100% Sweet Love

Chapter 51: Grandma Wants to See You

TL’ed & Edited by Miaka_Mei and Vsukio

Mei: Okay… so now we’re back to the interactions between ML and FL. (。・ɜ・)ɾ

Vsukio: Whenever I read about Wan Wan’s past, I always feel too depressed, so I had Mei translate the first half for me to reduce my suffering, hAH.

Rehearsal ended with Si Xia being unable to do the kissing scene.

Sure enough, not everyone could be like Si Yehan who has an out of ordinary taste…

After returning to her dormitory, Ye Wan Wan proceeded to remove her makeup and took a bath. While thinking deeply about what to put on tomorrow, she turned on her computer.

In regards with the school’s courses, she no longer needed to expend much time and effort on it. Instead, she was currently preparing to buy some books and materials online relating to the film industry, such as television, screenwriting, and directing. She must seize the time to self-study.

After all, passing the university entrance exam is merely the beginning, her final objective is to snatch back everything that was stolen by her second uncle and Ye Yiyi.

That year, the only thing she knew was that she had complained to her father about his uselessness, causing her to be unable to get together with Gu Yueze. But in truth, she didn’t know that the one who had harmed their whole family… was herself.

At that time, by using Gu Yueze’s name, Ye Yiyi had fooled her by giving her an address of a remoted place, then gave her medicine to knock her unconscious. By using her, second uncle had threatened her father to hand over the company’s stocks, moreover, had him admit to the crime of embezzling public funds in front of the police. Otherwise, they would inject drugs into her, let her be played with by several men, while having a video expose her acts of taking drugs, so that she would fall from grace and lose all reputation.

Since young, father had always doted on his daughter, everyone in the family followed along and treated her as a treasure.

When she was studying abroad, she had nearly lost her life due to a terrorist attack. It struck a severe blow to her mentality. Because of this, her parents kept on blaming themselves. After hastily having her return to the country, they had increased her protection as if she was the apple of their eyes.

Probably due to her parent’s excessive protection, she had become too pure and gullible towards others.

Her father had warned her not to leave home alone, but in order to spend time alone with Gu Yueze, she had secretly gotten rid of her bodyguards and managed to slip away.

After all, Gu Yueze had invited her out, she wouldn’t give up on the date even if the skies crumbles. Not to mention, her father had only given a single line of warning sentence.

At the time, when her father was threatened by second uncle, without the slightest hesitation, he chose to protect her from harm, even if the price he needed to pay was to abandon the whole Ye home.

After the event, her parents were afraid that she might excessively blame herself for everything, so they never told her the truth.

But regardless of this, she remained dim-witted. If Gu Yueze hadn’t made that appointment, she wouldn’t have recklessly caused such a serious consequence with her unruly behavior…

After her father lost power, he immediately dissolved her marriage with that slag man, while she ended up severing their familial ties.

She mistakenly made a ravenous wolf her true love, and mistakenly made her loved ones her enemies…

(T/N: Ravenous wolf = evil person / vicious tyrant)

When she thought of these, Ye Wan Wan hated herself so much that she felt like strangling herself to death.

Dad… Mom… Wait for me… one by one, I’ll get everything back from them!

At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang with her custom ringtone, Si Yehan had called over.

Ye Wan Wan tried to converge her thoughts and cope with her spirit.


“Finished school?” The cell phone sounded the man’s usual deep and cold voice.

“Uh huh~ I’ve finished school~ The rehearsal has just ended. But seriously, the prince is too ugly. During practice, I almost threw up! I wanted to talk to the teacher, but the teacher said that the lottery decision can’t be changed…”

Ye Wan Wan was talking in a whiny voice, she wittingly revealed her whereabouts in school as well as the activities so that Si Yehan wouldn’t have a reason to say that she was hiding something from him.

The man on the cell phone patiently listened to her talk about the events in school. Once she finished, he finally asked, “Are you free this Saturday?”

“Saturday? There’s probably… nothing going on…”

On Saturday and Sunday, students are allowed to return home. If Si Yehan wanted her to come back, she has no reason to refuse, when she thought of this, her voice inevitably turned somewhat nervous.

Even though it’s only two days, she was worried that she might be unable to leave once she went back….

For her, freedom was simply too precious. She still has a lot of work that needs to be done, and absolutely refuses to return to the life she had once lived in the past.

“Grandma wants to see you.”

Probably sensing her agitation and rejection, Si Yehan’s voice turned slightly colder.


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Mei: Seriously SYH…. does it kills you to not be so jumpy and whimsical? He’s like a brat seeking for YWW’s attention. *staring at SYH with pity* To have your love interest always be cautious with you, such a sad life you led……

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  1. “Uh huh~ I’ve finished school~ The rehearsal has just ended. But seriously, the prince is too ugly. During practice, I almost threw up! I wanted to talk to the teacher, but the teacher said that the lottery decision can’t be changed…”

    If Si Xia heard this, he’ll throw up again.
    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. Later, Wan Wan will explain what happened to him during her past life, and her current life, but at the speed we’re going at, the chapters for it probably won’t be posted until some time in 2018.


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