100% Sweet Love

Chapter 50: Really Want to Kiss?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: This is one of my favorite chapters…  (๑ ˃̵͈́∀˂̵͈̀ )

Because of Si Xia’s words, rehearsal was finally able to proceed…

Some people were still unwilling, but after getting pressured by Si Xia, they could only hold back their anger and obediently start rehearsing.

Ye Wan Wan gave an indifferent shrug. If you want to play, then let’s see how long you’ll last.

Si Xia’s part of the play wasn’t much, so while waiting, he sat by the edge of the window and fell asleep. Up until it was finally the last scene of the play, only then did someone tried to gently wake him up.

“Umm… Si Xia, it’s your part…”

The next scene is where the Seven Dwarves placed Snow White inside the crystal glass coffin, the prince of the neighboring country rode his white horse over, and with a romantic kiss from the prince, Snow White was eventually revived.

Knitting his brows, Si Xia reluctantly opens his eyes. What he saw was everyone looking at him with a sympathetic expression, as if they were gazing at him in a moment of silence in tribute.

What the hell is with that damn look?

Ye Wan Wan hopped onto a table with a plank prepared in advance, while dangling her legs, she took out her makeup bag, “Wait a minute, let me fix my makeup!”

Eye shadow deepened, blush aggravated, purple lipstick applied, rub it all for the maximum effect!

“OK, I’m ready.” After she finished applying her lipstick, Ye Wan Wan faced upwards as she lied down on her back.

Under the murderous gazes of all the girls, Si Xia rubbed his slightly messy bed hair, teared off the buttons on his collar, and gradually walked to the girl’s side.

Staring at the girl’s green explosive hair, ghost-like heavy metal makeup, eccentric skull tattoos covering all over her body, and her blackened purple lips, the boy’s stomach was having a fit of overturning seas and rivers.

(T/N: Overturning seas and rivers = overwhelming / earth-shattering / in a spectacular mess)

While holding onto the idea of getting things done and over with, Si Xia took a deep breath, and slowly stooped down …

He pulled out her name himself, even if he has to kneel, he must continue to act!

“Ah, don’t!” A girl was so frightened she immediately closed her eyes, it was as if this wasn’t a fairy-tale fantasy stage play, but rather, some kind scene from a thriller.

“Holy shit! Don’t tell me they’re really going to kiss for real! We’re only high school students, we don’t need to do anything too grand! The kiss for the play should be staged!”

“No kidding, of course it’s staged! But the problem is, is staging it even possible?”


Staging? It was a miracle in itself that he was able to step 3 paces towards her…

When Si Xia was slightly leaning over her, he suddenly turned away and had a burst of violent coughing. Upon seeing this, the surrounding girls all became distressed and hastily went over to hand over water and towels.

Cheng Xue fiercely glared at Ye Wan Wan, then looked at Si Xia with so much distress to the point of nearly breaking into tears, “Si Xia, please don’t make things difficult for yourself, okay?”

Ye Wan Wan sat up, her face didn’t contain the slightest guilt, “Hey! What’s wrong?”

After Si Xia drank a whole bottle of water, he finally eased up a bit. With great difficulty, he started to speak, “You… change a different lip color…”

Ye Wan Wan blinked, “Since I ate a poisoned apple, of course my lips would be purple, it’d make things more reasonable!”

The boy seemed as if he was on the verge of collapsing, “Shut up and go change it!”

“Well, I’ll go change, I’ll go change~” Ye Wan Wan’s lips curled, while wearing an expression as if she having a hard time, she finally took out her cotton pad, removed the purple lipstick, and replaced it with a relatively normal red one.

“Is this better?”

Si Xia’s eyes were tightly shut, “Let’s try again.”

“Oh.” Ye Wan Wan lied back down again.

Si Xia walked towards Ye Wan Wan again, then slowly lowered his head again…

Staring at the face that was covered in exaggerated makeups, as well as the bloody wide-opened mouth that was like a sacrificial bowl…… In the end, Si Xia directly rushed out of the classroom.

(T/N: bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl = ferocious mouth of beast of prey)

After a long time, Si Xia finally returned, looking as if he had collapsed, it was as if he had completely emptied out himself.

When Ye Wan Wan saw this, she was somewhat at a loss for words, this guy has done enough. Does he really have to go so far for his male pride?

He could’ve saved himself the trouble by directly meeting with the teacher and protest for a change in actors. Then, she wouldn’t need to put in so much effort into this!


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Mei: (Ŏ艸Ŏ) pfft.. Bwahahahahahahha sorry, sorry… I couldn’t hold it in….

Vsukio: R.I.P Si Xia, you shall be remembered.

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  1. Gahhhhh thank you 😂😂 can’t imagine how hideous wan wan’s face to make Sia vomit 😂😂 can’t wait for the next update 😭


  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my…stomach 😂😂😂damn, I should not have read this while in class. I’m chortling so bad I can’t even breathe. Bwahahahaha….🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thank you so much for the update!!


  3. Well, that was funny. Thank you!
    And yet, I still can’ t even start to understand how extreme these people’s reactions to fashion are. She’s using purple lipstick, so you can’t kiss her? Really? That is even more extreme “insensible teenager” than Romeo and Juliet were. Yes, our male lead’s friends are included. Or is common sense in China that different?


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