100% Sweet Love

Chapter 37: The Big Devil Is Here!

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: “Vsukio….”

Vsukio: “Yeah?”

Mei: *Eyes lit up* “Let’s switch role! You’ll be the permanent translator, I’ll be your editor. How’s that?” ╰(✧∇✧╰)

Vsukio: *Coughs up blood* Σ░(꒪◊꒪ ))))

After School.

Ye Wan Wan sighed and went back to her dormitory.

She had just finished handling the matters regarding Si Yehan, yet how did things turn out this way!

Now that she’s still within probation period, she can’t just casually refuse doing the play, so the only thing she could do now is forcing Si Xia to request for her replacement.

Well tomorrow, she’ll just give her eldest nephew a “nice little surprise”, she hasn’t finished removing the remnants of makeup on her face yet!

While making some shady plans to face off those shady people, she entered the bathroom with a few change of clothes.

After taking off her makeup and entering the hot bath, she felt as if her entire being had rejuvenated.

“Whoa~ Who’s this little beauty that I see~ it was actually me standing in front of the mirror~ What’s this ice-cold thing wrapped around my neck~ it was my golden necklace that’s worth more than 2000 dollars~ I thank God every day~ To wake up feeling so grateful~ I can’t help but to love myself~ Yes I don’t need nobody else~~~”

As Ye Wan Wan hummed and blow-dry her hair, she stretched out her hand towards the bathroom door.

“A charming girl like me~ a lovely girl like me~ The line of people pursuing after me reaching till the Milky Way Galaxy… Uh…”

The moment Ye Wan Wan opened the door, her facial expression instantly froze.

That cheap chair beside her desk, unexpectedly has a man sitting on it!

The man lazily supported his slanting forehead, his delicate slender fingers was holding onto her recently distributed exam papers, and as usual, he was wearing his pitch-black suit which was darker than the dim light of the night, the silver dark stripes on his necklines were suffused with a chilling gloss, his profound and unfathomable eyes as if containing thousand years of bone-chilling coldness, there wasn’t a hint of emotion within those eyes.

She vaguely felt as if her mediocre female dormitory had turned into the 18 layers of hell, containing the cries and screams of hundreds of ghosts. Though the man was merely sitting on a small wooden chair with its paint peeling off, but at this moment, he resembled a black dragon that had wrapped himself around the Devil King’s throne……

(T/N: The 18 layers of hell is the 18 different punishment rooms of hell; E/N: Chinese dragons usually look like giant pythons with claws.)

Si… Si Yehan!!!


Ye Wan Wan slammed the door shut.

There was definitely a problem with the way she opened the door.

How did she arrive at hell in a split second!

A second passed by…

Two seconds passed by…

Three seconds passed by…

Ye Wan Wan’s heart was beating like a drum, her blood was flowing in the opposite direction, her mind had completely turned blank.

After waiting for a full minute, she was finally able to calm her state of mind and carefully opened a narrow slit of the bathroom door.

As the result, after merely taking a quick glimpse, she was nearly scared out of her wits!

Not only was Si Yehan still there, he had become even more frightening! The entire dormitory had already been covered in ice by those pair of cold gloomy eyes, she could even see blue flames enveloping the big devil.


Due to her instinct for survival and the deep fear embedded into her bones, Ye Wan Wan’s first reaction was to break into a run towards the entrance!

However, just as her fingers were about to twist the door lock open, she was so terrified that her chaotic mind had suddenly came back to its senses— She can’t escape!

What bad luck! What should she do now!

Ye Wan Wan’s forehead was sweating like rain, in addition, her brain was processing at a quick speed.

(T/N: Sweating like rain = to perspire profusely / sweating like a pig)

Immediately afterwards, just as she was about to open the door, she suddenly changed her hand movements. Instead of opening the door, she locked it.

Silently taking a deep breath, Ye Wan Wan forcefully restrained the fear forming in her eyes, turned around, and step-by-step walked towards Si Yehan…

Facing the man’s cold eyes that could even freeze the bones of a human, Ye Wan Wan directly stood in front of the man, sat on his lap, and without the slightest hesitation, wrapped her arms around his neck and delivered a kiss….


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