100% Sweet Love

Chapter 45: You like Si Xia?

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

The next morning.

When Ye Wan Wan woke up, Si Yehan was already gone. She didn’t even know when he had left.

Seriously… he just randomly appears and disappears.

Recalling the matters of last night, Ye Wan Wan inevitably felt slightly discouraged.

Perhaps Si Yehan had never cared about what Shen Mengqi did, maybe he just needed a spy to keep a close watch over her?

Seems like she needs to be more careful, to prevent Shen Mengqi from catching a handle.

(T/N: Handle = Information that can be used against)

Fortunately, she’s already aware of Shen Mengqi’s true colors, she’ll no longer let herself be brainwashed! The enemy is still kept in the dark, if Shen Mengqi wants to stir up trouble again, it wouldn’t be so easy.

She’ll let Si Yehan know… that this informant has long since lost her value…

After thinking things through, Ye Wan Wan quickly composed herself. After getting out of bed, she went to wash her face, rinse her mouth, then went to put on her makeup.

The green hair and body covered with tattoos… Once again, these appearances made another comeback. Ye Wan Wan was wearing a T-shirt studded with sparkling pieces of metal, a pair of beggar pants with more than a dozen holes in it, a pair of boots that were full of sharp rivets that seemingly looked as if they were two moving nail plates, matched with Gothic makeup, such fanfare easily attracts a large audience.

Along the way, people were turning their heads in shock as they looked at her from head to toe.

Ye Wan Wan came across Shen Mengqi as she was on her way towards the cafeteria.

“Wan Wan, I was just about to go look for you, let’s have breakfast together!” As soon as Shen Mengqi saw her, she intimately held onto her arm.

Seeing Ye Wan Wan dressed like this, Shen Mengqi’s eyes immediately lit up, seemingly quite satisfied.

Sure enough, this Ye Wan Wan still listens to her words!

In the cafeteria, the surrounding students were secretly watching the two as they whispered among themselves.

“Look, look! Ye Wan Wan’s ugliness has reached a whole new height!”

“Mengqi is too kind! She still hasn’t broken off her relationship with that hideous freak! Having those two standing side-by-side is like the Beauty and the Beast!”

“Let’s not talk about these things…anyway, this hideous freak is quite capable, not only did she ranked first in the entire class, she also defeated Cheng Xue, the prettiest girl in class, and Han Xiaoru, the literary committee member! She even got the chance to play on stage with Si Xia!”

“Holy shit! Are you serious? That ugly freak is too sly! Please, don’t even dream of my Prince Charming!”


Hearing the surrounding discussion, Shen Mengqi’s eyes flashed a faint light.

Could it be… the reason that Ye Wan Wan’s feelings for Gu Yueze has weaken is because of… Si Xia?

Shen Mengqi smilingly said, “Oh, by the way, Wan Wan… I haven’t even congratulated you yet! I heard that you took first place in class?”

Ye Wan Wan was in the midst of setting up her food, in front of her, laid a large bowl of purple sweet potato porridge, two pork steamed buns, and a fruit pancake with three pieces of meat, two eggs, and a ham sausage. While eating on the side, she casually comments, “En, I just casually took on the exam, what about it?”

Although Shen Mengqi already knew about Ye Wan Wan’s excellent memory capacity, but she was still surprised when she learned that she took first in class, “Didn’t you say that you hate studying? Why are you suddenly studying so hard?”

Ye Wan Wan bit into her steamed stuffed bun, “It’s really annoying, I hate all things that aren’t difficult.”

Shen Mengqi’s complexion turned slightly ugly, she choked up and was rendered speechless.

She has been desperately studying every day in order to maintain her ranks in the top ten. Her best achievement was being third in the class, but this time, she was unable to maintain it. Eventually, fell into ninth place, but in the end, this girl who casually took the exam, had unexpectedly placed first?

With great difficulty, Shen Mengqi pressed down the feeling of discomfort forming in her heart, so what if she has good grades? Since a long time ago, Ye Shaoting is no longer the one in charge of the Ye home, Ye Wan Wan is no longer the bright and beautiful eldest miss of an influential family, and now, Ye Wan Wan isn’t even worthy of carrying her shoes!

“What’s going on between you and Si Xia? It couldn’t be that… you like Si Xia, right?” In the end, Shen Mengqi directly asked the question.

After all, Ye Wan Wan and Si Xia have been deskmates for quite a while, during that period, did it stir up her heart?

When Ye Wan Wan heard her words, she suddenly narrowed her eyes.

Seems like she needs to quickly settle the matters regarding Si Xia, otherwise, Shen Mengqi might cause another fuss.

“Not interested.” Ye Wan Wan casually replied.


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  1. Thank you so much for the update❣️❣️✨✨

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    Now it’s Si Xia…sigh. I just can’t wait for everything to be revealed Btw….can you guys please tell me around what chapter will Shishi’s real appearance be known by everyone??? Please tell me >.<

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  2. What a great friend or is it fiend Shen Menqi is.She can’t even live her own life. she has to make trouble for a true friend.
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  3. I can’t wait for her huge face slap once everything is dealt cleanly. Soon that beautiful facade will be ripped.

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