100% Sweet Love

Chapter 47: Had Never Seen Him Smile Before

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Seeing Ye Wan Wan’s text message, Si Xia choked on a mouthful of blood in his throat, and had almost suffocated himself to death.

Since childhood, wherever he went, he was treated as if all the stars cup themselves around the moon. He has never been slandered in such a way!

(E/N: All the stars cup themselves around the moon = The world revolves around him)

If this hideous girl is trying to attract his attention, then she has succeeded in doing so.

“Heh… Ugly?”

Hearing the voice beside her, Ye Wan Wan realized that the content of her text message was seen, but regardless of this, contrarily to what one might expect, she didn’t have the slightest hint of having a guilty conscious.

After putting her cellphone away, she turned and smiled at the most handsome boy in school, “No need to feel inferior, in fact, your looks are still so-so, but compared to my boyfriend, the difference is far too great!”

“……” From this nonsensical talk, it was naturally impossible for Si Xia to tell her to call over her boyfriend to compare their looks. Taking a deep breath, he decisively closed his eyes and went to sleep. If he continues talking to this retard, he’ll most likely ended up getting angered to death.

Ye Wan Wan curled up her lips. Tsk, he actually doesn’t believe~

At the same time, in the Si family’s ancestral home.

Si Yehan had just finished his routine check-up.

In addition to Mo Xuan, there was an elderly doctor at the scene. Sitting opposite from Si Yehan was a 78-year-old elderly woman.

The old lady had a full head of silver hair, while twirling the Buddhist beads in her hand, she worriedly looked at her grandson.

Taking Si Yehan’s pulse, the old doctor’s expression became more and more grave. Seeing that the old doctor’s face didn’t look good, the old lady’s complexion become more gloomy.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere of the whole room became unusually heavy.

Only Si Yehan, the person himself, didn’t show any change in expression. After having his pulse checked, he was sipping tea while sitting on the sofa, seemingly indifferent to his own body.

The old lady carefully asked, “Doctor Mo, Doctor Sun, the both of you, please be honest with me, and you’re not allowed to lie. In the end, how is little Ninth’s current body condition?”

Mo Xuan looked at Si Yehan, and gave a light cough, he didn’t dare to speak.

Upon seeing this, the old lady instantly glared at him and exclaimed, “What are you staring at him for! Quickly answer me!”

After considering his wording, Mo Xuan replied, “In response to old madame, it’s still the same as before.”

The old lady coldly snorted, “You should stop lying to me! Yesterday, you told me that he slept for a few hours, and the day before yesterday, and the days before that!”

There was nothing Mo Xuan could do, so he could only warily answer, “Three days ago, the hypnosis failed, and the day before yesterday… It also failed… And as for last night, Mister Si didn’t return to the Jin Garden until it was almost three o’clock in the morning, furthermore, he didn’t allow me to give him treatment…”

The old lady’s face abruptly changed, “Three days! Why hasn’t he slept for three days!”

Mo Xuan doesn’t dare to tell her that Si Yehan has been having trouble sleeping for the whole week.

He estimated that yesterday should have been his limit, so he was worried about his body having a big problem, but seeing Si Yehan’s current state not being as bad as he had imagined, he was somewhat surprised.

The old doctor next to him sighed, “Old madame, I won’t conceal this from you any longer, during these past two years, the Ninth young master’s illness has become more and more difficult to deal with. If we don’t find an effective way to treat him soon, feared if it’s too late, the result is… dried up lamp, burned out fire. I’ve told you before, so you should’ve already known about this.”

(E/N: Dried up lamp, burned out fire = A metaphor for exhausted life, death due to old age and illness.)

Hearing this “Dried up lamp, burned out fire” immediately triggered the old lady, “I know… so what if I’m cleared about this! You guys have to do something! Aren’t you both experts? Why aren’t you able to treat such a small problem like not being able to sleep?”

Mo Xuan looked helpless, “Old madame, this is the Ninth master’s heart disease, he sleeps a bit more when he’s in a good mood, but when he’s in a gloomy mood, he’s unable to sleep for even a minute.”

“Then try to make him feel better!”

When Mo Xuan heard her words, he gave a wry smile, to think that you didn’t know how bad your own grandson’s temper was, but to make him feel better? It’s easier said than done!

Truth is, despite being at Ninth master’s side for so long, he had never once seen him smile.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the living room was becoming more and more stagnate. On the sofa, the cold and indifferent Si Yehan who was looking at his phone, suddenly softly chuckled, “He~”


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Mei: Well, that ending….. THAT WAS A REAL SLAP in Mo Xuan’s face. >.>

Vsukio: What a coincidence, heh.

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