100% Sweet Love

Chapter 48: Ninth Master is in Love?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Just as Mo Xuan thought of this, he stared blankly at the great young master who he thought had no human emotions. He was unexpectedly… smiling?

It wasn’t a gloomy sneer, nor a terrifying ruthless jeer, but an incredibly ordinary smile. In a split second, it was like a thousand miles of misty icebound mountains were instantly defrosted…

If the ice-cold faced Si Yehan is already considered marvelously beautiful, then the smiling Si Yehan could simply make straight men turn bent!

(T/N: make straight men turn bent = make straight men turn gay)

In addition to Mo Xuan, the most shocked was the old madame.

As the old madame’s body trembled, the rim of her eyes instantly turned red, how long… how long has it been since she last seen him smile?

“Little Ninth! What have you been looking at? What’s making you so happy?” The old madame was extremely nervous, she was putting in extra attention as she tried asking. She feared that she was seeing an illusion.

Si Yehan’s face still had remnants of warmth, even his tone sounded gentler than usual, “My girlfriend’s text message.”

Hearing this, the old madame stared blankly at him, then immediately, she became pleasantly surprised, “Girlfriend! Little Ninth, you have a girlfriend? No wonder… No wonder you looked so different when I look at you! It was love! What kind of person is she? How old is she? What’s her occupation? What does her family do? What’s her name?”

On the side, when Mo Xuan heard Si Yehan’s words, he suddenly became stupefied.


He’s not going to say it’s that no good, brain damaged woman, Ye Wan Wan, is he?

Si Yehan’s slender fingers gently stroked his cell phone: “Wan Wan, Ye Wan Wan.”

Mo Xuan: “……” It really is!

The old madame nodded earnestly, “Wan Wan? Is it the ‘Wan’ from the left-hand side of twisting threads? Such a nice name! But seriously, this child! Why haven’t you told grandma that you’ve gotten a girlfriend? Grandma has been looking forward on seeing you settle down. To have a girlfriend by your side to take care of you, for such an uncouth fellow, how are you supposed to take care of others! Quickly bring the girl over for grandma to meet with!”

(E/N: ‘’ from the left-hand side of 绞丝, see the similarities? Chinese characters are quite unique, there’s the many variables of left, upper left-hand side etc, added with the common four Chinese tones… In any case, ‘Wan’ is literally translated as ‘to string together’. Her name is quite pleasant and plainly innocent.)

Probably due to Si Yehan’s mood being good, he didn’t refuse her request after hearing her words, “I’ll ask her.”

The old madame was overjoyed, “Well good, have a good chat with the girl, don’t scare her or make her nervous, after all, this is just a casual meeting!”


“What does that Wan Wan likes to eat? Does she need to abstain from a certain food? I’ll get the kitchen ready in advance!”

Si Yehan’s eyes flashed, his deep eyes had a soft light in them, “She’s not a picky eater, she loves to eat all kinds of food.”

“Not a picky eater? Well good!”

Learning that her grandson had unexpectedly fallen in love, the old madame was filled with a surge of vigorous energy. Being unable to completely sit still, she immediately urged the aides to make early preparations, then went into the kitchen to order the servants to procure food ingredients in advance.

After she finished busying herself, she ordered someone to have Xu Yi come over.

“Old madame, did you call for me?” Xu Yi seemed nervous.

The old madame’s face was full of dissatisfaction, “How do you work? You’ve been by little Ninth’s side every day, and now, he’s unexpectedly dating! How could such a big matter not be known?”

“Ah? The ninth master… is in love?” Xu Yi was dumbfounded.

Seeing his reaction, the old madame became angrier, “It’s with that girl named Ye Wan Wan! Just now, little Ninth had just personally told me!”

Ye Wan Wan?!

Xu Yi simply had a hard time talking about it.

Of course he knows Ye Wan Wan! This woman has been around the Ninth master’s side for almost two years now, but to plainly describe it, it’s basically a one-sided relationship forced by Master…It’s already out of question for these two people to become companions in bed… can this even be called love?

And not only that, but Ninth master had already strictly forbid them from gossiping in front of the presence of others, about the matters related to Ye Wan Wan…


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Vsukio: Looks like Mo Xuan got slapped in the face again.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 48: Ninth Master is in Love?

  1. I m totally confused now. Wan Wan has been with him for 2 years, i thought they are already married. Besides, didn’t they consummate their relationship in the 1st episode?


  2. Oh my gosh, si yehan ! Please keep smiling. Seeing you in a good mood make me feel happy too 😙

    thanks guys for updating ! I’m one of your silent readers who silently & patiently refresh your blog everyday waiting for new updates. And of course, laughing and enjoying mei & vsukio’s babbling. You guys are funny. 😂. Btw happy belated birthday, mei ! May you stay happy and healthy always ! ☺️☺️

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