Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!

Ch. 7: Untitled

TL’ed by snowflake_obsidian, aka Obsidian

[1] Xiao Zheng and Xiao Song are literally little Zheng and little Song. “Xiao” is often used as a term of affection and familiarity.

[2] Zhen; can be understood as “My Imperial Self”

Chapter 7: Untitled

Here the red candle burned passionately skyward. There deep inside the palace however were whispers.

“Xiao Zheng [1], are you certain Xiao Song drank that wine?”  Inside the bright yellow hanging curtain, a head passed through, having neat, delicate, and pretty facial features with clean and tidy eyes. A crafty look distinctly passed through those black and white eyes.

For a full 60 days this year in the royal court, imperial physician Zheng Liang had already heard himself addressed as “Xiao Zheng”.  The corners of his mouth habitually drew out. But still respectful and cautious he bowed his head and said, “Answering Your Majesty, your old servant saw it with his own eyes.”

“You’ve determined that medicine is effective?” The emperor asked with unflagging interest.

“Absolutely effective.” A smile was Zheng Liang’s mouth but his heart was weeping blood.  How did it happen that the foremost imperial physician of this dynasty had to hide away for one month to develop a □□!

The emperor doubtfully glanced at the doctor, “You’ve tried it out?”

Zheng Liang’s mouth drew out even more seriously. “This old official tested it on a horse.”

“Xiao Song is not a horse!” The dissatisfied emperor muttered complaints to himself, “Hey, the queen mother won’t let Zhen [2] attend Xiao Song’s wedding feast.  Can’t see this bridal chamber nor can I hear. Hey, one’s life is very dull!”

Zheng Liang resolved to put the emperor’s unworthy words in his stomach and let them rot there, never to be divulged.

Something flashed through the emperor’s mind. “Zhen wants to truly know if Xiao Song has an unmentionable disease.  Zhen bestowed four beauties to him and he never touched even one, ah.  At all times Zhen is a good monarch who loves the common people like my own children.  What’s more, toward Xiao Song…” Speaking again something was called to mind. He lifted up his head and looked at imperial physician Zheng saying, “Xiao Song didn’t get married and doesn’t have babies. He was just carefree and wholeheartedly thought about going to war.  Zhen looks forward to him getting married and having a baby. After that he won’t keep presenting memorial after memorial to the throne pressing Zhen to go to war…peace is much better….this war of his has dug my Song country into extreme poverty, it isn’t getting better…I, your father, doesn’t even have money to build an imperial vacation residence! Groan! Alas, Xiao Song, you must show understanding and sympathy for Zhen’s troubles…”

Zheng Liang looked at the spoilt and worried child emperor’s frowning appearance, listening to his moaning and groaning, but couldn’t help being jumpy.  Just a moment ago he seemingly heard things that he shouldn’t have heard….

As it turned out, the emperor’s idea in giving General Song a marriage edict and also giving the drug was for the purpose of no longer going to war!

“Eh, Xiao Zheng, why are you still here poking around?” The child emperor suspiciously asked, his spirit coming back.

Zheng Liang’s mouth again drew out. He hurriedly withdrew.

But from the back again came through the child emperor’s exceedingly concerned voice. “Xiao Song, find the time to treat yourself. It’s not to Zhen’s liking to see that mouth of your’s drawing out each time I talk.…”


7 thoughts on “Ch. 7: Untitled

    1. Should probably explain that the pirated sites have different content for this chapter but I’d rather go by the official copy. This book is available in print though obtaining a copy might be tricky since I’m not in mainland China.

      Thanks for reading my translation!


  1. The Emperor sounds like a member of the Bush Army! Hahahahaha

    If you don’t know what I mean, check the comment thread of the novel “Doomed to be a Cannon Fodder”. lol.

    Thankies, snowflakeobsidian!


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