100% Sweet Love

Chapter 36: Someone Who Has a Boyfriend

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Vsukio: Time to switch roles mwahaha! (✧∀✧)

Mei: Ohh I’m loving this~ vsukio, your suffering days have finally come! ψ( ` ∇ ´ )ψ

As soon as the lottery results came out, the entire class burst into a loud clamour.

“Ye Wan Wan? As Snow White? Are you kidding me!”

“Class monitor, what are you doing! What the hell did you pull out?”

The class monitor turned silent after being accused by all the girls, “This… I didn’t pull it out!”

How could it be his fault? Obviously, it was Si Xia who pulled it out himself?

“You can’t! Si Xia mustn’t be partnered up with such a person! Isn’t this simply throwing a wolf into a tiger’s den?”

“If Ye Wan Wan was allowed to appear on such an important play, wouldn’t this make our whole class F into a laughing stock?”

Standing at the podium, Liang Lihua’s face had completely darkened.

Ye Wan Wan!

How could it be Ye Wan Wan again?

But just now, she had told the entire class that all the students were not allowed to object against the result of the lottery, therefore, there’s no way to change anything now.

Seeing that there was no other way, Liang Lihua turned towards Si Xia, inquired, “Si Xia, what do you want to do? After all, she’s your partner.”

At this moment, the boy’s hand was still pinching the piece of paper, he still couldn’t believe that this piece of paper was something that he had personally pulled out.

He has probably never experienced such a terrible choice in his whole life.

Not knowing how long it has been, the boy finally squeezed out a word: “Whatever.”

He personally drew it himself, how could he go back on his words?

Hearing Si Xia’s words, all the girls became anxious, they wanted to have Liang Lihua arrange a redraw.

Glancing at Ye Wan Wan’s hideous appearance, Liang Lihua pondered for a moment, “Students, quiet down. Just now, I’ve already said that in order to be fair, things must go according to the results of the lottery! Seeing that the candidate of the Princess has already been decided, and Si Xia also has no opinion on the matter, everyone is no longer allowed to have another say about it!”

As of now, she wasn’t afraid of Ye Wan Wan stirring up trouble, what she is truly afraid of is if Ye Wan Wan didn’t stir up trouble.

Thinking of this, Liang Lihua gave a warning glance at Ye Wan Wan, “This time’s theatrical play is very important, if you screw it up, even I won’t be able to keep you!”

At this time, Ye Wan Wan had finally returned to her senses.

How did it come to this? She merely took a short nap, and yet, she was suddenly chosen to play as Snow White and became the thorn in the flesh of all the girls in class?

Because of the love letter in her past life, Si Yehan had brought her back, so since such an outcome never occurred before, she was completely unprepared for it.

Even at the risk of getting beaten to death… If she had known earlier, she would have tried to prevent this from happening!

With Si Yehan having a possessive and jealous heart, if he were to find out about her having to do a play as a couple with another boy at school, added with a kissing scene at the end…

He better not blame her for being dishonest!

“WTF! How could I get shot while lying down!”, as if on the brink of collapsing, Ye Wan Wan grasped her hair and turned it into a mess.

(T/N: To get shot even when lying down = To get unjustly ridiculed, attacked, implicated by something from just being present.)

At the side, when Si Xia saw Ye Wan Wan’s reaction, his face had almost completely darkened.

Who’s the one lying down that’s about to be shot?

How could this woman bring so much bad luck?

“Wait… Teacher! Can I abandon the play?” Ye Wan Wan hurriedly raised her hand.

Fuck! Ye Wan Wan this hideous freak! Although the Prince Charming hadn’t abandoned her, she unexpectedly didn’t hesitate on abandoning the play!

Liang Lihua instantly flared up in anger, “Ye Wan Wan, when has the school turned into your home! Did you think you could do whatever you want! Don’t you even have the slightest self-restrain? Did you forget you’re still on a probation period?!”

After hearing Liang Lihua’s threat, Ye Wan Wan lowly cursed at herself, “Damn!”

At this moment, the boy sitting beside her was finally unable to endure it anymore, “Ye Wan Wan! Who exactly is the damned one?”

Ye Wan Wan cast a sidelong glance at the most handsome boy in school who was seated beside her, he was nearly infuriated to death. Touching her chin, she worriedly muttered, “I’m someone who has a boyfriend, what if my boyfriend finds out and becomes jealous? I’d be devastated, okay?”

As Si Xia gazed at Ye Wan Wan’s face, his mind received a severe blow, causing him to momentarily turn silent.

This woman has a boyfriend…

Is her boyfriend… even human?


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Vsukio: All the girls would have probably been pissed off, regardless if Wan Wan accepted the role or not…

Mei: Not knowing how long it has been, the boy finally squeezed out a word: “Whatever.” (LMAO… It’s as if he was resigned and accepted his death.)

13 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Someone Who Has a Boyfriend

  1. Of course her boyfriend isn’t human, he is a beast!!!! A possesive, territorial beast!!!! That’s why this girl never dare to offend it or else she’s *snap* dead… o(╯□╰)o

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  2. The real excitement will begin soon. But, it may not ever make it to the stage.
    Thank you for this chapter update and the translation


  3. hahahaha hes asking if her boyfriend is human?!
    then i would love to see his reaction when he notices that his own uncle is her boyfriend!


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