100% Sweet Love

Chapter 44: My Relationship with Her

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Vsukio: There will be no updates on the 6th and 7th!

Mei: It’s Seven-Eleven! I’m off to celebrate my 21st birthday~~ (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Xu Yi who has been waiting in the car for about six hours, finally saw his master emerge from the dim light of the night.

Six hours…

In the end, just what exactly did he do?

Xu Yi naturally didn’t dare to ask. Swiftly getting out of the car, he went to open the back-seat door.

In the car, Xu Yi couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at the man who was seated at the back-seat, turning his glance towards the rear-view mirror, he started to size up the man.

Though Master’s complexion looks a lot better than it did before, his facial expression didn’t look too great.

His complexion looks good, but his facial expression doesn’t?

Seriously, just what did Master go through during those six hours?

Si Yehan supported his slanting forehead with the back of his hand, his ice-cold complexion reflected on the black window, “How’s the investigation?”

Hearing what was said, Xu Yi promptly recovered his senses, “The results were no different from what was found two years ago, Shen Mengqi’s father is the boss of a small company, while their companies were operating several business deals, Shen Mengqi managed to get close to Miss Ye and her brother.

It was something that her father had encouraged, but at the same time, he wanted to claim for a higher connection with Ye Shaoting. Shen Mengqi had lived up to his expectations, she didn’t just win the deep trust of Miss Ye, she even managed to manipulate Ye Mufan.

Later, when Ye Shaoting’s power was seized, if Master hadn’t shown up beside Miss Ye, perhaps Shen Mengqi would have long since abandoned Miss Ye in order to look for another tree to climb…”

Seeing that Si Yehan didn’t speak, Xu Yi hesitated for a bit, then continued talking, “Although she’s just a young lady, and isn’t worthy of being feared, but her influence on Miss Ye is too great. This young lady’s thoughts run deep, to stay by Miss Ye’s side with downright impure motives, and to also repeatedly incite disharmony between you and Miss Ye, should such a person really be kept beside Miss Ye?”

Most importantly, that Ye Wan Wan is an out-and-out fool. Apart from Shen Mengqi, she doesn’t believe in anyone else. Even if someone were to tell her the truth, it would be useless.

Si Yehan’s eyes turned slightly colder, like a razor-sharp blade, he shot a gaze towards the front, “You really think that my relationship with her, is something that anyone could casually provoke?”

Feeling the ice-cold gaze, Xu Yi’s back instantly turned stiff. He simply wanted to turn his face upwards and shout to the sky— Is it really that excellent? Master, in the end, where did you find the confidence, to make you believe that you actually have a firm relationship with Miss Ye?

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the guts to say these words.

Within the quiet and dark back-seat, the look on the man’s face was constantly changing. After a long time, he finally closed his eyes, forcibly suppressing his raging killing intent which was almost out of control.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yi finally reached an understanding.

Shen Mengqi, is after all, Ye Wan Wan’s one and only weak spot.

Ye Wan Wan has a very stubborn temper, but for matters related to Shen Mengqi, she was willing to yield, and to seek help from Master.

In the past, in order to allow Shen Mengqi to have free access into Jin Garden, she even went as far as to go on three days hunger strike.

If Master really made a move against Shen Mengqi, then wouldn’t there be a century war!

Although Shen Mengqi’s thoughts should be carefully considered, her ability as an informant is quite meticulous.

Even though the news that she brings were prone to detonate a bomb, Master would never miss out on any new information regarding Ye Wan Wan.

He couldn’t fathom, why is his family’s master so obsessed with Ye Wan Wan? Could it be because she’s someone he couldn’t obtain?

For now, they could only hope that Ye Wan Wan is able to figure things out, so that whenever Shen Mengqi tried to instigate something, it’d only be useless. Moreover, wasn’t the recent love letter incident, an example of this?

(E/N: Xu Yi is trying to say that Wan Wan had succeeded in failing Shen Mengqi’s attempted provocation.)

Perhaps after Master is able to obtain her, he’ll realize that she has always been this way.


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Mei: Hmm i’m intrigued. How did you all (readers) come into a conclusion that SYH believes SMQ more than YWW? There’s the possibility that he only kept SMQ’s messages in his mind, but never put her in his sight? Honestly at this stage, I feel like he doesn’t believe in anyone. His mind only focuses on what YWW is doing. If she does this, that’s bad. If she does that, it’s good.

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  1. ´In the past, in order to allow Shen Mengqi to have free access into the Jin Garden, she even went as far as to go on three days hunger strike.´
    poor yww. she was merely beeing a cute and naive Young Girl (nothing wrong with that at her age) that trusted her ´friend´. just to be betrayed by saíd ´friend´. and (also that´s just my theory) possibly be killed by said ´friend´?!
    i mean we still don´t know how she actually died. she only mentioned that she died in front of si yehan if i remember correctly?! and let´s be honest: it´s definitly within shen menqi´s personality to kill her off -.-

    PS: thx for chapter and happy b-day ^^

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      1. Delusional girls will always be bishes and become too annoying. Hope she gets a good ending and when I meant good you know what I mean 😏


  2. It looks like Wan Wan is getting things in order one by one to stop her “friend” from using her or Si Yehan anymore I just wish it would hurry up and give Wan Wan some happiness


  3. Thank you so much for the chapter!! And Happy Birthday!!! 🍻🍾🥂

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