100% Sweet Love

Chapter 49: To Be Bullied by Her

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Vsukio: There’ll be no updates on the 13th and 14th.

After school, the rehearsal for the theatrical play was held in the school’s small auditorium.

In addition to a few actors, some of Si Xia’s die hard loyal fans and bodyguards were also present. Cheng Xue, who was leading a group of blushing girls, surrounded Si Xia, to hush the cold and warmly inquire. Hoping to comfort him from the trauma of having to act with Ye Wan Wan.

(E/N: hush cold and warmly inquire = Hot air makes cold people feel warm, great concern for people’s life; to inquire about welfare)

“The teacher is really too much! To decide on doing a lottery was too reckless!”

“That’s right, that’s right! To go as far as to let Ye Wan Wan do the play, is an outright insult to Si Xia!”

“Don’t worry, Si Xia. Let’s go find the teacher and make a protest, okay?”


Ye Wan Wan was standing by the door with a lollipop in her mouth. After hearing the girl’s gossip, the corner of her lips slightly raised.

Seeing their attitude, why does it seem like Si Xia was being bullied?

Surrounded by the girl’s continuous chatters, Si Xia’s expression was becoming more and more cold. Seemingly unable to bear, he was about to speak, but the surrounding suddenly became strangely quiet.

Lifting his eyes to look towards the doorway, sure enough, Ye Wan Wan had arrived.

Her arrival instantly attracted an outburst, causing several girls to storm towards her.

“Ye Wan Wan, do you even have any face! You actually have the guts to come!”

“Don’t think we’re not holding you accountable for this morning’s affairs!”

“To show off how you robbed our little Xue’s role… you really think that we won’t dare touch you?”

Ye Wan Wan’s eyes lightly swept through the three girls.

These three were the same three girls who had plotted that prank against her this morning. Seeing that the other boy didn’t show up, he probably took the entire affair onto his shoulders, and is most likely detained by Zhao Xingzhou.

These three are all Cheng Xue’s side of the people, while the boy is Cheng Xue’s acknowledged elder brother at school. He has some influences in certain areas of Qing He, he’s also the school’s little overlord that no one dares to offend.

(E/N: Acknowledged elder brother/sister at school= It’s like your main supporter at school, if someone bullied you at school, these brother/sister will backup & take revenge for you. They’re not blood-related siblings, but your buddies.)

If she hadn’t gotten herself involved, regardless of whether from family background, or power connections from within the school, it’s most likely for the role of Snow White would have fallen into the hands of Cheng Xue.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Cheng Xue hated her so much.

Cheng Xue wore a custom-made laced short dress, she stood among the crowds of girls who were safeguarding her, white fair skin with brimming almond eyes, somewhat carrying mixed-blooded facial features which made her more delicate and distinct. Standing beside Si Xia, seemingly warms the heart and delights the eye (pleasing), the two seemed as if they were the fairy-tales’ prince and princess.

At this moment, Cheng Xue’s hand was covering her little face, which was full of grievance and indignant. Even though resentment (out of jealousy) could clearly be seen though her eyes, making her expression look sinister, but because of her beautiful appearance, it could still evoke pity.

Cheng Xue isn’t just the prettiest girl in class, she’s also the school’s beauty queen.

Ye Wan Wan remembers that Cheng Xue’s family background isn’t so simple. She has known Si Xia since childhood, and it seems that later in her past life, they were both engaged.

Because of her mental age being 27 years old, she felt like she was watching a group of children quarrelling when she looked at the group of little girls. As the corner of her lips twitches, “Tsk, it’s only a few seconds of acting with the opposite party, what’s the big deal?”

A few seconds of acting with the opposite party!?

It’s true that there were a very few scenes where the Prince and Show White were together, the prince will appear before her, only after Snow White eats the poisoned apple and falls asleep.


Those few couple of seconds is a foreplay kiss with the opposite party! A kissing scene!

When she thought of this, Cheng Xue had nearly broke her pearly white teeth into pieces, Ye Wan Wan’s remark was obviously provocative, “Ye Wan Wan! Don’t go too far! Si Xia, are you really going to act with this kind of person?”

The tone of her voice was full of anger, as if her whole belongings had been snatched away from her.

Si Xia’s complexion turns ugly. Or else? As a man, how could he go back on his own words?

“Alright, shut up and start rehearsing! If you don’t want to rehearse, then get the hell out of here!”

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Mei: Hrm.. Chapter 49 is rather plain, right? But hehe… You’ll love chapter 50.

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  1. >~< I feel like her 'ex-best friend-to-be' has the same wavelength as these girls. Maybe they should exchange classes.

    Thank you for the chapter (;●∀●)ゝ” fu


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