100% Sweet Love

Chapter 38: Rewarding A Kiss

TL’ed by Vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: I’ve only started editing, but so far…. this chapter is probably the most taxing for me…. Took me about 6 hours without any break. Please pardon this newbie editor.… And now, I felt like a mother who had just sent off her daughter for marriage, HAHAHAHA. In any case, enjoy! =)

After taking a bath, the girl’s body exuded a natural fragrance, her soft and sweet lips was like cotton candy, it was quite lovely…

The violent beast within the man’s body was almost instantly appeased, he obediently allowed the girl to hook around his most frail and vulnerable neck, as she gives him a kiss.

Sensing the obvious change in the atmosphere around Si Yehan, Ye Wan Wan was finally able to calm her extremely nervous heart.

Just now, she didn’t rush to the door to escape but instead, locked the door so she could be intimate with him, he wouldn’t get angry, right?

“Darling, why are you here?” Ye Wan Wan tried to make her tone sounded pleasantly surprised and delighted.

Si Yehan looked at her for a while without speaking, it was as if his ice-cold eyes could see through the human soul.

Ye Wan Wan felt a little uneasy, did he see through her little trick?

After a long while, the man’s thin lips lightly opened, “The line of people pursuing after you… reaching till the Milky Way Galaxy?”

It must have been a good few minutes before Ye Wan Wan finally reacted — really reacted. Si Yehan was talking about the song lyrics that she sang a moment ago.

Ye Wan Wan’s complexion immediately darkens, “No, no! Those are just song lyrics!”

Reaching till the Milky Way Galaxy, my ass… More like being crammed into the 18 layers of hell!

Daring enough to pursue her, would they ever lived to see the sun tomorrow?

(E/N: lived to see the sun tomorrow = lived for another day)

No, the main point is, who would even pursue her? She doesn’t even have a single fly around her.

“Ah! That’s right! I got first placed in class! Language, English, and Comprehensive Liberal Arts, they were all full marks!” Ye Wan Wan hurriedly tried to change the topic.

Si Yehan’s fingers gently twirled the long hair around her ear, with a lazy voice, he replied, “En.”

His tone sounded unusually natural, not containing the slightest bit of surprise or disbelief, as if he have always believed that she have the capabilities to achieve this, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

At this moment, after seeing Si Yehan’s response, she immediately recalled today’s experiences of facing those numerous doubts.

Once she thought of this, her heart couldn’t help but give rise to a certain indescribable feeling.

Unexpectedly, Si Yehan is the only person who believed in her.

When Si Yehan saw Ye Wan Wan’s blank expression, staring at him while looking somewhat at a loss, seemingly preoccupied with herself, he suddenly pinched the girl’s lips with his slender finger. Under the girl’s startling gaze, he lightly branded her lips with his, “You did well.”

Ye Wan Wan blinked, and blinked her eyes again.


She was rewarded?

What did she do just now, to make Si Yehan think that she wanted a kiss as a reward!

Forget it. King, if this makes you happy, then all’s well that ends well.

(E/N: all’s well that ends well = if the outcome of a situation is happy, this compensates for any previous difficulty or unpleasantness.)

At this moment, Ye Wan Wan suddenly remembered something, nevertheless, this is the girl’s dormitory! How the hell did he get in here?

No, the main point is, when is he going to leave?

After all, at any time, the dormitory could have people coming over to do a room inspection, if they somehow discovered that she was hiding a man……

At this moment, while Ye Wan Wan was racking her brain on how to convince Si Yehan to hurriedly leave, Si Yehan’s gaze fell onto her empty little bed, and suddenly asked—

“Where’s the quilt?”

“Ah? Quilt?”

Ye Wan Wan was momentarily blanked, then subconsciously answered, “During the day, I brought it out to expose it to the sun, I haven’t brought it back! Should I go get it…?”

The man lightly nodded, “En.”

Though Ye Wan Wan didn’t understand why would Si Yehan suddenly ask her about the quilt, she instinctively ran to the balcony and went to collect it.

Accompanied with some puffing and blowing, she spread the bedsheets over the bedding, then pats the pillow.

After getting exposed to the sun, the quilt and pillow was now fluffy and soft, it exuded a trace of natural breath, and became seemingly very comfortable.

When the man glanced over, his gaze contained some satisfaction. Afterwards, he stretched his slender legs to stride over and laid on top of her small bed, “Help me set the alarm clock for two hours.”

“……..” Ye Wan Wan was thoroughly flabbergasted, as she looked at the man who was about to fall asleep on her little bed.

Si Yehan actually intends to sleep at her place!


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Vsukio: It’s okay Wan Wan— we believe in you!

Mei: This chapter was a bit touching…. Especially when YWW thought about how SYH was the only one who believed in her…. 。゚(*´□`)゚。

4 thoughts on “Chapter 38: Rewarding A Kiss

  1. wan wan seducing the devil king!! haha
    who want to pursue wan wan must meet the devil king first!! hahaha
    and si yehan coming just for sleeping!?
    Σ (꒪◊꒪ )))
    thanks for the chapter XD


  2. Sleeping on her bed…alone? What should she do? he probably hasn’t slept one night since she’s been at the dormitory.
    Thank you for this update


  3. I have no other words as my reaction for this chapter but “Aw~”. What’s this. I don’t know but my heart feels warm all over. Thanks for the triple release~!


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