this sort of thing, right?

The two little maids were unsure about the personality of this new furen [4].  Just a moment ago (they) saw her hurl abuse at the general. He simply angrily walked out and he didn’t do the slightest thing.  Therefore on top of their fundamental respect and concern (they) additionally were being countlessly gentle and cautious—(she) even dared to verbally abuse the general.  They’re servants and don’t know anything.

“ F, f, furen, what clothes do you wish to w,w,wear today?” One maid servant called Shao Yao stammeringly asked.

Hearing this question Su Tang paused her pace, turned to look at that round eyed maid servant, eyebrows inquired, “You…..are a stutter?”

“N, n, n, n, no…” Shao Yao in a flurry shook her head, but this phrase was even more awkward.

Su Tang thought a bit and became conscious that perhaps her aggressive manner a moment ago shocked the little maid servant. So Su Tang hurriedly squeezed out an even more cordial kindly smile, “don’t be frightened, I’m an easy-going person…”

At this time Xi Que, whose whereabouts early in the morning were unknown, finally issued forth. In a flurried manner she ran to the inner room, and yelled, “Miss, ai ya, I overslept.  Also they didn’t call out to wake me up.”

Su Tang looked at her head which was perspiring from running, and felt surprised. “Where did you sleep last night?” Why did it seem like you ran over here from a far away place.

Gasping for breath Xi Que said, “Yesterday I left, and didn’t know where to go.  I just stood at the doorway, thinking to myself you might possibly call me. Later don’t know who came, and made me want to not foolishly stand (there), also let me follow her together, leaving.  I bewilderedly followed her to a place, and afterwards fell asleep.  I awoke just now to discover that there was no one in the room.  And again I didn’t know the way and quickly became completely worried.  I blindly walked around the entire garden.  It was very difficult to ask and find the way back…..”

The more Su Tang heard, the more she felt it was not quite right.  “Could it be that no one arranged matters for you? Aren’t you simply supposed to live in the side room?

Xi Que lowered her head, feeling extremely wronged.  “I also don’t know. Nobody bothered about me. If it weren’t for that person seeing me standing (there), perhaps I would have stood at the doorway for the entire night.”

The more Su Tang heard, the more angry she became. What prank was this.  This is her dowry maid. Not giving her proper arrangements, that was lashing her face!

“Who in the manor is supposed to take care of these matters?” Her facial expression unpleasant, Su Tang turned to ask Shao Yao.

“It, it’s the beautiful gugu [5] by the side of lao taitai [6].” Shao Yao tremblingly answered. How is furen in this way the least bit easy-going ….

Su Tang recalled Aunt Zhou telling her that Song Shi An’s parents prematurely passed away. He was raised by his paternal grandmother. The generals’ manor was granted when he was successful and famous. Soon afterwards the paternal grandmother, who was at the side of the fathers’ younger brother, was invited to take over. And as well, Song Shi An most years was away.  This lao taitai made the decisions inside the generals manor.  The gugu at the lao taitai’s side naturally had the same opinions as her. This, this lao taitai wanted to lash Su Tangs’ face?

In former days there were no grievances and recently no worries. Why would lao tatai bother to make things difficult for her?

Unable to make things out, Su Tang didn’t ponder further and just said “There’s no harm.  Wait a while and I will arrange a room for you.” She didn’t believe that such a large generals’ manor would not have a place for Xie Que to stay! This matter of demanding an explanation still needed further thought.

Brand new clothes were taken out from the trunk to change into.  Su Tang awkwardly strode out of the bedroom.

Outside, Song Shi An was properly sitting at the table waiting for something. Seeing Su Tang come out, (he) coldly swept a glance and said, “(After) finishing eating breakfast go pay respects to grandmother.”

This established practice of the bride paying respect to one’s elders existed since ancient times and continued into the present day.  Su Tang was well aware and therefore didn’t say anything.  (She) merely complied with what was said, sat down, and began to fill her stomach—yesterday she wearily didn’t eat dinner and overslept, repeatedly f-ked…toiled the entire night. She had been hungry for a long time and was now famished. However while eating her mind was also not idle. On the contrary she was guessing what could possibly happen later. After all what was that phrase, oh yeah, just in case be prepared !

Although her original idea for this one month was to be an average wife serving as the generals’ furen, this also didn’t mean that she could possibly let people bully (her), right? She, Su Tang can take anything but she cannot suffer losses!

