100% Sweet Love

Chapter 43: The Literal Meaning

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: This is among the early chapters that depicts Si Yehan’s POV and his anxiety….

Ye Wan Wan’s tiny heart instantly trembled, “Sleep… What do you mean by sleep? The literal meaning… or…?”

The man glanced at her, “If you wished for the other meaning, we could also do that.”

Ye Wan Wan immediately shook her head like a rattle drum, “No, no, no! Let’s go with the literal meaning!”

But, even merely ‘sleeping’ was enough to give her a headache.

Two hours was enough to make her scared witless, let alone six hours.

But who made her in the wrong in first place?

In the end, all she could do was clench her teeth and comply.

When she once again laid on top of the bed to sleep, after giving some thoughts to it, Ye Wan Wan suddenly realized something. Just now, didn’t Si Yehan deliberately dug a hole for her to jump into? So, because she was in the wrong, she had no choice but to obediently agree to such an unequal treaty…

And that conversation, how is it that even though Si Yehan had heard their words, he still didn’t show any reaction?

While thinking of these matters, her brain started to hurt. After turning around, she unexpectedly found someone had been deeply asleep.

Could it be that up until now, she had completely misunderstood?

Si Yehan was clearly able to sleep like a normal person! Which part of him looks like someone who’s terminally ill…?

In the beginning, Ye Wan Wan couldn’t fall asleep as her imagination were running wild, but probably due to the influence of Si Yehan’s sleepiness, she unknowingly followed him in falling asleep.

Late at night.

The man in the bed, like an insatiable beast, lazily opened his eyes.

Even though he had just woken up from his sleep, the man’s eyes were still as fierce and cold as they were before.

Until suddenly…..

He felt some softness within his bosom, which was different from the past. In an instant, the man’s fierce eyes became startled, he slowly and cautiously lowered his head to look towards his bosom.

Under the soft light, he saw the girl in his arms was soundly asleep, while curling up like a little kitten.

In a split second, his hollow chest which was whistling with cold air was instantly filled, his normal breathing restored, and his hanging heart returned to his body.

The man suddenly tightened his arms, but he was worried that he might rouse the person in his bosom, following which he immediately loosens up. At this moment, as he unblinkingly gazed at the person in his bosom, a complex look appeared between his brows.

It seems that starting from that night on, little by little, she has been making him unable to make sense of things…

Although he likes her change, nevertheless, those seductive and intoxicating moments of sweetness are nothing but illusory. Moreover, it caused him to become even more restless.

As if a traveler who has been endlessly walking in the desert, then suddenly found an oasis, but in the next second, discovered that it was merely a mirage, ephemeral and lasting only for a short time.

Suddenly, the cell phone beside him started to flash, indicating that he received a new message.

The light in Si Yehan’s eyes slightly dimmed as he checked on the new message.

The sender was Shen Mengqi– [Mister Si, I went to see Wan Wan this evening and tried to console her for a long time, but it seems that she’s still angry with you. Young master Gu was once her fiancé after all, so it’s inevitable that she’s temporarily unable to forget. I believe that one day, she’ll surely discover the good in you.]

Though it was just a few sentences, it was completely contrary to what he had heard today.

Including the previous matter of Wan Wan trying to escape with Gu Yueze.

The idea was something that she gave to Wan Wan, but it was also something that she had informed him in secret.

And last week’s coincidental love letter photo…….

As Si Yehan stared at the completely ignorant girl who was sleeping in his arms, his eyes instantly flashed a cold light.


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Mei: I just read this article about how cats curled up around our head, tummy etc, because they love and trust us, it also gave them a sense of comfort and safety. My heart felt all warmed up, thinking of my cat at home…. Aww now I miss home! Huhuhuhu

Oh and also people who sleep in the fetal position are “worriers.” The tighter they curl up, the more comfort they’re supposedly seeking…… Wan Wan, ah…( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )

Vsukio: Although I wouldn’t call Si Yehan the ‘ideal’ type of ML, and would normally take on Wan Wan’s side in regards to things, but everyone must keep in mind that Wan Wan used to be super obsessed with Gu Yueze, so it’s no surprise to see Si Yehan having trust issues towards her and believing in some of Shen Mengqi’s lies, especially when she provides ‘evidence’.

14 thoughts on “Chapter 43: The Literal Meaning

  1. If he’s really that trusting towards that B**** and is unreasonably childish and untrusting towards Wan wan, why not date the other b****, a******!!!!


    1. Well said How can there be three in an intimate relaitonship? How can there not be misunderstandings? Especially when the third person is working to sabotage one of the other parts. Is it Menqi’s role to just harrass Wan Wan or is she aiming to get Yehan for her self?


  2. I’m hoping he’s just ‘discovered’ that Wan Wan is being ‘tricked’ by her ‘friend,’ and is going to wreck Mengqi. Poor Wan Wan was too innocent in her past life… imagine if he had trusted her a little more back then and saved her from Mengqi. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is. Sigh…
    It’ll be fun to see him ‘protect’ her.


  3. Yus! Now the fall of a lotus flower is about to come! Mwahahhaah but wait… she still hasn’t mentioned about the play ah.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  4. “If you wished for the other meaning, we could also do that.” This comment lol. I hope we find out why Ye Han is so obsessed with Wan Wan. Sighhh everyone looks like Gods or Goddesses in Chinese novels in reality it’s a different story.


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