Finished eating breakfast (they) went forward toward Fu Rui courtyard [7], which was lao taitai’s residence, to pay respects. Song Shi An walked ahead at a quick vigorous pace, (her) eyes saw him get further and further away.  Su Tang followed in back but was not rushed, on the contrary her stride pace became even smaller—she simply couldn’t believe that Song Shi An didn’t wait for her!

The outcome —Song Shi An as expected was in Fu Rui courtyard, at a not distant pavilion, waiting for her!

Su Tang was taking small quick steps, walking for a distance, delicately and graceful.  Narrowing her eyes in a smile, “Waiting for a long time, ha.”

Song Shi An’s lungs want to explode from anger, this woman came to make him suffer! But even though furiously ablaze, his face nevertheless was a sheet of ice. “Let’s go.”

This time the pace was actually slowed down—the mountain is not me, I’m just able to be the mountain [8], fortunately this is only for one single month—just a moment ago he couldn’t say anything about her endless stupid remarks!

Stupid….pig….sow….rooted up the soil…. again Song Shi An wanted to spit blood!


Song country unofficial history; The general got married. Huge diet changes, the usually fond pork meat was deemed extremely dangerous and threatening, moreover (he) would have dizzy spells (when) happening upon raw pork, truly odd and bizarre. Not long afterward, Chinese cabbage was deemed as required for each meal, once again unimaginable.

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14 thoughts on “Ch. 8: Sow Rooting Up Chinese Cabbage

  1. Love Su Tang’s character like transmigrated modern days lady. Loud, outspoken and independent. General will be lucky to keep her as his brave wife. Guess most men like soft, gentle virtuous acting wife.
    Cannot wait for next few chapters to one month’s divorce deadline.
    Many thanks for another fun hilarious exciting story.

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  2. 山不就我,只能我就山了
    I searched baidu, apparently it’s from a story in the Islamic scriptures about how Muhammad once pointed at a faraway mountain and told his followers: “As long as I recite an incantation, the mountain will move towards me.” His followers did not believe him, as he recited the incantation. The result was the mountain stayed stagnant, and did not move at all.
    Muhammad felt embarrassed, he ran to front of the mountain and faced his followers as he said: “The mountain doesn’t approach me, then I will approach the mountain.(山不来就我,我便去就山。)”

    The meaning is that if the other person cannot cater to my way of thinking, then I should take the initiative to cater to the way of thinking of the other person.

    Another meaning is that: for one’s own ideals and struggles, it is worth the sacrifice to endure some hardships. If one attempt does’t work, just use another. As long as there is hard work, success is certain.

    Hmm the above is just my rough translation of what was stated. Man, I never really realised how much of a pain translating is @@
    Here’s the link if u wanna check it out https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/206644999.html
    So I guess it’s just Song Shi An giving in to Su Tang’s pranks XD

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    1. Thanks for reading the translation!

      I’ll take a look at the info in Baidu. The friends, whom I asked about the phrase, mentioned that the grammar is poor. One person said “garbage” and suggested I read better books instead of things on the internet. This book is available in print so this is making me mull more.

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      1. Lol is it now o-o I usually don’t read novels in chinese because my english was always better than my mandarin. Even though I grew up speaking both languages, I was always lazy to read chinese hahahaha

        Maybe the printed version has been checked and revised? I know Japanese LNs are of better quality to their web novel counterparts so let’s hope that is the case for this novel too. But I get why your friends said the grammar is poor, 山不就我,只能我就山了 definitely doesn’t sound like anyone approaching any mountains or vice versa…

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    2. That’s a really interesting saying! But as a Muslim, I have never heard of that mountain story nor that saying anywhere in Islamic texts or narrations. I think it comes from somewhere else maybe?

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      1. @snowflakeobsidian Thanks so much for translating this novel, it’s just my type of story ^^ Not too long and not too short, but super romantic the entire way around ❤ ❤ (at least, that's my impression XD)

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    3. 山不来就我,我便去就山 is what irifei is referring to, if your actual text says: 山不就我,只能我就山了. I’m going to offer you a cantonese speaker’s take on it.

      In cantonese we would use 就 to replace the word 讓(让 for you simplified chinese folks). In a cantonese context it makes perfect sense, the mountain (unchangable, large entity) will not cater/give way to me, 只能 – only I can give way.
      山不讓我,只能我讓山了. — makes a lot of sense. Of course that’s only provided that the writer is cantonese if they’re mandarin then I can honestly say noooo clue lol! Good work on the translations I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for translating!

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